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Daily Harvest -- 6/17/2015
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Agri-Pulse: Agri-Pulse presents "The Rural Route to the White House"
Link - Agri-Pulse Communications plans to launch a new series, “The Rural Route to the White House,” designed to cover the 2016 presidential campaign with a special focus on issues important to agriculture and rural America. The American Farm Bureau Federation will be the exclusive sponsor of this project.

Washington Post: Bird flu leads to cheaper chicken in US
Link - A bird flu outbreak in the Midwest that’s boosted prices for eggs and roasting turkeys has actually resulted in cheaper chicken in the U.S., as many countries restrict imports of poultry products, the Department of Agriculture said in a report released Tuesday.

KDLT: After A 6-Day Break Iowa Reports An Egg Farm With Bird Flu
Link - A farm in Wright County with 1 million chickens has experienced increased deaths among the flock and a preliminary test indicates the presence of the bird flu virus.

Sacramento Bee: Urban water districts accuse Delta farmers of stealing water
Link - The tension between California farm interests and the state’s urban water users ratcheted up Tuesday, as a consortium of mostly urban water districts filed a complaint alleging Delta farmers are stealing water.

Associated Press: Police investigating Foster Farms after undercover video
Link - Police are investigating poultry producer Foster Farms after an animal-rights group shot undercover video showing some chickens being slammed upside-down into metal shackles, punched and having their feathers pulled out while they were still alive.


Agri-Pulse: Energy efficiency legislation attracts broad bipartisan support
Link - (Subscriber only) Addressing the U.S. Energy Association/Johnson Controls Energy Efficiency Forum last week, Sen. Cory Gardner of Colorado said his role as a Republican, as a conservative is to get people to understand that we shouldn't be afraid of energy efficiency.

Associated Press: Judge demands explanation for long delay on energy lease in area held sacred by Indian tribes
Link - A federal judge is pressing U.S. officials to explain why it's taken three decades to decide on a proposal to drill for natural gas just outside Glacier National Park in an area considered sacred by some Indian tribes in Montana and Canada.

Reuters: USDA says backing push to expand "bio-economy"
Link - The productivity and innovation of U.S. agriculture is driving a transformation to bio-based products across the economy that is supporting millions of jobs and significantly displacing fossil fuels, according to a study from the U.S. Department of Agriculture on Wednesday.

The Guardian: UK and France 'may miss EU renewable energy target'
Link - The UK, France and Netherlands are set to miss a key EU renewable energy target and should review their policies to get back on track, the European commission has said.


Agri-Pulse: FDA moves to end use of trans fat in processed foods
Link - The Food and Drug Administration today finalized a determination that partially hydrogenated oils (PHOs) - the primary dietary source of artificial trans fat in processed foods - are no longer “generally recognized as safe” (GRAS) and gave food manufacturers three years to remove PHOs from their products.

Reuters: USDA turkey report hints at fewer birds for Thanksgiving meals
Link - The U.S. Department of Agriculture's monthly turkey hatchery report on Tuesday showed a significant decline in the number of poults, or young turkeys, placed on feed in May, suggesting supplies of fresh whole birds may tighten this Thanksgiving.


Agri-Pulse: Mexico and Canada prepared to retaliate over COOL
Link - (Audio) Today is the day that the WTO will hold a meeting to hear formal requests from Mexico and Canada to retaliate against the US over country-of-origin labeling for meat products.

New York Times: Opinion: The Democratic Tea Party
Link - Last week, the Congressional Democrats defeated the underpinnings of the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement. Let’s count up the things these Democrats will have done if this policy stands.

Wall Street Journal: New Zealand Dairy Farmers Hope for Relief in GlobalDairyTrade Auction
Link - New Zealand’s beleaguered farmers may get some relief at the GlobalDairyTrade auction overnight, with some signs that dairy prices are improving.


NPR: Endangered Species Protections At Center Of Drought Debate
Link - A lot of the laws and regulations that keep water in rivers during severe droughts fall under the Endangered Species Act. Signed by President Nixon in 1973, the act has long been unpopular with Republicans, who say it's being used as a political tool to stymie all sorts of development in the West.

Associated Press: Scientists Fly Drones to Map Sagebrush for Wildfire Strategy
Link - Scientists have deployed drones over western Idaho to map a little-known landscape as part of an effort to reduce wildfire risks and protect sage grouse and other wildlife across the West.

Reuters: Kenyan festival drums up appetite for climate adaptation
Link - Lemuska, 39, comes from a pastoralist community that survives mainly on meat, milk and animal blood. But worsening drought is increasingly leading to more animal deaths, and Lemuska, of El Molo, is ready to look for new ways to feed her family.

Reuters: North Korea says hit by worst drought in 100 years
Link - Reclusive North Korea said on Tuesday it has been hit by the worst drought in a century, compounding chronic food shortages in a country where the United Nations says almost one third of children under five are stunted due to malnourishment.


Fox News Latino: Computer glitch costs U.S. agriculture big losses for lack of farmhands
Link - A computer error in the system used to award U.S. visas has delayed thousands of temporary farmhands from entering the country and consequently has caused the nation's agriculture millions of dollars in losses, The Wall Street Journal said Tuesday.

New America Media: Surviving the Drought in California: Farm Workers Struggle to Put Food on the Table
Link - Undocumented farm workers are hit the hardest because of California's extreme drought. We went to the heart of the Central Valley, west Fresno County, to talk to residents about how they're surviving the massive job losses.

Times Argus: Opinion: Milk with dignity
Link - Now the company, which is owned by the international conglomerate Unilever, is being called on to activate its corporate conscience by acknowledging the living conditions of workers producing the milk for Ben & Jerry’s Homemade Inc.

Politico: Don't Repeat Mitt Romney's Mistake on Immigration
Link - New research from my firm, Burning Glass Consulting, proves that a taking hard-line position on immigration loses a Republican candidate more votes in the general election than it wins him or her in the GOP primaries.


Des Moines Register: Trump's Iowa challenge: Turn celebrity into political support
Link - If Trump wants to transcend his perception as a bombastic celebrity mogul to become a serious caucuses contender, Goldford and GOP activists said, he must lay out detailed policy plans for Iowans and spend plenty of time in the state.

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