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Daily Harvest -- 4/22/2015
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Agri-Pulse: Reporters, industry gather for Chicken Media Summit
Link - Two major poultry trade organizations today wrapped up an event designed to help the public and the media better understand modern day chicken production.

Agri-Pulse: White House: Spending curb on Clean Water Act 'irresponsible'
Link - The White House says it's "irresponsible" for House appropriators to use a spending bill to block the administration from implementing new definitions of what streams, ponds and other features are regulated under the Clean Water Act.

Politico: New crop insurance math, new challenges for farmers
Link - It's not quite calculus, but it's getting pretty close with all the bells and whistles Congress has added to the federal crop insurance program -- now the biggest part of the safety net for American farmers.

Wall Street Journal: Agriculture Department Decreases Iowa Bird Flu Estimates
Link - The U.S. Department of Agriculture revised downward its estimate of an Iowa chicken flock hit with a deadly strain of avian influenza, while confirming several new cases in smaller flocks.

Agri-Pulse: Farm lessons learned from Bill Murray and a large rodent
Link - (Opinion) Those of us who spend time in the fencerows between the farm and the public feel like the Bill Murray character in the classic movie, Groundhog Day. Every day we wake up in the same situation as the day before, talking about the same issues, listening to identical arguments.


Agri-Pulse: Obama administration unveils massive overhaul of U.S. energy system
Link - (Subscriber only) Yesterday Senate Energy Committee Chair Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska, announced she will write new energy legislation to stop allowing our policy and our future to be decided by regulators and courts.

Agri-Pulse: U.S. moves toward energy independence - and crude oil exports
Link - (Subscriber only) Within the next 15 years, and possibly as early as 2019, the United States could become a net energy exporter for the first time since the 1950s, according to the federal Energy Information Administration's Annual Energy Outlook.

Wall Street Journal: New Studies Link Earthquakes With Oil, Gas Drilling
Link - New scientific findings released Tuesday linked earthquakes to the practice of injecting wastewater from oil and gas operations deep underground, adding to a growing consensus among researchers that energy development is probably causing seismic activity in Oklahoma, Texas and other parts of the U.S.

Wall Street Journal: Why Did These Oil Workers Die?
Link - The deaths of Trent Vigus and at least nine other oil-field workers over the past five years had haunting similarities. Each worker was doing a job that involved climbing on top of a catwalk strung between rows of storage tanks and opening a hatch.


Agri-Pulse: Poultry industry unsure of impact latest bird flu case could have
Link - (Audio) The latest case of high-pathogenic avian influenza is a big one, impacting an estimated 5.3 million layer hen operation in Iowa.

Wall Street Journal: Why Do I End Up Throwing Out So Much Food?
Link - Americans threw away approximately 36 million tons of food in 2012, according to the most recent data available from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. That’s up about 20% since 2000 and almost three times the amount thrown away in 1960.

Washington Post: How To Eat Food On The Campaign Trail
Link - Are you a candidate for president? Then you’d better watch what you eat. Remember, food is not just food. It is a way of secretly telegraphing the Deepest Truth About Yourself to the American people.

The Independent: Should we be drinking milk? Arguments for and against dairy
Link - It was once seen as an integral part of a healthy diet. Nowadays, falling popularity means milk is even cheaper than water, putting huge pressure on the dairy industry.


New York Times: Deal on Trade Pact Gives Obama Authority but Builds In a Delay
Link - Republican lawmakers and the White House have agreed to subject any trade deal negotiated by President Obama to a months long review by Congress and the public, a concession aimed at winning the support of Democrats who view trade agreements as a threat to American workers.

Wall Street Journal: Trade poison pill
Link - (Opinion) A bipartisan coalition in Congress is moving a trade bill that would help American economic growth and strategic interests. But this is Congress, so naturally a rump protectionist caucus is trying to prevent it.

LA Times: Ghost of NAFTA haunts proposed Pacific Rim trade deal
Link - As lawmakers gear up for a rancorous debate on a bill that would help President Obama secure a massive Pacific Rim trade deal, congressional Democrats and their allies are making the case that such an agreement would be disastrous for American jobs and wages


Agri-Pulse: Public-private partnership avoids sage-grouse endangered listing - for now
Link - Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell announced today that the bi-state population of greater sage-grouse in California and Nevada is not warranted for listing under the Endangered Species Act (ESA).

Des Moines Register: Environment expected to get bigger stage at Iowa Caucuses
Link - Hot-button issues such as clean power, water quality regulations and renewable fuels are expected to get a bigger stage in the 2016 Iowa Caucuses, as environmental activists put more pressure on presidential contenders to address controversial issues such as climate change.


Rasmussen Reports: Most Still Oppose Obama’s Immigration Amnesty, Say It’s Illegal
Link - Most voters still oppose President Obama’s plan to exempt up to five million illegal immigrants from deportation, with more than ever saying he doesn’t have the legal authority to take such action.

The Hill: Bush would overturn Obama's executive actions on immigration
Link - Former Gov. Jeb Bush (R-Fla.) said that he would overturn President Obama’s controversial executive actions on immigration.


Wall Street Journal: DuPont Sees Sales Slide as Proxy Fight Looms
Link - DuPont Co. projected declining sales across most of its divisions for the coming months as the chemical company jousts with an activist investor ahead of a key shareholder vote in May.

Huffington Post: Neil Young Is Recording An Album About Monsanto
Link - On Monday, Rolling Stone reported that Young is teaming up with up-and-coming band Promise of the Real to record an album called "The Monsanto Years," which will be full of songs critical of the company.

ABC Rural: Dairy calf sells for $112,000 setting new Australasian record
Link - The three-month old Holstein calf is the daughter of a heifer called Parrabel Rockstar O'Kalibra-Imp-ET and is the only progeny of the cow living in the southern hemisphere.

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