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Daily Harvest -- 4/7/2014
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Agri-Pulse: Washington Week Ahead: Lawmakers zooming in on budget, tax reform
Link - Lawmakers will focus this week on discussions about the fiscal year 2015 budget, tax reform, EPA, and nominees for the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC).

Agri-Pulse: Opinion: It’s about the farm, food and the future
Link - Congressman Emanuel Cleaver: The Missouri Farm Bureau breakfast gave us an opportunity to speak in depth about several issues within the bill, including the greater commitment to programs that help farmers and ranchers who are just getting into the business.

Agri-Pulse: DC Circuit Court of Appeals will rehear COOL case
Link - The Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit today vacated a March 28 ruling that denied the American Meat Institute's attempt to block USDA's final rule on country-of-origin labeling (COOL). The full court will rehear the case on May 19.


Agri-Pulse: World Food Price Index up in March
Link - World food prices were at their highest levels in almost a year in March, after jumping a “sharp” 2.3 percent, the United Nation's Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) reported.

Washington Post: Political push for raw, unpasteurized milk is increasing access, but illnesses are up, too
Link - An alliance of food activists and anti-regulation libertarians is battling to legalize raw, unpasteurized milk, despite warnings from health officials about the rising toll of illnesses affecting adults and children alike.

Los Angeles Times: An FDA success story on antibiotics
Link - The editorial board says the agency's voluntary guidelines to curb overuse of agricultural antibiotics have been a surprising success.


Wall Street Journal: China Tightens Restrictions on Imports of U.S. Hogs
Link - China has imposed tougher restrictions for imports of live pigs from the U.S. amid concerns about a fatal swine virus, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture and livestock-industry officials.

Reuters: U.S. exporters hope China, Japan lift pig restrictions soon
Link - U.S. livestock exporters hope China will lift restrictions on imports of live U.S. pigs by the end of April if tests can be agreed for a virus deadly to piglets, a trade group said on Friday.


Agri-Pulse: Reaction to Lesser Prairie Chicken threatened status
Link - (Audio) Kansas is one of several states squawking about the threat species designation for the lesser prairie chicken. Kansas Governor Sam Brownback is joining Oklahoma in a lawsuit challenging the designation by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.


Washington Post: New GOP push for immigration reform blocked
Link - One of the few House Republican proposals aimed at allowing some undocumented immigrants to become legal U.S. residents was blocked Friday by a powerful committee chairman, who said he would not allow the measure to move forward in his bill.

New York Times: Yes He Can, on Immigration
Link - The editorial board says if President Obama means what he says about wanting an immigration system that reflects American values, helps the economy and taps the yearnings of millions of Americans-in-waiting, he is going to have to do something about it — soon and on his own.

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