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Daily Harvest -- 8/22/2016
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Agri-Pulse Daybreak for Aug. 22, 2016
Link - Trump says he's best candidate for agriculture; Vilsack stumps for Clinton in Iowa; GMO labels allowed on meat; catfish and insurance; R-CALF seeks speakers; NCGA backs atrazine.

Agri-Pulse Open Mic: U.S. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack
Link - (Audio) In this interview, Secretary Vilsack discusses the current cyclical swing in farm income and the policy decision Washington must consider to protect the nation's farms and ranches.

Lancaster Farming: Feed Safety Rule to Affect Mills
Link - Feed mills will soon have to comply with new regulations designed to ensure the safety of livestock rations.

NPR: Is 'Rural Resentment' Driving Voters To Donald Trump?
Link - An August presidential poll out of Virginia shows the heightening of a long-existing trend: There is a big, big rural-urban split in the battleground state.


USA Today: Offshore wind farm a green-energy milestone
Link - Thursday, workers finished installing the last of five turbines off Rhode Island’s coast, a little more than a year after the Providence-based developer Deepwater Wind first put steel in the water.

El Paso Times: Lawmakers to review energy regulator
Link - Lawmakers on Monday will again discuss what’s wrong with Texas’ oil-and-gas regulator and what can be done to fix it.

Washington Times: Good news for the energy industry
Link - (Opinion) Coal bed methane (CBM) is a clean and renewable energy source that most people have never heard of. But CBM is making many energy industry officials hopeful again, at least the ones who know about the relatively new technology.


AP: Old steel mill to be world’s largest vertical farm
Link - AeroFarms is one of several companies creating new ways to grow indoors year-round to solve problems like the drought out West, frost in the South or other unfavorable conditions affecting farmers. The company is in the process of building what an industry group says is the world's largest commercial vertical farm at the site of an old steel mill in New Jersey's largest city.

Kearney Hub: Dietitian has tips to give kids good nutrition for a great performance at school
Link - School bells, homework and the hunt for after-school cookies may be the routine for most kids, but Lauren Huckabee rings the bell for sound nutrition and smart snacking.

Washington Post: Happy hens, free of factory farms, don’t peck each other
Link - (Letter to the editor) Cage-free confinement may be better than cages, but best of all is for chickens to live as nature intended, free of the onus of egg production for human consumption.

N.Y. Post: Moguls see organic farm stands as answer to reviving lost towns
Link - Peddling produce is the first step in a project that includes a 70- to 90-room hotel slated to open next year, as well as a roadside rotisserie and Babcock’s Bar, which will be inside “a little house with a garden in the middle of town, almost hidden, speakeasy style,” according to Bruno.


Georgia Today: Tbilisi hosted the Georgia-Turkey Agricultural Business Forum on Thursday
Link - The two countries discussed agricultural, business and trade relations.

Idaho Statesman: Remove federal restrictions, let Idaho do more with Cuba
Link - We look forward to working with the Engage Cuba coalition on efforts to end the embargo and allow for Idaho products to be exported to Cuba, say Megan Ronk, director of Idaho Commerce and Celia Gould, director of Idaho State Department of Agriculture.

AgriLand (Ireland): Restrictions on glyphosate use across the EU come into force today
Link - New restrictions around the conditions regarding the use of glyphosate, the main chemical ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup, come into force across the EU from today, August 22.


Washington Post: Nearly two decades of data reinforce concerns that pesticides are really bad for bees
Link - “It’s nice to see the use of long-term data to look at trends in pesticide impacts over longer time scales,” said Dara Stanley, a plant ecology lecturer at the National University of Ireland Galway.

Kern Golden Empire: Agriculture officials combat Asian citrus psyllid with parasitic wasp in Bakersfield
Link - Steps are being taken in Bakersfield to address the growing concern over the Asian citrus psyllid and the possibly devastating effect if could have on Kern's agriculture.

AP: North Dakota conservation agency faces backlog of requests
Link - The Natural Resources Conservation Service in North Dakota is tackling a backlog of wetland determination requests.

Brown County Democrat: USDA allows livestock grazing on CRP in 4 Nebraska counties
Link - Drought has led officials to allow emergency haying and grazing on conservation land in four south-central Nebraska counties.

FARM LABOR & IMMIGRATION Guest view: Overtime bill would hurt farmworkers, consumers
Link - (Opinion) What you will likely see is consolidation where the larger farming operations will just get larger by buying out the small growers who cannot afford to operate because of these silly laws.

Toledo Blade: New law requires migrant worker housing upgrades
Link - A series of improvements to housing facilities in Ohio migrant worker camps, including running water, smoke detectors, and improved toilets, will soon be required with a state regulation that goes into effect Jan. 1.

Business Insider: Donald Trump's new campaign team is hinting at softening its stance on immigration
Link - Donald Trump's campaign wavered Sunday on whether the Republican presidential nominee would implement the controversial "deportation force" Trump promised during the Republican presidential primary.

Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Is Donald Trump shifting on immigration behind closed doors?
Link - Donald Trump distinguished himself in a crowded Republican presidential field last year with his tough talk on immigration. He vowed build a wall on the southern border and make Mexico pay for it, deport millions of undocumented immigrants and pause the inflow of refugees from the Middle East.

N.Y. Times: It’s Children Against Federal Lawyers in Immigration Court
Link - After a long, scary trek through three countries to escape the gang violence in El Salvador, a 15-year-old boy found himself scared again a few months back, this time in a federal immigration court here. There was an immigration judge in front of him and a federal prosecutor to his right. But there was no one helping him understand the charges against him.


AP: Farmers seek tax credits for donations to food pantries
Link - Each year New York farmers give millions of pounds of apples, squash, corn or other agricultural products to the state’s food banks. Now they’re looking to get some credit for those good deeds — a tax credit.

Arizona Daily Star: Monsanto to grow greenhouse crops in Tucson area
Link - Multinational biotechnology giant Monsanto Co. is bringing a small chunk of its highly influential — and controversial — seed operation to Pima County.

Des Moines Register: These are the funniest moments from the Iowa State Fair
Link - Oh, the Iowa State Fair. It's a time to celebrate Iowa's rich agricultural spirit. It's also a time to deeply regret the amount of carbs we human beings can consume.

RadioIowa: VP nominee Kaine and former Governor Vilsack visit the Iowa State Fair
Link - “This is a great celebration of American agriculture from the state that is really known for it,” Kaine said and a fair-goer replied: “That’s what it’s all about.”

Des Moines Register: Mike Pence on the Iowa State Fair: 'It's butter!'
Link - The Republican vice presidential nominee spent more than two and a half hours at the fair Saturday, marching down the Grand Concourse and making several detours to take in the sights and visit with potential voters.

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