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Daily Harvest -- 7/19/2016
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Agri-Pulse Daybreak for July 19
Link - Behind the scenes at the GOP Convention, an effort has been quietly developing to build support for Trump among farmers and ranchers; Trump pressed on trade; GOP platform attacks Obama regs; Pat Roberts promotes Trump; battle over higher ethanol blends intensifies; food security in Africa; climate change.

Agri-Pulse: Trump, Pence would lift yoke of regulation, Roberts says
Link - Senate Agriculture Chairman Pat Roberts, making a direct appeal for electing the Trump-Pence ticket, said that overregulation has made it “nearly impossible” for farmers and ranchers to do their jobs.

Agri-Pulse Delegate of the Day: Westhenry Ioerger, Iowa
Link - (Video) Westhenry Ioerger, 19, speaks with Agri-Pulse about why he decided to pursue a trip to the Republican National Convention, what he sees as the biggest issues for agriculture in this year's race, and how he sees the participation of young adults in the election.


AP: Lawsuit Over Nation's 1st Offshore Wind Farm Is Dismissed
Link - A federal judge has dismissed a lawsuit brought over the nation's first offshore wind farm. The lawsuit was filed in 2015 by plaintiffs including the Rhode Island Manufacturers Association and others. They argued that utility National Grid's deal to purchase power from the wind farm violated federal law and would result in a significant increase to their electric bills.

Enid News: Construction begins on new wind farm in NW Okla.
Link - Construction began this week on a wind farm between Hunter and Pond Creek. Enel Green Power North America Inc. started construction on the Chisholm View Wind Project II wind farm. The project is an expansion of the current 235 MegaWatt Chisholm View wind farm. Construction on the first project began in 2012 and dedicated in 2013.

The Hill: It’s time to promote smart renewable energy development on public lands
Link - (Opinion) It’s almost unheard-of in Washington: Renewable energy legislation with support from both parties. Yet this week, both Democrats and Republicans spoke in favor of important renewable energy reforms that will help create clean, renewable energy and local jobs in the West.


Daily Bruin: UCLA groups to receive increased funding to address food security
Link - Last Monday, UC President Janet Napolitano announced the Office of the President would give $3.3 million in funding over two years to help campuses address food insecurity. Each campus will get $151,000 a year.

Washington Post: Is reducing meat consumption in the U.S. possible?
Link - In May, the Chinese government announced plans to cut its country’s meat consumption in half — partly for public health reasons, but also to reduce the carbon footprint left by livestock. But China is far from the only place moving in this direction. Experts across the world, including one of the top nutritional panels in the United States, recommended similar meat reductions for the same reasons.

Grist: How to fix our food policy: A recipe for candidates
Link - Ignoring food policy would seed environmental and humanitarian disaster. But investing in food would yield a harvest of prosperity. It would spread the peace and stability that comes when people aren’t driven by desperation.


Agri-Pulse: Ag groups fear more anti-trade salvos at GOP convention
Link - Farmers and their allies at the Republican National Convention are bracing for more attacks on trade policy while looking for the party's presumptive nominee to keep up his assault on the Obama administration's regulatory agenda.

Agri-Pulse: Grassley weighs in on Trump and trade
Link - (Audio) Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has made comments on trade that concern many in agriculture, but Senator Chuck Grassley says observers shouldn't be so skeptical.

Reuters: Monsanto and Bayer Move Closer to a Deal
Link - Monsanto is negotiating the terms of a confidentiality agreement with Bayer that would allow extensive due diligence, after Bayer raised its offer to more than $64 billion, a source familiar with the matter said on Monday.

The Nation (Nigeria): Agriculture: U.S launches $2m partnership with Nigeria
Link - Nigeria efforts towards achieving food security received a boost on Monday as the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) launched a two-million dollars agricultural partnership.

Ynet News: Will US imports uproot Israeli agriculture?
Link - A high ranking delegation from the US Trade Commission will be speaking with Israeli government representatives in Jerusalem on Monday and Tuesday. They are expected to ask Israel to open up its markets to a wide range of US imports.


Rapid City Journal: Drought continues to worsen, help now available for agriculture
Link - Dan Oedekoven, the livestock technician overseeing the South Dakota State University research cattle herd pastured in the Fort Meade area, said he was worried about the continuing drought in the area and the effects on everyone, from ranchers to local businesses.

Beauregard Daily News: Drone-fired peanut butter pellets to save endangered ferrets
Link - The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is proposing to use unmanned aerial vehicles, more commonly known as drones, to rain peanut-butter pellets down on northeast Montana. The tasty ammunition is laced with a vaccine against the plague.

Slate: Most Republicans Who Accept Climate Science Are Skipping Cleveland
Link - Most congressional Republicans with even a hint of moderation on climate change are distancing themselves from Donald Trump and won’t be present for his nomination in Cleveland this week.

Wisconsin Public Radio: Farm Conservation Improves Water Quality In Upper Mississippi
Link - A new study shows agricultural conservation is making an impact on water quality in the upper Mississippi river basin.

The (Cedar Rapids) Gazette: Farmers urge Iowa legisators to consider more incentives for conservation
Link - For the past five years, after harvesting corn and soybeans, Linn County farmer Jim Greif has planted cereal rye — a non-cash crop — to protect his soil from erosion, to improve its health and fertility and to prevent the loss of nutrients into surface water.

Washington Post: What in the world is ‘corn sweat’ and is it really causing this heat wave?
Link - Our readers are concerned that “corn sweat” is causing this week’s heat wave, and they are confused. But after tracking down the source of the produce-laden perspiration, I am here to allay the apprehension.


Toledo Blade: Velasquez, FLOC rally at Republican National Convention
Link - Education is first on Baldemar Velasquez’s agenda. The Farm Labor Organizing Committee president is at the Republican National Convention marching with other grassroots organizations and participating in the country’s democratic system.

CNN: Justice Dept. asks Supreme Court to rehear immigration case
Link - The Justice Department asked the Supreme Court on Monday to rehear the controversial case concerning the Obama administration's executive actions on immigration that split the justices 4-4 last spring once the court has nine members again.


Agri-Pulse: NCGA sees bad - and good - from Dow-DuPont merger
Link - The Dow-DuPont merger could result in both less - and more - competition in the seed industry, the National Corn Growers Association said in a letter to the Justice Department (DOJ).

Forbes: 5 Reasons To Farm In Low-Earth Orbit
Link - Low-Earth orbit (LEO) would hardly appear to be the best place to take up farming. But both NASA and the burgeoning commercial space industry are already planning for a time when in addition to on-orbit space hotels and new research stations, there will also be Earth-orbiting greenhouses.

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