Crop Insurance Group Announces New Crop Insurance Advocacy Website

By Agri-Pulse staff

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 Together we can feed the Bees OVERLAND PARK, KANSAS - As the 2012 Farm Bill continues to flounder in the House, and with the worst drought in decades still fresh in people's minds, the Crop Insurance Industry announced today a new website that will allow groups to show their support for crop insurance.

“Crop insurance has grown to become the most important tool farmers and ranchers have to manage risk,” said Tom Zacharias, president of National Crop Insurance Services. “As the Farm Bill continues to be discussed, there's no better time than the present to show your support for this critical risk management tool,” he continued.

The website ( serves as a platform allowing organizations, farmers, agents, small businesses and others to sign an open letter to Congress in support of crop insurance. The letter is similar to one that was sent to Congress earlier this summer by major farm and commodity organizations. 

Adjusters have already processed more than 137,000 claims so far this year, resulting in more than $2 billion worth of indemnity payments reaching farmers in need. 

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