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Daily Harvest -- 8/3/2015
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Agri-Pulse: Washington Week Ahead: Obama unveils clean power plan
Link - The Obama administration plans to release its final Clean Power Plan rule on Monday, which imposes the first ever limits on carbon dioxide emissions from power plants - a cornerstone of the president's agenda to combat climate change and accelerate the development of "clean energy."

Agri-Pulse: Open Mic with Martin O’Malley
Link - (Audio) In this interview, you'll hear Governor Martin O’Malley, a 2016 Democratic presidential candidate, talk about renewable fuel policy, environmental stewardship, global trade and why he believes leading a state like Maryland uniquely qualifies his bid for the Oval Office.

Agri-Pulse: The biotechnology riddle
Link - (Opinion) The debate over agriculture biotechnology (aka genetic engineering (GE), genetic modification (GM), and GM organisms (GMOs)) was front and center in July.

Agri-Pulse: Cattle reports indicate expansion
Link - (Audio) The July cattle and calf inventory was up 2 percent this year, the first time the report showed an increase this time of year since 2006.

Wall Street Journal: Drones Are Put on a Leash
Link - Devices tethered to cables boast longer flight times and better control.

Washington Post: Some Midwest farmers' crops falter in record rains
Link - Weeks of record rainfalls drenched Don Lamb's cornfields this summer, drowning some plants and leaving others yellowed, 2 feet tall and capable of producing little, if any, grain.

Des Moines Register: Organic faces growing pains as demand outpaces supply
Link - Some farmers say embracing organic has made it easier to get produce and meats into grocery stores and attract customers seeking organic goods at farmers markets.

Washington Post: The White House is trying to introduce Wall Street to rural America
Link - People outside cities need schools and nursing homes too - and USDA thinks private investors can be convinced to finance them.


Agri-Pulse: New Clean Power Plan will have dramatic impacts on how your electricity is produced
Link - The Obama Administration is moving forward with a plan to dramatically change the way electricity is produced in this country by limiting greenhouse gas emissions.

Wall Street Journal: New Expectations for Electricity Consumers
Link - For most of the last century, Americans have been paying whatever their utility charged, but that would change under the new carbon rules that the Obama administration will be unveiling Monday.

ABC News: Things to Know About Canadian Hydropower in US Northeast
Link - Power produced by hydroelectric generators in Canada have played a part in the U.S. Northeast's electricity landscape for four decades, and experts say its role will only increase.

Washington Post: Meet the clean cow technology that could help fight climate change
Link - A "methane inhibitor" reduces emissions from cow burps by 30 percent, a new study finds.


New York Times: Perdue Sharply Cuts Antibiotic Use in Chickens and Jabs at Its Rivals
Link - It took Perdue roughly a decade to perfect the raising of chickens without antibiotics of any kind, and now it has reached a tipping point: More than half of the chicken it sells can be labeled “no antibiotics ever,” a first for a major poultry company.

Wall Street Journal: The Morning Risk Report: Expansive Supply Chains, Regulations Boost Food Recalls
Link - Increased federal regulations and the globalization of the food supply chain has helped contribute to nearly doubling the number of food recalls in the U.S. since 2002, a report released this month said.

Wall Street Journal: Ice-Cream Recall Sends Chill Through Food Industry
Link - As Blue Bell Creameries LP prepares to resume production of its ice cream after a sweeping recall, its mistakes are fueling broader rethinking of how to keep ice cream and other foods free of deadly bacteria.

Reuters: Insight-Americans' Taste for Cold Brew Transforms Summertime Coffee Market
Link - Since cold brew often uses more beans than traditional iced coffee, it could boost overall U.S. demand for coffee beans, partially offsetting the effect of the more efficient single-serve pods popularized by Keurig Green Mountain. NY takes another step toward $15 fast-food wage
Link - The plan to give most of New York state's fast-food workers a $15 minimum wage is taking another step toward reality.


Agri-Pulse: No deal on TPP agreement, but trade ministers stay confident
Link - The twelve countries currently in negotiations over the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement announced late Friday night from Hawaii they had not come to a common resolution on several key issues - namely dairy and sugar - that the ministers said were crucial to striking a final deal.

New York Times: Growing Momentum to Repeal Cuban Embargo
Link - (Opinion) It is time for Congress to help make engagement the cornerstone of American policy toward Cuba.

New York Times: French Farmers in Distress
Link - (Opinion) French farmers simply can’t compete against the large-scale, lower-wage farms of their German and other European competitors.

New York Times: Palm Oil Company Is Accused of Exploiting Liberia’s Ebola Crisis
Link - Golden Veroleum Liberia was awarded a concession by the government in 2010 to develop palm oil plantations across the southeastern part of the country, often on land that was formally used to grow food.


U.S. News & World Report: AP-GfK poll: Americans favor farmers over industry, wildlife & residential use during drought
Link - Two-thirds of Americans believe water is a limited resource that can be depleted if people use too much, the poll found, and 70 percent believe that government should restrict how much residents and businesses use when drought takes hold.

LA Times: Fixing the imbalance in access to water
Link - (Opinion) The money crop that the fallowed land produced was one of the West's most precious commodities: water.

New York Times: Dry Days Bring Ferocious Start to Fire Season
Link - Officials are warning about the potential for more catastrophe in the months ahead, as drought, heat and climate change leave the landscape ever thirstier.

Seattle Times: More than just Cecil; big troubles for king of the jungle
Link - Scientists who have studied lions say the big cats have been in big trouble for years.

Washington Post: Bees naturally vaccinate their babies, scientists find
Link - Humans like to brag about their brilliant advent of vaccinations to prevent diseases, but bees just roll their eyes and shrug. After all, they've been doing it naturally for much longer.


LA Times: Fruit grower Dan Gerawan's decades-long fight with the UFW
Link - The widely watched struggle between Gerawan Farming and United Farm Workers of America has altered the labor-grower battlefield — overthrowing the state's right to impose labor contracts through a mediator and revealing internal rifts and shortcomings at the board charged with keeping labor battles peaceful and brief.


Courier Journal: Top 10 zingers from Fancy Farm 2015
Link - Fancy farm will give you an ear full of politics but a belly full of bbq.

Des Moines Register: Green Fields: Iowa Pork Producers names new CEO
Link - Pat McGonegle, an executive with the National Pork Producers Council, will become CEO of the Iowa Pork Producers Association, the state group's board of directors announced last week.

Wall Street Journal: How Whipsawing Grain Prices Are Affecting ADM, Cargill
Link - Several of the largest agribusiness companies are set to announce quarterly results, providing insight into how whipsawing grain prices are affecting the farm economy.

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