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Daily Harvest -- 3/23/2016
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Agri-Pulse Daybreak for March 23, 2016
Link - (Audio) Companies make GMO labeling plans; McCarthy defends WOTUS rule; Ag, ethanol leader endorses opponent of Iowa Rep. Steve King; Cuban sugar seen rising; and U.S. consumers worried by food security. This and more in today’s Daybreak.

Agri-Pulse: NAS names biotechnology panel
Link - The National Academy of Sciences has provisionally appointed 13 members to a committee tasked with studying the changing scientific and regulatory landscape of biotechnology.

Des Moines Register: How bird flu scared off Iowa egg inspections
Link - Iowa, the epicenter of a nationwide salmonella outbreak that sickened thousands of people nearly six years ago, has suspended its egg facility inspections, a Des Moines Register investigation has found.

Des Moines Register: Safety is egg producers' priority
Link - (Opinion) “Iowa’s egg farmers have worked tirelessly since the 2010 recall to demonstrate their continued commitment to egg safety,” says Randy Olson, executive director of the Iowa Poultry Association and the Iowa Egg Council.


Agri-Pulse: Renewable energy under attack, but advancing steadily
Link - (Subscriber only) The U.S. renewable energy sector keeps making gains -- as demand for wind, solar and biofuels keep climbing, despite attacks by the fossil fuel industry.

Fortune: In Oil Rout, Some U.S. Energy Bosses Were Spared The Pain
Link - Some oil and gas companies are making it easier for their top managers to meet performance goals or are offering more cash as a prolonged oil slump keeps share prices at lows not seen in five years, filings show.

Columbus Dispatch: Report: Ohio clean energy jobs rose 13 percent last year
Link - Ohio had 100,782 jobs related to clean energy last year, up 13 percent from the prior year, according to a survey from industry groups.

Vegas Inc: Rooftop solar fees become dominant issue for Nevada energy task force
Link - A 2015 ruling on rooftop solar that increased a fee for customers and slashed the value of credits earned for generating excess electricity continues to face sharp criticism from solar advocates and clean energy investors outside of the state.


Reuters: ConAgra to disclose GMOs on labels throughout U.S.
Link - ConAgra Foods Inc. on Tuesday joined other food giants in plans to use labels that disclose the presence of GMOs in its food throughout the U.S.

Modern Farmer: Still Life with Mass Hysteria: Are GMOs Really That Bad?
Link - Anyone who objects to GMOs based solely on distrust of Monsanto, however, might consider the very real benefits they can impart.

Des Moines Register: Grassley: GMO labeling deal unlikely before summer
Link - Grassley said he doesn’t think Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., is going to hold another vote when Congress returns from its Easter recess, unless there are 60 votes to stop debate and advance the bill.

Nasdaq: General Mills Stock: Too Sugary For Investors -- Ahead Of The Tape
Link - As General Mills gears up for fiscal third-quarter results Wednesday, it is fighting fierce regulatory battles and trying to turn around declining cereal sales, all while sporting a hefty valuation.

Wall Street Journal: Coke Tweaks Its Business Model Again
Link - Coca-Cola Co. has changed course yet again on a basic part of its business model: how to control manufacturing and distribution without having to own them.


Reuters: France finds suspected mad cow case
Link - If confirmed, it would be the first case of BSE, commonly known as mad cow disease, in France since 2004, and would be hit to beef exports at a time when livestock farmers are already struggling.

The Guardian: WA organic farmer must pay $804,000 in court costs after losing GM legal battle
Link - A West Australian farmer who tried to sue his neighbour after genetically modified canola blew on to his land, contaminating his organic crop, must now pay a hefty court costs bill after a stay order was lifted.

Wall Street Journal: China to Restart Cotton Auctions, Threatening to Test Market’s Fiber
Link - China plans to restart auctions to sell off some of its 11 million metric-ton stockpile—the world’s largest—in the second half of April, a move likely to keep cotton prices under pressure meanwhile.

Wall Street Journal: Watch: Inside India’s Fast-Food Battle
Link - (Video) India’s once seemingly insatiable appetite for fast food has hit a wall at McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, KFC and other established global brands, deflating optimism that untapped demand in the 1.2 billion-person market will offset slumping consumption in the West and China.

AS/COA: Six Anomalies of Cuban Agriculture
Link - (Opinion) The second of a three-part series looking at agriculture in Cuba and the U.S. details what we know about Cuban agriculture.


Agri-Pulse: With help from farmers, the monarch butterfly will not go extinct
Link - (Opinion) A report released yesterday in the journal Scientific Reports found “substantial probability” that the eastern population of monarch butterfly could be wiped out in a “quasi-extinction” event in the next two decades.

Associated Press: Report: Farmers Doing Too Little to Stop Lake Erie Algae
Link - Cutting phosphorus runoff into Lake Erie enough to prevent harmful algae outbreaks would require sweeping changes on the region's farms that may include converting thousands of acres of cropland into grassland, scientists said in a report Tuesday.

CBS Local News: Study: Farms, Hydropower at Risk in West's Changing Climate
Link - Climate change could upset the complex interplay of rain, snow and temperature in the West, hurting food production, the environment and electrical generation at dams, the federal government warned Tuesday.

Washington Post: Another bald eagle found dead in Delaware
Link - Authorities said they’ve found another dead eagle in Delaware, bringing the number of dead birds found there to five. Thirteen bald eagles were found last month near a farm on Maryland’s Eastern Shore.

Washington Post: This little flea — and its huge appetite — could ruin the Great Lakes
Link - Since their arrival in cargo ships, spiny fleas have reduced the biomass of Daphina flea so much that algae growth has spiked.


Fortune: The Supreme Court Has Handed Tyson a Major Loss in an Employee Suit
Link - The Supreme Court on Tuesday handed a loss to Tyson Foods over the company’s challenge to an almost $5.8 million class action judgment in a case won by workers at an Iowa pork-processing facility who contended they were underpaid.

WGRZ News: Cuomo: Farmers may be treated differently under $15 wage
Link - New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo says he's working on a plan to ensure farmers aren't negatively affected by his proposed $15 minimum wage.

NPR: In Florida, Strawberry Fields Are Not Forever
Link - Florida’s strawberry growers already are starting to shut down their harvest. One reason is that there can be so many berries that farmers don’t have enough workers to pick them. Another is California.

Feed Navigator: US grain handling facility cited for safety violations
Link - The Wisconsin-based grain handling facility was cited for six serious and two willful safety violations with fines totaling $122,500, said OSHA officials.

Hoosier Ag Today: Survey Shows Only 3% Of College Graduates Would Consider A Career In Agriculture
Link - USDA job reports say more than 20,000 agriculture jobs go unfilled each year, and yet 54 percent of recently surveyed respondents think it is difficult or very difficult for recent college graduates to get a job in agriculture.


Agri-Pulse: Frazier named NCBA CEO
Link - The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association officially named Kendal Frazier as the organization's chief executive officer after serving nine months in an interim capacity.

Agri-Pulse: New NCBA CEO outlines concerns, priorities
Link - (Audio) On Tuesday, the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association announced Kendal Frazier as its new CEO.

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