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Daily Harvest -- 6/6/2016
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Agri-Pulse Daybreak for June 6, 2016
Link - California’s long-running drought has been both a campaign topic and subject of renewed debate on Capitol Hill. Corn growers urged to speak out against EPA's proposed RVO standard; farmer tells food policy audience consumers won't pay to increase farmworker wages; rail transparency; more.

Agri-Pulse: Washington Week Ahead: Groups push for biotech deal, Ryan sets anti-poverty plan
Link - Milk producers and snack food makers seek to keep the pressure on Congress this week to preempt state GMO labeling laws, while House Speaker Paul Ryan begins an effort to shape the GOP campaign agenda by rolling out proposals to overhaul anti-poverty programs.

Agri-Pulse: It's time to reform the Farm Credit System
Link - (Opinion) A robust dialogue on the Farm Credit System's business practices is in the best interest of producers and taxpayers across the nation.


Chicago Sun-Times: Work out deal to empower Illinois’ energy future
Link - (Editorial) Here’s hoping Democratic and Republican legislators ignore the governor’s rhetoric keep working toward the most economical way to make Illinois a less carbon-intensive state. And here’s also hoping the governor joins that effort.

Des Moines Register: EPA hosting a public forum on Renewable Fuel Standards
Link - EPA will hold a public hearing in Kansas City, Mo., on June 9 to hear public opinion regarding the proposed Renewable Fuel Standards for 2017 and the Biomass-Based Diesel Volume for 2018.

The Motley Fool: Why Corporate America's Love of Renewable Energy Should Terrify Traditional Utilities
Link - Don't look now, but corporate America may lead the next phase of the renewable energy revolution. And that's terrible news for utilities across the country.


AP: Kansas food pantry helps low-income families with allergies
Link - The Kansas City area is home to a new food pantry that aims to help lower-income people with food allergies deal with the costs of specialty foods they can safely eat.

NPR: Kill The Culture Of Cool Kale, Food Critic Says
Link - The longtime food writer and former New York Times food critic Mimi Sheraton has "waged a one-woman anti-kale campaign" for the past two years.

Indianapolis Star: Hoosier pediatricians weigh in: Rokita’s school lunch bill is bad for children
Link - (Opinion) Schools have moved away from “honeybuns and muffins,” and are now taking innovative approaches to get students to eat healthier, more nutritious foods to ensure that all children have access to healthy food on a daily basis to improve their learning capability and attention span.


Agri-Pulse: Chinese catfish cargo retreats from USDA inspectors
Link - A ship carrying Chinese catfish to the U.S. retreated back to China rather than allow its cargo to undergo inspection by USDA's Food Safety and Inspection Service, according to U.S. government and industry officials. (Australia): Farmers continue to debate the merits of genetically modified crops
Link - As chemical giant Monsanto marks 20 years of genetically modified crops in Australia, farmers remain divided about the merits of GM crops.

Des Moines Register: Iowa farmer hosts top Cuba officials, gets cigars
Link - On Friday morning, Aaron Heley Lehman's organic farm in Polk City played host to some of Cuba's top governmental officials.

Reuters: Germany to abstain in EU glyphosate vote next week
Link - Germany will abstain in a European Union vote next week on the continued use of glyphosate in herbicides, because ministries run by different parties remain at odds over the chemical which some experts say could be carcinogenic.


Agri-Pulse: EPA judge upholds pesticide registration cancellation
Link - EPA's decision to cancel the registrations of flubendiamide, marketed by Bayer's Crop Science Division as Belt, has been upheld by an agency administrative law judge.

Agri-Pulse: NCGA disappointed in EPA atrazine decision
Link - (Audio) A leader of the National Corn Growers Association is disappointed in a decision reached last week by the Environmental Protection Agency that could affect the availability of a widely used herbicide.

The Telegraph: Porpoises could derail world's biggest offshore wind farm
Link - Plans for the world’s biggest offshore wind farm, off the coast of Yorkshire, have been thrown into doubt over fears the noise of building it will disturb porpoises.

AP: Feds considering endangered listing for moose in 4 states, Michigan included
Link - Federal officials said Thursday they will consider extending protections under the Endangered Species Act to moose in four upper Midwestern states, including Minnesota, where the hulking symbol of its northern woodlands has suffered a steep population decline in the past decade.

Arizona Republic: Officials say dust is settled at farm causing I-10 closures
Link - The Arizona Department of Environmental Quality is trying to stabilize dust at a farm that caused multiple I-10 closures.

Lancaster Farming: Farmers Play Valuable Role in Water Quality Progress
Link - Agriculture secretaries and commissioners from Chesapeake Bay region states say farmers hard work to improve water quality are paying off.


East County Magazine: Farm workers' overtime bill fails passage in assembly
Link - By a slim two-vote margin, a measure that would have given farm workers the same overtime pay as workers in other industries failed to win passage in the state Assembly after emotional testimony on both sides.

Yakima Herald: Activist and organizer Tomás Villanueva describes the founding of the Yakima Valley Farmworkers Clinic
Link - Excerpted from an interview performed for the Seattle Civil Rights & Labor History Project.

Miami Herald: Maximizing revenues: Don’t be penny-wise and pound-foolish
Link - (Opinion) Publix doesn’t participate in the Fair Food Program, so I decided to launch my own private boycott

The Tennessean: Advocates await Supreme Court immigration decision
Link - As soon as Monday, the United States Supreme Court could issue a ruling on an Obama administration immigration order to delay deportation and provide work permits to as many as 5 million undocumented immigrants nationwide.


AP: A Microsoft star runs for governor of North Dakota
Link - Former Microsoft executive Doug Burgum’s quest is quite a stretch: a player in a glitzy, fast-paced industry becoming leader of a state where the cattle outnumber people, only about a dozen towns have a population bigger than 6,000 and many families make their livelihood in agriculture and oil.

ValleyCentral: Texas agriculture commissioner says ethics complaints agailnst him 'will amount to nothing'
Link - More than two years after being accused by a political foe of violating state campaign finance laws -- including a charge that he improperly paid himself interest on a campaign loan -- Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller says he believes the complaints dating to his days as a state legislator are languishing and will amount to nothing.

MLive (Michigan): Cute, rare triplet calves receive ice cream-inspired names
Link - The rare triplet calves born at Country Dairy last month are being named for flavors of ice cream, one of the products the family-owned business makes.

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