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Daily Harvest -- 1/24/2014
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Agri-Pulse: Farm bill vote by early next week seems more unlikely
Link - (Subscriber only) Optimism about a farm bill vote by early next week is fading, with discussions continuing over how to settle payment limits, dairy policy and a score of other smaller - yet contentious issues.

Agri-Pulse: County employee group makes last-minute push for FSA offices
Link - (Subscriber only) The National Association of FSA County Office Employees (NASCOE) wrote to Senate farm bill conferees today to urge them to accept a House provision that aims to make it more difficult for the USDA to close Farm Service Agency county offices.

Agri-Pulse: Funding for state farmland protection made large jump, survey finds
Link - Funding by states for farm and ranchland protection programs jumped 19 percent from 2011 to 2012, but was still 39 percent below 2008 levels, according to an annual survey by the American Farmland Trust.

Agri-Pulse: NSAC restates opposition against changes to payment limit reform in farm bill
Link - The National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition (NSAC) reiterated its opposition against attempts in the farm bill negotiations to change language in relation to payment limit reform.

Los Angeles Times: Iowa Rep. Steve King lays an egg on the farm bill
Link - In a recent radio interview, King dismissed all the hand-wringing about his bill, saying it is designed to target the California legislation.

The Hill: Farm bill negotiators still struggle with payment limits, dairy
Link - House and Senate farm bill negotiators are struggling to get a measure through the House this month with major issues still in contention.

NPR: Should Farmers Give John Deere And Monsanto Their Data?
Link - Starting this year, farmers across the Midwest can sign up for a service that lets big agribusiness collect data from their farms, minute by minute, as they plant and harvest their crops.

Politico: Farm negotiators haggle over final points
Link - Yards from the finish line, farm bill negotiators are struggling with two final issues — dairy and payment limits — each of which takes Congress back full circle to the question asked when the whole debate began two years ago.

Des Moines Register: Biodiesel plants idled by industry head winds
Link - A possible cut to the Renewable Fuel Standard leaves many Iowa companies sitting still or reducing production while politicians fight over the mandate


Agri-Pulse: Opinion: Wheat: The Staff of Life
Link - When the subject of agriculture comes up the focus usually starts with corn. The agriculture conversation may then expand to include soybeans, cotton or animal agriculture. Rarely, however, does the conversation include wheat. In this opinion piece, Marshall Matz asks: Have you noticed?

Huffington Post: These States May Be The Next To Require Labels On Genetically Modified Food
Link - In the absence of federal regulation, states from Rhode Island to Hawaii are considering laws to require labels on food items containing genetically modified ingredients.

Politico: First lady enlists Subway in childhood obesity fight
Link - First lady Michelle Obama has enlisted Subway, the largest restaurant chain in the country, in her mission to get kids to eat more fruits and vegetables.


Agri-Pulse: Syngenta defends GMO corn products after Chinese controversy
Link - Syngenta, the world's largest agro-chemicals company, defended its product commercialization strategy in response to a request from U.S. grain groups that it put a hold on marketing two of its genetically modified corn products until they are approved for import by China.

Kansas City Star: U.S.-Brazil cotton dispute might ignite all-out trade war
Link - Brazil is threatening to launch a full-blown trade war against the U.S. next month, accusing Congress of ignoring an order by the World Trade Organization to stop subsidizing its domestic cotton growers.

Wall Street Journal: The Junk Science Threat to Free Trade
Link - The biggest threat to the Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership may well be the EU's expanding embrace of "precautionary" regulation—often in contradiction to established norms of science and risk management, explains Julie Girling, a member of the European Parliament for South West England.


Politico: Immigration back on GOP agenda
Link - The same House Republicans who punted on immigration last year are now privately crafting an intricate plan to try to pass it in 2014. Most people close to the planning expect votes on four bills by the end of the summer, including one that would give undocumented workers legal status.


Agri-Pulse: Americans plan to 'Wing It' on Super Bowl Sunday
Link - Americans will devour about 1.25 billion chicken wings on the unofficial national holiday, when the Seattle Seahawks take on the Denver Broncos for the Lombardi Trophy. That's about 20 million more than a year ago.

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