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Daily Harvest -- 5/19/2016
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Agri-Pulse Daybreak for May 19, 2016
Link - (Audio) Senate Appropriations debates ag spending bill today; House chairman pushes back on TPP; RFS could be headed to court – again; Vilsack takes turn as chef; and military veterans tell their ag stories at hearing. This and more in today’s Daybreak.

Bloomberg: Bayer Eyes $42 Billion Monsanto in Quest for Seeds Dominance
Link - Bayer AG made an unsolicited takeover offer for Monsanto Co. in a bold attempt by the German company to snatch the last independent global seeds producer and become the world’s biggest supplier of farm chemicals.

ABC News: Dry Winter Means More Dust Storm Danger in Arizona, Beyond
Link - It's that time of year in the Southwest - and as far as Alaska - when dust storms take shape, raising health and safety risks as plumes of dirt take to the sky.

New York Times: Actions by Congress on Opioids Haven’t Included Limiting Them
Link - Congress has whipsawed between ensuring access to narcotic painkillers and addressing the addiction epidemic linked to those drugs, one that has become the leading cause of death, surpassing motor vehicle fatalities in 2013.


Agri-Pulse: 2017 RFS proposal falls short of statutory levels
Link - The Environmental Protection Agency's proposed 2017 renewable volume obligations under the Renewable Fuel Standard are out and they fall short of the amounts called for by Congress.

Agri-Pulse: Where does RVO proposal go from here?
Link - (Audio) On Wednesday, the EPA proposed the 2017 Renewable Volume Obligations, setting the stage for the debate that is yet to come until the end of November.

Wall Street Journal: Chevron's John Watson on the Morality of Oil
Link - (Video) Chevron CEO John Watson shares his thoughts on public perception of the environmental impact of oil production.

Reuters: In North Dakota's oil patch, a humbling comedown
Link - The fracking party is over, and a quiet desperation has descended on the state's once-booming communities and the thousands of people who were drawn to them.

Washington Post: Mine environmental risk grows with bankruptcies in big coal
Link - As more coal companies file for bankruptcy, it’s increasingly likely that taxpayers will be stuck with the very high costs of preventing abandoned mines from becoming environmental disasters.


Agri-Pulse: House panel approves GOP child nutrition bill in party-line vote
Link - (Subscriber only) House Republicans advanced a bill aimed at overhauling some of the Obama administration's child nutrition standards and to allow some states to experiment with setting their own rules for school meals.

CNBC: Food waste bill targets confusing date labels
Link - On Wednesday, new legislation was introduced in the U.S. Senate and House that would make expiration date labeling more consistent and coherent, and therefore, help to reduce food waste in the U.S.

Newsweek: Infants fed peanuts, eggs, and milk less likely to develop sensitization
Link - New research shows infants who were given cow’s milk products, egg or peanut butter early on were less likely to develop sensitization to the foods. Parents who fed their infants eggs reduced their child’s risk of developing sensitization not only to eggs, but to any of the three foods.

Wall Street Journal: Making Hens Cage-Free? You’ll Shell Out for Eggs
Link - (Opinion) Almost all hens live in so-called battery cages, providing each chicken with a floor space smaller than a standard sheet of printer paper. A referendum in Massachusetts may help change that.


Agri-Pulse: ITC report shows farmers reaping big gains from TPP
Link - The Trans-Pacific Partnership would reduce the U.S. trade deficit and create jobs throughout the country, but some of the biggest gains would be for the agriculture sector, according to a U.S. International Trade Commission report released Wednesday evening.

Euronews: Growing for growth: Senegal bets big on agriculture
Link - In Senegal there’s a saying, “If agriculture is ok, then everything’s ok.” Well, in the last two years we have had record harvests.

Wall Street Journal: Argentina Launches Major Push for Renewable Energy
Link - Argentine President Mauricio Macri on Wednesday launched a decade-long plan to attract billions of dollars in investment and vastly increase the amount of electricity produced from renewable energy sources.

New York Times: From Dog Farms in South Korea to New Lives as Pets Abroad
Link - It is difficult to measure the global dog-meat trade, because there is limited regulated, but animal rights groups estimate that 30 million dogs, mostly stolen or feral, are killed each year for their meat in Asia, in countries such as China and Vietnam.


Agri-Pulse: EPA plan for sulfoxaflor includes added pollinator protections
Link - Additional protections for pollinators are included in an EPA proposal that would allow use of sulfoxaflor, whose registration was pulled last year after a federal court ruled the agency had not properly evaluated the insecticide's effects on pollinators.

Agri-Pulse: Obama issues order to protect federal buildings from wildfires
Link - President Barack Obama issued an executive order to federal agencies today directing them to take action to protect government buildings in sensitive areas from wildfires.

New York Times: In Sharp Reversal, California Suspends Water Restrictions
Link - California on Wednesday suspended its mandatory statewide 25 percent reduction in urban water use, telling local communities to set their own conservation standards after a relatively wet winter and a year of enormous savings in urban water use.

Elkhart Truth: Ohio seeks to coordinate Lake Erie algae effort
Link - The plan from Ohio’s environmental protection agency calls for putting the Ohio Lake Erie Commission in charge of overseeing the reduction of the amount of phosphorus flowing into the lake.

Washington Post: Climate change doubters really aren’t going to like this study
Link - Researchers have designed an inventive test suggesting that the arguments commonly used by climate change contrarians don’t add up.


LA Times: Produce industry giants team up to promote responsible labor practices
Link - Faced with growing questions from consumers about where their food comes from, the nation’s largest produce industry groups say they are joining forces to promote responsible farm labor practices.

Associated Press: Judge Asked to Appoint Monitor in Immigrant Detention Accord
Link - Immigrant rights lawyers have asked a federal judge to appoint a special monitor to oversee a longstanding legal agreement on the detention of children caught crossing the U.S.-Mexico border, an accord at the center of lawsuit set to be debated next month in a California appeals court.

Associated Press: Q&A: How new US overtime rules could help or hurt employees
Link - The new overtime rule the Obama administration issued Wednesday could mean thicker paychecks for some Americans who work longer hours — or, just reduced time on the job.


Washington Post: The ‘micro-climate’ that turned Monticello into an agricultural sweet spot
Link - At the plantation he called Monticello, Thomas Jefferson grew hundreds of varieties of fruits, vegetables, berries, grapes and nuts — some of which had no business growing in Virginia.

Associated Press: Court blocks judge from ordering exotic animals back to farm
Link - The Ohio Supreme Court says a county judge doesn't have jurisdiction to order the state to return five tigers and other exotic animals to a farm where they were seized two weeks ago.

Fox News: Feds cite Canadian man for moving Yellowstone bison calf
Link - Federal officials have cited a Canadian man who told rangers at Yellowstone National Park that he loaded a bison calf into his SUV because he thought it was cold.

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