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Daily Harvest -- 8/5/2015
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Agri-Pulse: Lawmakers look for more Avian Flu assistance
Link - With hot, humid temperatures across much of the country, outbreaks of avian influenza have finally stopped.

Agri-Pulse: Campaign rhetoric and agriculture's future
Link - (Opinion) Mark Edelman and Barry Flinchbaugh talk the 2016 presidential campaign and the current rhetoric on the tax code and big Wall Street banks.

Globe Gazette: Iowa agriculture officials say they're lifting bird flu quarantines on all but 8 farms
Link - Iowa agriculture officials say a majority of the quarantine zones set up around poultry farms infected with bird flu are being lifted.

New York Times: The Internet of Things and the Future of Farming
Link - Lance Donny, founder of an agricultural technology start-up, OnFarm Systems, gave a wide-ranging talk that laid out the history of farming and presented the case for its data-driven future. Scout Soybeans for Sudden Death Syndrome
Link - Sudden death syndrome (SDS) was detected mid-April in Illinois and in Arkansas in mid-July. Since 2012, 38 counties have had confirmed distribution of SDS in Minnesota.

Washington Post: Strawberries are in big trouble. Scientists race to find solution.
Link - The EPA is phasing out a common pesticide for strawberries, and so far there's really no good alternative.

Des Moines Register: USDA: Iowa farmers had $32 bln in agricultural expenses in 2014
Link - Iowa farmers spent $31.9 billion on rent, feed, chemicals and other expenses in 2014 compared to $29.7 billion a year earlier, the Agriculture Department said Tuesday.


Agri-Pulse: EPA Clean Power Plan guarantees legal challenges, frustrates farmers
Link - (Subscriber only) After a year of battles over the Obama administration's controversial Clean Power Plan (CPP) proposal to limit power plant carbon emission for the first time, the EPA finalized the plan.

Washington Post: How the clean energy boom let EPA toughen up its carbon rules
Link - The Obama administration’s new Clean Power Plan, released Monday, is being heralded as a “game-changer,” but really it’s trying to cement changes already occurring in how we get electricity.

Wall Street Journal: Archer Daniels Midland Earnings Fall on Record Ethanol Production
Link - Archer Daniels Midland Co. said second-quarter earnings fell more than expected as the grain trader and processor was buffeted by lower ethanol-production margins and sluggish overseas demand for North American crops.

New York Times: Oklahoma Acts to Limit Earthquake Risk at Oil and Gas Wells
Link - Oklahoma regulators have told energy companies to sharply reduce underground wastewater disposal across an earthquake-prone stretch of the state, a move that ratchets up a so-far unsuccessful effort to reduce quakes related to oil and gas production.


Agri-Pulse: Robust research program is essential to meet critical global food security challenges
Link - (Opinion) The United States is at a critical public policy crossroads over the issue of maintaining a robust national and international program of agricultural research.

San Antonio Express-News: Big agriculture has a stranglehold on Congress
Link - (Opinion) The recent U.S. House vote to ban states from requiring labels for food with genetically modified organisms, once again, highlights big agriculture’s overwhelming influence.

The Independent: Spicy food 'can lower the risks of early death'
Link - Those who had spicy food six or seven times a week were found to have a 14 per cent lower mortality risk than those who rarely consumed such foods.


Wall Street Journal: Global Dairy Prices Fall to 13-Year Low
Link - International dairy prices fell to a 13-year low in the GlobalDairyTrade auction, a trading platform established by New Zealand’s Fonterra Co-Operative Group.

Agri-Pulse: USTR Negotiator: Dairy remains toughest agricultural conflict for TPP
Link - Participants and observers returning from the latest round of the 12-nation Trans-Pacific Partnership trade negotiations in Hawaii, say resolution of agricultural and other knotty provisions of the pact are edging toward the finish line.

ABC News: Here Are the 17 New UN Development Goals for 2030
Link - The 193 member states of the United Nations have agreed on 17 new development goals to be achieved by 2030.


Agri-Pulse: Army Corps memos provide new ammo in war on WOTUS
Link - (Audio) Agricultural groups are very concerned about memos released this week by the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform that indict the EPA disregarded concerns from the Army Corps of Engineers on the WOTUS rule.

New York Times: What’s the Buzz About Wild Bees?
Link - (Opinion) Among all the pollinators, honeybees get the most publicity, deservedly, because of the problems around their survival.

LA Times: Rocky Fire defies odds: 'You can't outrun it. It's like an explosion'
Link - The Rocky fire is baffling fire officials with a mercurial nature that computer models and simulations could not predict. Sweeping across three counties in Northern California, the fire has plowed through containment lines, hurdled over a highway — even managed to create its own weather system.

LA Times: Drought could hurt endangered fish caught in water fight
Link - California's historic drought could wipe out a tiny, endangered fish called the delta smelt that's played an outsized role in the state's water wars.

Washington Post: Toxic algae blooming in warm water from California to Alaska
Link - A vast bloom of toxic algae off the West Coast is denser, more widespread and deeper than scientists feared even weeks ago, according to surveyors aboard a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration research vessel.


NPR, Central California: Central Valley Farmers Adapt To New Heat Protection Rules For Farmworkers
Link - Thousands of farmworkers travel all over the Central Valley on a daily basis to pick crops under some very hot weather. Farmers now have to comply with new regulations to avoid heat illness and deaths among workers.

Durham News: SAF growing food, relationships with dignity
Link - (Opinion) Nearly five out of 10 farmworker families cannot afford enough food for the family – even though they grow the food for our families. Despite rhetoric, border security less urgent in 2015
Link - In the weeks leading up to Thursday's first debate of the 2016 presidential race, Republican candidates have sought to distinguish themselves from each other on border security and illegal immigration, claiming current measures are failing.


Washington Post: Archer Daniels Midland completes sale of chocolate business
Link - Archer Daniels Midland says it sold its chocolate business to agribusiness conglomerate Cargill for $440 million.

Harvest Public Media: Monsanto, world’s largest seed company, sets off a corporate ‘feeding frenzy’
Link - By its own admission, Monsanto lags behind in chemistry research. To boost its research in chemistry, and possibly find new ways to combine chemicals and biotech crops, Monsanto wants to buy Syngenta, the world’s largest producer of pesticides and other farm inputs.

Reuters: Lame Massachusetts Chicken to Get 3-D Printer Prosthetic Leg
Link - One Massachusetts chicken is about to get a costly leg up on life - a $2,500 prosthetic limb made on a 3-D printer.

Des Moines Register: Are fair food prices fixed? Not so, Watchdog finds
Link - The conclusion: While Cecil is right in concluding there’s not much fluctuation in pricing, there’s no evidence that there are any shenanigans either.

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