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We collect links from the "Mainstream" media each week to offer you other views of Agriculture today.  We display the most recent 20 links on most pages on the website, and show you the rest of our collection here on this page.



NPR: Agriculture's Waning Influence In Washington Hinders Farmers

Oklahoma Farm Report: Frank Lucas Evaluates 2013 House Farm Bill Defeat; Plots Course for Future Passage

Politico: House leadership draws flak on farm bill defeat

USA Today: Farm bill remains in limbo as Congress weighs options

Politico: Farm bill problems could hurt USDA budget

Iowa Farmer Today: Economists: Farm-bill extension likely


Politico: Bye-bye 'Meatless Mondays'

Financial Times: CFTC plans civil suit against Corzine over MF Global collapse

Lloyd's: USDA seen reporting tightest corn supplies in 16 years

The Packer: Food safety requires commitment throughout supply chain

CNN: USDA approves voluntary GMO-free label

The Hill: Candy companies gain ground in war with sugar producers over subsidies

New York Times: True Deservers of a Food Prize

Wall Street Journal: EU Nears Agreement on Farm Subsidy Reform

Financial Times: Russia as the world's new bread basket

Wall Street Journal: President Details Sweeping Climate Policies

New York Times: Obama Puts Legacy at Stake With Clean-Air Act

The Hill: Obama offers Keystone surprise in climate change agenda speech

Wall Street Journal: Agriculture Still a Sore Point in Immigration Bill

The Dickinson Press: Cramer: Extremists to blame for farm bill defeat

Echo Press: Farm bill backers, including Peterson, pledge to try again


WBNG: USDA: 40 percent of food wasted in U.S.

Washington Post: BP not in step with industry on renewable fuel regulations

Reuters: Deadly piglet virus spreads to nearly 200 U.S. farm sites

AP: Reid pressures House to pass farm bill

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