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Daily Harvest -- 2/4/2016
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Agri-Pulse Daybreak, Feb. 4, 2016
Link - (Audio) Cotton growers aren't going to be seeing any help from Washington any time soon. Lawmakers seem to be at a stalemate with the Obama administration over whether cotton seed should qualify for payments under the commodity programs in the new farm bill.

Agri-Pulse: Congressional ag leaders see need for GMO labeling action, education
Link - (Audio) Two congressional ag leaders and former House Agriculture Committee chairmen said Wednesday that GMO labeling legislation is part of a bigger need for consumer education.

American Conservative: What About Agriculture?
Link - Though not as glamorous as discussions of immigration reform or fighting ISIS, it’s still a vitally important issue with significant ramifications for the federal budget and the broader economy.

The Daily Republic (Mitchell, S.D.): February and the coming apocalypse of ag deals
Link - (Opinion) One sign that the apocalypse is near is the near-perfect dissidence on what the non-profit Center for Food Integrity (CFI) says consumers want in food labeling and what farm groups say consumers will get in food labeling.

Agri-Pulse: Vilsack denies cotton growers' aid request, says Congress must act
Link - The industry had asked Vilsack to make cottonseed an eligible commodity under the new Price Loss Coverage and Agriculture Risk Coverage programs that were created by the 2014 farm bill.


HuffingtonPost: Senators' Amendment to Energy Bill Calls on Fossil Fuel Industry to End Climate Denial
Link - Democratic U.S. Senators Sheldon Whitehouse (RI), Ed Markey (MA) and Brian Schatz (HI) introduced an amendment into the energy bill yesterday intended to express Congress’s disapproval of the use of industry-funded think tanks and misinformation tactics aimed at sowing doubt about climate change science.

Roll Call: Flint Aid Triggers Partisan Battle Over Senate Energy Bill
Link - A bipartisan energy bill turned into a partisan battleground on Wednesday as party leaders in the Senate accused each other of sabotaging the measure for political purposes.

AP: Cheap oil buoys consumers, shakes up governments
Link - Cheap oil will be sticking around for a while. That reality is wreaking havoc and causing uncertainty for some governments and businesses, while creating financial windfalls for others.


Dairy Foods: MilkPEP CEO calls Olympics sponsorship big solution to big challenge
Link - MilkPEP CEO Julia Kadison boldly predicted that the five-year sponsorship deal with the U.S. Olympic Committee “may be the thing that turns around milk volume from being in the red for six years to being in the black in 2016. Let’s make it happen.”

FastCoExist: Get Ready To Be Blitzed By Chipotle Ads
Link - Profits at Chipotle are way down—as are customers. But now that it's been declared E. coli free and instituted new procedures, the burrito company is launching its biggest ad campaign ever.


Agri-Pulse: Syngenta OKs ChemChina bid, as farm, food groups raise concerns
Link - After months of being courted by Monsanto, Syngenta officials announced today that the global agribusiness company is best suited to marry-up with the state-owned China National Chemical Corp., known as ChemChina, in a deal valued at more than $43 billion in cash.

Agri-Pulse: TPP is signed, but ag leaders are skeptical of passage this year
Link - Two congressional ag leaders told the National Association of State Departments of Agriculture on Wednesday that TPP approval is unlikely this year, and one is skeptical that the agreement will even pass at all.

Washington Post: PowerMoves: TPP signing day, Rubio gains momentum on K Street
Link - Unions and a slew of other Democratic-leaning groups and lawmakers are protesting the pact today in Washington. Reps. Rosa DeLauro (D-Conn.) and Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii), along with AFL-CIO president Richard Trumka, Sierra Club lobbyist Debbie Sease and MoveOn’s Washington director Ben Wikler are leading protests on the Hill.

Wilmington News-Journal: Leadership changes during Dow-DuPont merger
Link - Dow Chemical Chief Executive Andrew Liveris will step down after the chemical giant completes its merger with DuPont later this year, raising questions about what impact it will have on DuPont shareholders and employees.


Grist: Will climate change move agriculture indoors? And will that be a good thing?
Link - As climate change does its thing to America, what it is going to do to the nation’s food supply is still an open question. Will California’s Central Valley, which grows a third of the produce eaten in the U.S., wither into a vegetable ghost town?

Washington Times: Maryland chicken farmers seek relief from new manure rules
Link - The farmers are chafing against Gov. Larry Hogan’s rules, imposed last year, to cut phosphorus runoff into the Chesapeake Bay. The manure from chicken operations is a major source of that runoff, but small contract farms say they can’t handle the burden and are asking the costs be foisted onto someone else.

The Fifth Estate (Australia): Climate change: the unusual suspects
Link - (Opinion) We need to recognise methane’s role as carbon dioxide’s chief accomplice. Methane’s global warming potential is 28 times greater than carbon dioxide, and it has caused 17 percent of warming to date (for some reason the GWP of methane is habitually under-reported, even by science correspondents).

AP: Report: 82 food fish in Northeast at risk to climate change
Link - NOAA assessment lists types of scallop and quahog and the Atlantic salmon as the most vulnerable in the region.

Lonsdale (Minn.) News Review: Bill could strip gray wolves from protections under Endangered Species Act
Link - (Opinion) "While I fully support removing wolves from the endangered species list, my chief complaint is that states usually envision their management responsibilities as equating to immediately establishing a sport-killing season on wolves, whether by gun or trap."


Christian Science Monitor: Are robots taking over the farm? In Japan, they are
Link - A Japanese firm said on Monday it will soon open what may be the most futuristic farm yet: operated by robots, with their human assistants donning lab coats instead of overalls, and vegetables growing vertically on ceiling-high metal shelves instead of horizontally over bucolic fields.

Capital Press: Oregon agriculture agency contests judge's finding on emergency suspension of aerial pesticide license
Link - Oregon farm regulators have proposed overruling an administrative judge's findings that the emergency suspension of an aerial pesticide applicator's license was unwarranted.


AP: Florida governor declares Zika emergency
Link - Gov. Rick Scott signed the order to cover Miami-Dade, Lee, Hillsborough and Santa Rosa counties, where all of the affected cases were detected. The order allows the state’s agriculture department to use mosquito spray more in those areas.

FoodTank: What’s the Buzz? Media That’s All About Agriculture
Link - Showcasing farming through television, radio, film, art, and print can help the public engage in a dialogue about agriculture, nutrition, food justice, and sustainability.

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