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Daily Harvest -- 4/29/2014
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Agri-Pulse: Vilsack says some lawmakers blocking ‘easy lift’ on immigration reform
Link - Getting Congress to approve comprehensive immigration reform, including a path to legal status for undocumented farm workers, should be “an easy lift,” but is being blocked by a small group of House Republican lawmakers, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack said Monday.

Agri-Pulse: Rep. McAllister won’t seek reelection after kissing scandal
Link - Weeks after being caught on video kissing a married staff member, Rep. Vance McAllister, R-La., told his home town newspaper that he won't seek reelection.

Agri-Pulse: Report: U.S. doesn't need mandatory GMO labeling
Link - A new report from the Council for Agricultural Science and Technology (CAST) used public polling, food safety and testing data and philosophical and legal evaluations to determine that mandatory labeling of genetically modified (GM) food would increase food costs and have “negative implications” for First Amendment rights.

Agri-Pulse: Farm bureau says new EPA water rule should be ditched
Link - (Audio) The Environmental Protection Agency’s proposed “waters of the US’ rule was published in the Federal Register last week, all 111,000 words of it. The American Farm Bureau Federation responded with three words: Ditch the rule.

National Journal: Fresh Farm Bill Already Making Its Mark
Link - In the less than three months since President Obama signed the farm bill, the pressure points in agricultural policy making have shifted dramatically.

Burlington Free Press: How GMO labeling came to pass in Vermont
Link - Despite the threat of a lawsuit hanging over their heads from food manufacturers, key lawmakers went from skeptical to sold on a labeling law within months because a well-organized, well-funded and seasoned group of supporters launched one of the biggest grassroots efforts the state has seen.


Washington Post: These 11 graphics show how bad local food insecurity can be in America
Link - Approximately 49 million people in the United States live in food-insecure households, with nearly 16 million of them being children, according to September Department of Agriculture data.

NBC: Possible Food Poisoning Sickens 100 at Safety Summit
Link - More than 100 people have now reported they got sick with suspected food poisoning at a national Food Safety Summit held earlier this month in Baltimore.

The Atlantic: The Man Who Would Make Food Obsolete
Link - Rob Rhinehart invented Soylent—a beverage that he claims contains all necessary nutrients—as a food replacement. The first batch is shipping this month.


Reuters: Syngenta expects no word on China GMO corn decision until summer
Link - Syngenta AG, the world's largest crop chemicals company, said on Monday it did not expect to learn before the summer whether China will approve a now-banned genetically modified strain of corn that importers have rejected by the boatload.

The Japan News: Japan-U.S. accord likely to boost overall TPP talks
Link - With Japan and the United States reaching a substantive agreement in Trans-Pacific Partnership multinational trade agreement talks Friday, there is an increasing possibility the negotiations in their entirety will significantly move toward reaching a conclusion within this year.


New York Daily News: Nine more people reported dead as tornadoes barrel through Midwest, South
Link - A second wave of storms was blamed for at least nine fatalities across Mississippi and Alabama early Tuesday, as the extreme weather system also brought severe thunderstorms, hail and flash floods.

Reuters: Drought sends California cattle packing - to Texas
Link - In the midst of the worst California drought in decades, the grass is stunted and some creeks are dry. Ranchers in the Golden State are loading tens of thousands of heifers and steers onto trucks and hauling them eastward to Nevada, Texas, Nebraska and beyond.

Wall Street Journal: Markets Gird for Return of El Niño
Link - The weather phenomenon known as El Niño is poised to return, a development that threatens to drive up prices for food and other staples, investors and analysts say.

Minneapolis Star Tribune: Who's protecting Minnesota's rural rivers?
Link - Four-fifths of the cropland that butts up against the streams and rivers of southern Minnesota is missing at least some of the legally required natural borders that are the first step in safeguarding waters that flow to the Mississippi River, Lake Pepin and eventually the Gulf of Mexico, according to the first detailed mapping of the region’s rivers.


Bloomberg: Immigration Stalemate Taking Agriculture Toll: Vilsack
Link - Add American crop production to the list of U.S. losses because Congress can’t agree on immigration reform, according to Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack.


Washington Post: No, gourmet dog food isn’t necessarily better — for your dog or for the planet
Link - Some people like to lump environmentalism with an interest in organic agriculture, “natural” products and artisanal foods. In fact, green living and “natural” living are entirely separate — and often contradictory — lifestyles, and nowhere is this more evident than in our views on how we feed our dogs.

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