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Daily Harvest -- 9/2/2015
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Agri-Pulse: August in Missouri
Link - (Opinion) I started the month with a quick trip north for the Minnesota Farmfest. I had a great time as I walked the rows of shiny new machinery. Farm shows are where hopes are born.

Forbes: The Agriculture Bubble Is Bursting : Corn, Pork & Beef Prices Will Sink With It
Link - (Opinion) We’re at the beginning of a multi year retrenchment (collapse in prices) in the agriculture sector as a result of the corn ethanol mandate, a policy that diverted 40% of the corn crop away from the food supply, and the nasty 2012 drought.

Kansas City Star: Energy and agriculture weigh on region’s economy
Link - The Midwest’s economy hit a slump in August as energy and agricultural activities weighed on the region, a survey of purchasing managers across nine states found.

Politico: Farmers: Trump 'terrible for agriculture'
Link - Even before real-estate mogul Donald Trump called undocumented immigrants "rapists and murderers" who "have to go," farmers were struggling to hire enough farm workers. Now farmers fear Trump's talk about erecting a "big beautiful wall" at the border and deporting millions could make it nearly impossible.


Agri-Pulse: Where the jobs are - from fossil fuels to renewable energy
Link - (Subscriber only) If current federal and state support for the wind industry continues, jobs in the sector - currently at 73,000 -- could more than triple by 2030 (to 265,000) and increase by nine-fold (to 670,000) by 2050.

Forbes: U.S. Military Is Saving Lives By Allying With Clean Energy Developers
Link - (Opinion) The New Energy Economy is boasting an old ally — the U.S. military, which is increasingly employing renewable energies and high technologies.

Washington Times: Cuomo: Long Island plant will turn food waste into energy
Link - The so-called anaerobic digester project is slated for a 62-acre site in Yaphank and will be operated by American Organic Energy at its compost facility. It’s expected to be completed in August 2016.

Wall Street Journal: Russia Says It Won’t Cut Oil Production to Support Prices
Link - Russia won't cut crude-oil production in order to support prices, although output may fall if prices remain low for a sustained period, Russian news agencies quoted Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich as saying Tuesday.

Wall Street Journal: Huge Purchases by Chinese Oil Trader Raise Prices, Confusion
Link - A Chinese oil-trading company bought record volumes of oil on a regional cash market for Middle Eastern crude last month, pushing up benchmark prices and causing confusion among crude buyers and sellers in Asia about the company’s motives.


Fox News: Regulations may make kids' fast food meals healthier
Link - Regulating fast food kids' meals that include toys may end up making the meals healthier, according to a new study.

Christian Science Monitor: World Health Organization study proves need to regulate fast food industry
Link - Fast food might be convenient, but it’s weighing eaters down in the long run, according to the World Health Organization.

Huffington Post: Unemployed People Are Getting Kicked Off Food Stamps
Link - In another sign of eroding sympathy for the jobless amid a tepid economic recovery, states are restricting benefits for the unencumbered unemployed. Indiana is next.

Civil Eats: Is Your Grass-Fed Beef for Real? Here’s How to Tell and Why it Matters
Link - What exactly do we mean when we say “grass-fed”? And is all grass-fed beef the same? It’s all in the finishing.

NPR: Denmark Might Be Winning The Global Race To Prevent Food Waste
Link - According to a recent report from the Danish government, Danes now throw away 25 percent less food than they did five years ago.


National Review: Rubio: Our national security depends on sugar subsidies
Link - You may not know this, but Brazilian sugar is a threat to U.S. national security. At least, that is the view of Senator Marco Rubio (R., Fla.).

Wall Street Journal: Palm Oil’s Slide Looks Set to Continue
Link - Palm oil hasn’t escaped the rout in commodities markets, hitting a six-year low last week. And with demand weakening and output looking healthy, analysts say the price could yet have further to fall.

Gates Notes: Who Will Suffer Most From Climate Change? (Hint: Not You)
Link - (Opinion) The world’s poorest farmers show up for work each day for the most part empty-handed. That’s why of all the people who will suffer from climate change, they are likely to suffer the most.

Bangkok Post: FPO pushes wider crop insurance cover
Link - To expand crop insurance coverage in Thailand, the country’s Fiscal Policy Office (FPO) is suggesting the government cut compensation to farmers for crop damage and increase compensation through crop insurance.


Agri-Pulse: EPA reaction to injunction muddies Waters of the US rule
Link - (Audio) Agricultural organizations are concerned about the EPA’s Clean Water Rule, formerly known as waters of the United States, or WOTUS.

CQ Roll Call: Voluntary Conservation Works Across Party Lines
Link - (Opinion) In a season where Republicans and Democrats find themselves on opposing sides of almost every issue, there’s something on which we both agree: the value and effectiveness of voluntary conservation programs to improve water quality, protect the soil, and preserve and increase habitat for wildlife.

LA Times: Unintended consequences of conserving water: leaky pipes, less revenue, bad odors
Link - Under orders to slash water use amid a historic drought, cities and towns across the state saved about 75 billion gallons in July, but water agencies say the unprecedented savings — 31% in July over July 2013 — are causing or compounding a slew of problems.


USA Today: Report: More than half of immigrants on welfare
Link - More than half of the nation's immigrants receive some kind of government welfare, a figure that's far higher than the native-born population, according to a report to be released Wednesday.

Wall Street Journal: AFL-CIO’s Trumka Touts Biden, Criticizes GOP Candidates on Immigration
Link - The country’s top labor leader praised Vice President Joe Biden, who is considering a presidential bid, but he slammed Republican candidates and chided Hillary Clinton for not taking clearer stands on some issues important to workers.

Monterey Herald: Spreckels farmworker housing project gets go-ahead
Link - Praised by supporters as a model for the agricultural industry, Tanimura & Antle’s 800-bed farmworker housing project in Spreckels, California, has the green light, just in time for next year’s harvest season.


Des Moines Register: Deere cuts 180 workers in Quad Cities
Link - Deere & Co. said it will lay off 180 workers in the Quad Cities due to a slowdown in the farm economy that has cut demand for tractors, combines and other equipment.

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