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Daily Harvest -- 4/15/2015
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Agri-Pulse: GOP expands attack on Clean Water Act rule with appropriations bill
Link - A House bill to fund the Army Corps of Engineers for the next fiscal year would stop the Obama administration from implementing its revised Clean Water Act rule until the fall of 2016 at the earliest.

Agri-Pulse: USDA receives alternative proposals for federal milk marketing order for California
Link - USDA's Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) has received three alternative proposals for a federal milk marketing order for California, all in response to a request for an FMMO from California Dairies Inc., Dairy Farmers of America and Land O' Lakes.

Agri-Pulse: Avian flu continues to spread: nine new cases announced
Link - The Department of Agriculture confirmed nine new cases of the H5N2 highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) today including the first instance of the disease in Iowa. The disease has now reached 12 states since first appearing in the Pacific Northwest in January.

Agri-Pulse: Estate tax repeal could go to House vote this week
Link - (Audio) As Americans are busy doing taxes this week, the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association is busy working with Congress on tax reform issues that are important to farmers and ranchers.

Agri-Pulse: FCC's Open Internet Order seen as a net gain for rural America
Link - Will rural areas eventually receive the same type of high-speed Internet access that many of their urban “cousins” enjoy? The answer to the question is still in dispute as service providers and their federal regulators duke it out in the courts over controversial new rules.

Washington Examiner: Marco Rubio's sugar problem
Link - Marco Rubio has amassed an excellent voting record in the U.S. Senate, from a conservative, libertarian perspective. But on June 13, 2012, Rubio cast a very odd vote: he voted to save the indefensible federal sugar program.

Associated Press: With legalization possible, pot growers become lobbyists
Link - California's marijuana farmers have existed in a legal gray area during the 18 years since the state became the first to allow residents to use the drug for medical purposes.

BND: Missouri Supreme Court rules in favor of hog farm
Link - Missouri's highest court has upheld limits to the damages property owners can recover in nuisance lawsuits against agricultural operations.


Agri-Pulse: Is EPA's Clean Power Plan an opportunity or a threat?
Link - (Subscriber only) In the latest battle over U.S. energy policy, Rep. Ed Whitfield, R-Ky, on Tuesday chaired another in a series of House Energy and Commerce subcommittee hearings on EPA's controversial Clean Power Plan (CPP) to regulate existing power plant emissions in each state - setting the stage for another epic battle between GOP leaders and the Obama administration.

Lincoln Journal Star: Study: Nebraska ethanol has $5 billion impact
Link - Ethanol had a nearly $5 billion impact on Nebraska’s economy last year, according to a University of Nebraska-Lincoln report released Tuesday.


Wall Street Journal: From Kale to Acai: Plot the Arc of a Food Fad
Link - Food companies and grocers count on us flitting from one eating habit to another to profit from a steady supply of products tailored to new tastes. But forecasting eating habits is tricky.

Fox News: 5 ‘Food Babe’ myths you shouldn’t believe
Link - And while getting people thinking about what’s in their food is good thing, many experts point out that her science is, well, off, which can cause an unnecessary fear of food and other everyday products.

Des Moines Register: Iowa chefs experiment with 'future of food'
Link - This philosophy of food pushes back against Americans' love of what's beautiful or convenient or made by someone else, and against the complacency that accompanies the feel-good buzz of "knowing your farmer." That's not enough, they say. What they're after is an entirely new order.

Washington Post: What Gwyneth Paltrow’s food stamp challenge gets totally wrong about poverty
Link - Sometimes, eating healthfully isn’t a question of how much money or benefits a person receives — but the distance that separates them from that healthy food.

Mashable: Feeding 7 billion
Link - Food connects us, and at the same time helps shape our identity. That's the narrative Seattle-based photographer Michael Hanson tries to show in his ongoing series, Feeding 7 Billion. He documents food's scarcity and abundance, the communities and rituals that surround it, and how it affects our planet.

Associated Press: Pa. slaughterhouse recalls 1,800 pounds of uninspected veal
Link - A Pennsylvania slaughterhouse is recalling 1,800 pounds of veal carcasses that were sold to families for Orthodox Easter without being inspected.


Reuters: China farm pollution worsens, despite moves to curb excessive fertilisers, pesticides
Link - Farm pollution in China is worsening, despite moves to reduce excessive use of fertilisers and pesticides, said the agricultural ministry, urging farmers to switch to organic alternatives to tackle severe soil and water pollution.

Associated Press: Unseasonal Rain Causes Heartache for Many Indian Farmers
Link - April is usually a time of celebration for millions of farmers across northern India. The winter wheat crop is ready to be harvested, and there's money to clear past debts and plan future planting.

New York Times: Opinion: Don’t Keep the Trans-Pacific Partnership Talks Secret
Link - National security secrecy may be appropriate to protect us from our enemies; it should not be used to protect our politicians from us.

The Seattle Times: Opinion: Trans-Pacific Partnership: The hard sell is on
Link - All over the media, assorted luminaries are selling the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which would be the largest trade agreement in American history and a signature achievement, if one sees it that way, by President Obama.


Wired: California’s Almond Czar Seems Like a Reasonable Guy
Link - Waycott is right: The crop is grown because people want to eat the crop. He’s also right that rhetoric isn’t going to solve the crisis. California may be the target du jour for everyone’s resource-shortened frustrations, but it’s also a perfect climate for almonds—and lettuce, pistachios, walnuts, strawberries, carrots, cabbage, sunflowers, grapes, asparagus, and alfalfa.

WRAL: Analyst: California drought not a significant hit to economy
Link - California's drought is not likely to have a significant effect on the state's economy or budget despite leading to cutbacks on farms, a nonpartisan fiscal analyst said Tuesday.


Politico: Immigration debacle dogs Marco Rubio
Link - The calls started coming from Republican Party honchos and prominent GOP senators right after Election 2012: The party had to start competing better for the Latino vote, and immigration reform was the place to start.

Washington Times: Illegals’ crimes expose broken immigration system as next border surge looms
Link - As the Obama administration prepares for a new surge of illegal immigrant children this year, some of those from previous waves are turning up on court dockets across the country, charged with serious crimes such as capital murder and aggravated rape.


Agri-Pulse: How 4-H members are bridging the farmer-consumer gap
Link - A group of 4-H members shared their passions about the future of agriculture with the House Agriculture Subcommittee on Biotechnology, Horticulture, and Research today and emphasized why it's more important than ever before to build “bridges” between rural and urban residents.

Washington Post: Clinton hits the trail in Iowa, again
Link - Hillary Rodham Clinton began sketching out a progressive policy agenda and promised fresh thinking on a range of economic and other issues Tuesday, as she began her second run for the White House in the coffee shops and classrooms of small-town Iowa.

Sacramento Bee: Where they stand: Marco Rubio on key issues of 2016 campaign
Link - A snapshot of where Florida Sen. Marco Rubio stands on issues likely to be debated during the Republican presidential primaries, as he enters the race.

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