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Daily Harvest -- 1/29/2016
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Agri-Pulse Daybreak- January 29, 2016
Link - (Audio) In today’s Daybreak: Cruz defends position on RFS in Iowa; the cost of farm bill commodity programs attracts attention; EPA says it will delivery biofuel requirements on time; and NCBA looks forward to making some changes.

Agri-Pulse: Washington Week in Review: Jan. 28, 2016: Energy bill and Agri-Pulse on the road
Link - (Video) Agri-Pulse is on the road this week covering the Cattle Industry Convention in San Diego, but there's still news coming out of Washington despite a snow-shortened week. Agri-Pulse's Sara Wyant and Spencer Chase have more.

Agri-Pulse: Meet the Lawmaker: Doug Collins, Georgia's 9th District
Link - (Video) Republican Doug Collins’ district in Georgia has a good deal of agricultural activity, but the lawmaker doesn't serve in the House Agriculture Committee. In this video, Collins talks with Agri-Pulse about how he still manages to represents his district's agricultural interests in Congress.

Agri-Pulse: Experts break down historic volatility in cattle market
Link - (Audio) It's no secret that cattle prices have been on the decline, but a group of experts recently told cattle producers that movements in the market have also been historically volatile.

Agri-Pulse: Heads Up: 2018 Farm Bill
Link - (Opinion) I know USDA doesn't even have final regulations for some programs and changes from the 2014 Farm Bill in place. But we need to start looking to the future.

Bloomberg: Iowa Agriculture Fights for Relevance Going All-In Against Cruz
Link - Iowa is, and always will be, a farming state. But actual farmers are a declining part of the state’s electorate, and its economy has become less dependent on agriculture. If ever there were a year for King Corn to be dethroned, 2016 would be it.

LA Times: FBI releases video of Oregon occupier's fatal shooting by state police
Link - The FBI released video Thursday that shows Oregon State Police fatally shooting one of the men who occupied an Oregon wildlife refuge. Officials said he was reaching for a handgun that was in a pocket inside his jacket.

Maine Public Radio: Fishermen Denied Request to Stop At-Sea Monitor Costs
Link - Fishermen of New England food species such as cod and haddock will have to start paying the cost of at-sea monitors March 1 under federal new rules. Thursday, a judge denied the group’s request to stop the rules.


Agri-Pulse: Cruz forced to defend ethanol stance in Iowa debate
Link - Ted Cruz was forced to defend his opposition to biofuel mandates, and he clashed with his GOP challengers on immigration policy as the Republican candidates debated in Des Moines, Iowa, ahead of the state's first-in-the-nation caucuses on Monday.

New York Times: The Problem With the Ethanol Mandate That Iowa Loves
Link - (Opinion) Ethanol thrives because of the volume-based approach of the mandate, but that approach has stifled innovation and, if its track record to date is any indication, biofuels will not be a major player in meeting our 2050 targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions from cars and trucks.

Washington Post: Why conservative South Carolina could actually be a sign of the future of U.S. energy
Link - Growing support for wind and solar energy in the historically conservative state could mark a shift in public attitude.

Financial Times: Oil leaps as Russia says may meet Saudi on cut
Link - Oil prices jumped 5 per cent to near $35 a barrel on Thursday after reports said Russia’s energy minister was ready to meet with OPEC and Saudi Arabia to discuss a production cut.


Agri-Pulse: Report: Armed conflict keeps people hungry worldwide
Link - Hunger in developing countries has fallen 27 percent since 2000, but still persists at alarming or serious levels in 52 countries, according to a report that argues hunger and famine are linked to armed conflict.

Roanoke Times: Records: Site had proper procedures before listeria outbreak
Link - A newspaper says inspection records show that a southwestern Ohio facility that produced packaged salads linked to a listeria outbreak had proper procedures in place in recent years to prevent illness.

Reuters: McDonald's to Launch 150 Customized Burger Stores in China in 2016
Link - McDonald’s plans to launch 150 outlets in China this year where clients can customize burgers to suit their tastes, as the world’s top restaurant chain aims to grow sales in the country after being hit by a fast-food scandal in 2014.


New York Times: Russians Learn the Ways of the Cowboy From American Ranch Hands
Link - A group of Americans were brought in to train central Russian cowboys at ranches owned by the Miratorg company – which has amassed 1.5 million acres of Russian rangeland since 2010.

ABC News: In Mideast Wars, Hunger Grips Millions Across the Region
Link - Millions of people across countries like Syria, Yemen and Iraq are gripped by hunger, struggling to survive with little help from the outside world.

Wall Street Journal: Starvation Spreads Before Syria Peace Talks
Link - In the rebel-held Damascus suburb of Moadhamiya, residents say a renewed Syrian government siege there and bombardment of the neighboring town of Daraya have cut off the last food-smuggling routes, forcing many to subsist on one meal a day.

Wall Street Journal: Brazil Growers’ Group Sees Record Low-Coffee Stocks in Conab Survey
Link - Brazilian coffee stocks will fall to a record low by the end of March because of the small harvests of the past two years, according to the country’s National Coffee Council, a group representing growers.

New York Times: Sellers of Donkey Gelatin, a Chinese Cure in Crisis, Seek a State Remedy
Link - Modern China is breeding fewer donkeys, threatening the supply of a traditional medicine made from their hides and inviting a flood of fakes into the market.

Washington Post: Grim news for tigers, bears as China wildlife law allows farming, 'medical' use
Link - New draft wildlife law allows endangered species to be farmed for medicine, healthcare supplements and food — and exhibition and performance.


Agri-Pulse: USDA to fund wetland mitigation banking for farmers
Link - USDA's Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) announced Thursday it will offer $9 million in resources to states, local governments and third parties that establish or expand wetland mitigation banks for farmers to utilize.

Yale Environment 360: Beyond the Oregon Protests: The Search for Common Ground
Link - (Opinion) The standoff with militant extremists at an Oregon wildlife refuge, which erupted into violence and arrests this week, stands in stark contrast to the new sense of collaboration between local residents and public land managers in the West.

Buffalo News: Falls won’t be shut off until 2019 or later, parks official says
Link - The American side of Niagara Falls won’t be shut off until 2019 at the earliest. But since no funding has been lined up for demolition and replacement of two pedestrian bridges leading to Goat Island, no firm schedule is possible.


Washington Post: Bipartisan probe faults gov’t with migrant child abuse
Link - Migrant children in the government’s care fell prey to human trafficking after the Health and Human Services Department failed to protect them, according to a bipartisan congressional investigation released Thursday.

NPR: Guest Workers, Legal Yet Not Quite Free, Pick Florida's Oranges
Link - For employers, the H-2A worker program involves some extra costs: They have to provide free housing for the workers, cover the costs of transportation here and pay a fair wage. The good thing — if you're an employer — is that workers on H-2As are only allowed to work for you.


Inforum: Vogel bows out of North Dakota governor's race
Link - Sarah Vogel has announced that she will not seek the Democratic-NPL endorsement for governor, leaving the field wide open to Republicans vying to hold the seat.

ABC News: Cattle Drive Draws Focus to Florida's Cowboy History
Link - The more than 400 participants who took part in the once-in-a-decade cattle drive through the heart of Florida this week couldn't help but allow for little bits of the 21st century to seep in.

New York Times: In Iowa, Jobs Are Plentiful but Workers Are Not
Link - “We’ve run out of people for jobs,” is heard again and again from employers across the state, as the presidential caucuses on Monday are shining an intense national spotlight on Iowa.

Washington Post: Here’s how GM mosquitos with ‘self-destruct’ genes could save us from Zika virus
Link - Brazil is latching onto this novel if controversial approach to fight the spread of the disease.

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