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Daily Harvest -- 8/4/2014
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Agri-Pulse: Open Mic with Doc Hastings
Link - (Audio) As Chair of the House Committee on Natural Resources Chairman Doc Hastings seeks to guide the legislative process in both growing the economy and protect federal lands

Agri-Pulse: National Farmers Market Week celebrated amid record numbers
Link - It's National Farmers Market Week and USDA is celebrating by announcing that the number of these popular outlets for locally grown food is growing rapidly.

Agri-Pulse: A day late, House GOP finally passes border-security bill
Link - (Subscriber only) Republican leaders in the House of Representatives Friday night finally found enough votes to get a border security bill passed, but not until they postponed the start of their August recess and well after senators left on their summer break, leaving the legislation with nowhere to go.

New York Times: Missouri Weighs Unusual Addition to Its Constitution: Right to Farm
Link - Missourians already have the constitutional right to religion, speech and guns. On Tuesday, they could make a novel addition to the State Constitution: the right to farm.

Reuters: Canada toughens railway crop volume rules through harvest
Link - The Canadian government will require the country's two big railways to ship more than the current minimum of 1 million tonnes of crops a week through the autumn harvest as it tries to prevent a repeat of last season's backlog.


Agri-Pulse: USDA releases ‘Biogas Roadmap’ for methane
Link - USDA today released a Biogas Opportunities Roadmap outlining voluntary strategies the U.S. livestock industry can use to accelerate adoption of methane digesters and other technologies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 25 percent by 2020.

Bloomberg: Obama’s Delay on Renewable Fuel Puts Producers in Bind
Link - In the arid Imperial Valley of California, Tim Brummels is trying to turn an agricultural cousin of sugarcane into low-carbon ethanol.


Bloomberg Businessweek: Ben & Jerry's GMO Food Fight
Link - Ben & Jerry’s support of the law—a swirl of savvy public relations, financial backing, and grass-roots activism—pits the ice cream maker against the world’s biggest food companies, including its own corporate parent.

USA Today: Fast food ambitions in China hurt by safety scares
Link - Already China's biggest restaurant operator with 4,600 outlets, KFC is pursuing Chinese consumers so avidly it opens two more every day.

Wall Street Journal: Put Down the Cupcake: New Ban Hits School Bake Sales
Link - At Chapman School in Nebraska, resourceful students hawk pizza and cookie dough to raise money for school supplies, field trips and an eighth-grade excursion to Washington. They peddle chocolate bars to help fund the yearbook.

Bloomberg: Food-Stamp Decline Shows Low-Income Relief: EcoPulse
Link - Participation in the U.S. government food-stamp program is declining modestly as low-income Americans get some economic reprieve.

Wall Street Journal: Grass-Fed Milk Is Taking Off With Health-Conscious Shoppers
Link - At almost $6 a half-gallon at Whole Foods and other stores, milk from cows that don't eat grain is considered healthier than organic.


Agri-Pulse: Ag groups disappointed in WTO talks failure
Link - (Audio) Agricultural organizations are disappointed in the failure of the WTO trade talks in Geneva last week.

Washington Post: As the West steps up sanctions, Russia starts banning food
Link - As the United States and Europe step up economic sanctions against Russia, Moscow’s food-safety epidemiologists have been working overtime.

New York Times: Global Trade Talks Suffer Another Setback
Link - The collapse last week of a global trade agreement on simplifying customs rules will make it much harder for the World Trade Organization to finish its much-delayed Doha round of negotiations, which has a much broader agenda to lower tariffs and reduce barriers to trade.

Wall Street Journal: Modi's Trade Barricade
Link - Narendra Modi may prove to be a reformer of India's domestic economy, but the new Prime Minister is playing the spoiler at the World Trade Organization.


Christian Science Monitor: Behind Ohio drinking-water ban, a Lake Erie mystery (+video)
Link - Unsafe levels of toxins in drinking water in northwest Ohio are linked to algae blooms in Lake Erie. The blooms are fed by agricultural runoff, but that's not the full story.


Wall Street Journal: McConnell, Grimes Face Off at Fancy Farm in Kentucky
Link - This hamlet in western Kentucky played host Saturday to candidates in the nation's marquee Senate election fight, who framed the race as a choice between experience and change.

New York Times: Neighbors Say Barn Weddings Raise a Rumpus
Link - For legions of young couples, there is no wedding venue more desirable than a barn in the country, with its unfussy vibe, picturesque setting and rural authenticity. For neighbors of the wedding barns, it is a summer-long agony.

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