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Daily Harvest -- 7/29/2016
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Agri-Pulse Daybreak for July 29, 2016
Link - In acceptance speech, Clinton says she'd give immigrants path to citizenship, but barely mentions trade. Also: Rural caucus meeting at DNC scrapped; "radical environmentalists" blamed for low wages on renewable energy projects; Belt decision due today.

Agri-Pulse Washington Week in Review
Link - Agri-Pulse's Phil Brasher and Sara Wyant were in Philadelphia this week for the Democratic National Convention. In this video, they talk about how the party will try to capture the rural vote and what some major players had to say this week.

Agri-Pulse: After Clinton's speech, 2016 nominees are set
Link - (Audio) Hillary Clinton delivered her acceptance speech last night at the Democratic National Convention, officially making her the Democratic nominee for the office of President of the United States.

Agri-Pulse: How can Hillary win over rural voters?
Link - Now that she's locked up the Democratic nomination for President, Hillary Clinton will have to win over the nation's voters. Russell Redding, Pennsylvania's agriculture secretary, talks about how the Clinton campaign could win over rural voters in a swing state.

Agri-Pulse: How is Donald Trump doing?
Link - (Audio) With 3 months to go until the election, John Block assesses the Republican nominee's chances.


Bangor Daily News: Why money is the real power in Maine’s solar energy debate
Link - At least 2,000 Maine homeowners have sunk thousands of dollars into solar power arrays. Part of their calculation in making the purchase is the ability to sell excess power back to the grid, called net metering.

The Hill: Clinton wants to end ‘Halliburton loophole’ on fracking, adviser says
Link - Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton would push Congress to reverse a 2005 measure that exempts hydraulic fracturing from certain federal environmental standards, a top adviser said.

The Gazette: Iowa sees progress in energy sector
Link - Iowa’s overall energy situation is moving in a positive direction, although the state still consumes more than it produces at a per-capital rate higher than its six bordering states, a consultant said Thursday.


Agri-Pulse: Evidence too thin to support chlorpyrifos regulation, panel concludes
Link - A Scientific Advisory Panel convened by EPA said the agency should not rely on a Columbia University epidemiological study to determine safe levels of exposure to chlorpyrifos, a widely used insecticide.

Washington Post: Whole Foods' trademark claim as 'World's Healthiest Grocery Store' rejected
Link - The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office recently rejected its application to register the slogan. In addition, Whole Foods's attempts to break into the global market has been slow. It launched its first international outlet 14 years ago and has opened just 19 since, in just three countries.

Salon: Vote with your fork: A national food policy could be really sweet for the economy
Link - “The economy, security, human civil rights, economic and general social inequality all connect to food in some way,” food policy advocate Evan Hanczor explained. “And food could also be a huge driver for change in all those areas.”

Bustle: 10 Common Myths About Nutrition Debunked Once & For All
Link - Is it just me, or in this day and age does everyone seem to have an opinion on foods you’re eating and their nutrition value? Perhaps it’s just the circles I run with, but I don’t think I can pick up a fork without someone offering up some myths about nutrition that are just that — myths.


The Packer: Presidential race brings uncertainties to trade outlook
Link - It will be difficult to get much traction to ratify trade deals such as the Trans Pacific Partnership until the presidential election occurs and even after that their future is cloudy, said Chris Schlect, president of the Northwest Horticultural Association.

Agri-View: New markets open for American agriculture
Link - To see a growth industry, look at Wisconsin’s food and agricultural exports. The number of jobs supported by agricultural exports has been trending upward since the 1990s.

Business Insider: BBC told it ‘misled’ audiences in a report about EU immigration levels
Link - The BBC is often accused here in the UK of having a pro-European Union bias, but it has just been rapped by its governing body for inaccurate reporting, which could have inadvertently boosted the Brexit campaign.


Des Moines Register: Branstad offers a twist on his controversial water quality plan
Link - Branstad told the Westside Conservative Club in Urbandale earlier this week that he would consider extending and splitting a 1-cent statewide sales tax now used by school districts to build classrooms, gyms and other school buildings.

N.Y. Times: DNA Study Reveals the One and Only Wolf Species in North America
Link - The first large study of North American wolf genomes has found that there is only one species on the continent: the gray wolf. Two other purported species, the Eastern wolf and the red wolf, are mixes of gray wolf and coyote DNA, the scientists behind the study concluded.

Farm Futures: USDA NASS conducts conservation assessments survey
Link - USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service is contacting 25,000 farmers and ranchers now through August to take part in a national survey that will more accurately measure the environmental benefits associated with implementation and installation of conservation practices on agricultural land.

Oregonian: Cows break free, defecate on neighboring organic farm's crops, spur $210,000 lawsuit
Link - An Aurora organic farm is suing a co-founder of New Seasons and his son, saying they failed to stop their dairy cows from escaping and defecating on the farm's crops.

Hartford Courant: Prolonged Drought Hitting State Farmers Hard
Link - Weeks of bone-dry weather and searing temperatures have left most of David Fusiek's cornfields stunted and starved for moisture. The farm's 100-acre hay crop isn't doing any better, and its 90 dairy cows are giving less milk in this heat.

Fort Myers News-Press: Feds, state quarrel over water issues in Florida
Link - Federal and state agencies are bickering over who exactly is responsible for poor water quality conditions that have gripped much of the state for most of this year.


L.A. Times: Labor icon Dolores Huerta: 'Election day is the most important day of our life'
Link - Labor icon Dolores Huerta, co-founder of the United Farm Workers union, spoke on the final day of the Democratic National Convention, endorsing presidential nominee Hillary Clinton in her first presidential campaign in 2008 and again this year.

NJTV: New Rules Aim to Reduce Farmworkers’ Exposure to Pesticides
Link - Farmworkers picked blueberries under a hot sun in Hammonton. That’s tough enough. It’s potential exposure to toxic pesticides that worries advocates even more. When victims don’t call out sick, it’s a hard problem to manage.

CNBC: California's tomato business is rotten — and farmers are seeing red
Link - These are rotten times for California's tomato farmers as an oversupply of processed tomatoes and weaker demand have pushed prices lower.


Washington Post: Major global partnership to speed antibiotic development launched
Link - But the speedy rise of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, which experts say is a result of decades of overuse in animal agriculture and human medicine combined with lagging drug development and innovation, has put people everywhere on the brink of what many public health leaders say is a “post-antibiotic” world.

Washington Post: Meet the guy who envisions a ‘meat brewery’ to help solve a global problem
Link - Bruce Friedrich, 46, is the executive director of the Good Food Institute and managing trustee of New Crop Capital, which both promote restructuring the meat industry away from animal slaughter. He lives in Washington.

Times Free Press: Farmer defeats long-time Georgia representative
Link - A farmer defeated a 12-year veteran to join the Georgia House of Representatives on Tuesday night.

The Ringer: The Best Player in the NFL Is Also the Weirdest
Link - Chicken farming, roller coasters, and the truth about evolution: Welcome to Von Miller’s wonderfully wacky world

Lafayette (Ind.) Journal & Courier: Rep. Todd Rokita faces competition for District 4 GOP nod
Link - After an unsuccessful attempt at the Indiana governor's race, U.S. Rep. Todd Rokita will return home to seek the GOP nomination for the 4th District.

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