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Daily Harvest -- 1/20/2015
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Agri-Pulse: Washington Week Ahead: Obama makes case for taxes, trade in State of the Union
Link - President Obama makes the case for his political agenda Tuesday with a State of the Union message that will challenge the GOP congressional majority on tax policy while likely reaching out to Republicans on trade, their one real area of common ground.

Washington Post: Obama will give State of Union address against backdrop of deep partisan divide
Link - The tone and tenor of the Obama White House since Democrats suffered a crushing defeat during the November midterm elections have been anything but conciliatory and have raised doubts about whether the president can — or wants to — break through partisan gridlock before voters choose his successor next year.

Orlando Sentinel: Agriculture in Florida grows jobs: Front & Center
Link - For all the growth of tourism in Florida, and all the efforts by policy makers to expand higher-paying industries such as medical research and computer simulation, agriculture remains a large and vital part of the state's economy.

Kansas City Star: Two Kansas cattle trails move closer to national designation
Link - The Chisholm and Great Western trails have been studied by the federal government since 2009, when Congress directed the secretary of the Interior to evaluate the trails to see whether they would qualify to be named national historic trails.

Reuters: Colorado researchers study 'superbug' for antibiotic resistance on farms
Link - Researchers at Colorado State University are rolling out a series of projects to track antibiotic-resistant bacteria in the livestock industry, in an attempt to determine whether farm practices are fueling the rise of "superbugs."


Telluride Daily Planet: Agricultural hydropower projects coming to Colorado
Link - A Telluride hydroelectric advocacy organization announced Thursday a $1.8 million grant awarded to the Colorado Department of Agriculture by the United States Department of Agriculture to support the development of agricultural hydropower projects in the state.


New York Times: Let’s Address the State of Food
Link - The state of the union, food-wise, is not good. The best evidence is that more than 46.5 million Americans are receiving SNAP benefits — formerly food stamps — a number that has not changed much since 2013, when it reached its highest level ever.

The Philadelphia Inquirer: 1 in 5 U.S. kids eats this food every day
Link - If you guessed pizza, you’d be right! I know it’s not too surprising given that it’s a popular choice for school lunch or a quick dinner option.

New York Times: U.S. Research Lab Lets Livestock Suffer in Quest for Profit
Link - At a remote research center on the Nebraska plains, scientists are using surgery and breeding techniques to re-engineer the farm animal to fit the needs of the 21st-century meat industry. The potential benefits are huge: animals that produce more offspring, yield more meat and cost less to raise.

The Blaze: Pennsylvania Caught Handing Out Food Stamps, Welfare to Ineligible Immigrants
Link - The commonwealth of Pennsylvania has agreed to pay a $48.8 million settlement after claims that it improperly handed out food stamp and welfare benefits to ineligible immigrants for several years, using federal funds.

Bloomberg: Obama Push for Healthy Diet Heading to Conflict Over Sugar Limit
Link - The Obama administration’s campaign for healthy diets is heading for a conflict with a well-funded industry as a panel of scientists is poised to tell Americans to eat less sugar.


Agri-Pulse: Countries banning poultry from all or part of United States
Link - (Audio) A growing list of countries are restricting imports of poultry from all or part of the Unites States.

Hungary Today: Farm Minister: The Whole European Union Should Be A GMO-Free Zone
Link - Hungary will initiate a joint alliance of European Union member states rejecting the use of genetically modified organisms in farming with the aim to make the entire European Union free from GMO crops, Hungarian farm minister Sándor Fazekas said on the sidelines of the Global Forum for Food and Agriculture in Berlin at the weekend.

New York Times: Food Detectives on a Tough Case
Link - Behind the immaculate gray walls of the Customs and Border Protection’s laboratory here stands a cabinet containing three plastic vials filled with a sticky, yellowish substance. Honey, or so an importer has claimed.

Bloomberg: First U.S. Envoy Heads to Cuba to Start Normalization Talks
Link - When Roberta Jacobson’s plane touches down in Havana this week, she will be the highest-ranking U.S. diplomat to visit the island since President Jimmy Carter’s administration.

Wall Street Journal: President, Republicans Aim to Forge Trade Deals
Link - Improved economic and political winds look set to give President Barack Obama a new opening to complete at least one sweeping trade deal, despite reservations within his own party.

Reuters: U.S. wants end to travel curbs, set up embassy in Cuba talks
Link - The United States will urge Cuba to lift travel restrictions on U.S. diplomats and agree to opening embassies in historic talks on restoring relations this week in Havana, a senior State Department official said on Monday.

Financial Times: Irish beef farmers eye stake in lucrative US market
Link - Following an deal agreed recently between Washington and Dublin, he and his fellow Irish beef farmers are gearing up to sell their product to the US for the first time since a 15-year ban was imposed on European beef in the wake of the “mad cow disease” outbreak in the 1990s.


Des Moines Register: Vilsack doubts lawsuit will speed water-pollution cleanup
Link - A "holistic" conservation approach to curbing fertilizer runoff polluting Iowa and U.S. streams will work quicker than litigation, U.S. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack told The Des Moines Register's editorial board Monday.

Reuters: Food diversity under siege from global warming, UN says - TRFN
Link - Climate change threatens the genetic diversity of the world's food supply, and saving crops and animals at risk will be crucial for preserving yields and adapting to wild weather patterns, a U.N. policy paper said on Monday.


Columbia Daily Herald: House votes to cancel Obama immigration policies
Link - The House approved amendments last week that would dismantle executive actions taken by President Barack Obama to extend protections to undocumented immigrants.

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