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Daily Harvest -- 9/8/2016
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Agri-Pulse: Bayer seeks to shape the future of farming
Link - Bayer officials are not officially commenting on any details related to its latest offer to purchase U.S-based seed and crop protection company Monsanto, but the life science company is making the case for how it plans to be a long-term industry player with an expanded portfolio of outcome-based solutions for farmers.

Agri-Pulse Daybreak for Sept. 8, 2016
Link - Vilsack talks about GMO labeling rule; Also: ARC-PLC payments; Heritage report; Cuba; hunger in America; WRDA.

Agri-Pulse: End farm subsidies, revenue insurance, conservative think tank says
Link - The Heritage Foundation is calling on Congress to phase out commodity subsidies and end federal support for revenue-based crop insurance.

Agri-Pulse: Hunger problem in US eased in 2015, USDA report shows
Link - The number of U.S. households where people don't get enough to eat dropped significantly last year, but the level of food insecurity still remains higher than before the 2008 recession, according to a USDA report.

Agri-Pulse: Why Global Food Security Matters
Link - (Opinion) Ken Blight says that feeding hungry people and meeting the demand for new generations will require all hands on deck. If that includes biotechnology that can help develop pest resistance, drought tolerance, salt tolerant crops or other benefits to help people struggling with food security, then we must embrace it.

Daily Yonder: Letter from Langdon: Is USDA reporting the price, or setting it?
Link - The president of the Missouri Farmers Union writes, "My life as a farmer is an open book. But what happens when USDA puts me out on a limb only to saw it off when they’re wrong at guessing my crop size?"


Winston-Salem Journal: Norwegian pension fund dumps holdings in Duke Energy
Link - Duke Energy has been blacklisted by Norway’s $900 billion government pension fund as a bad investment because of its record of pollution.

Alaska Dispatch News: Alaska's future depends on renewable energy, not a gas line
Link - (Opinion) As Alaskans, we cannot continue to invest in new fossil fuel infrastructure projects like the natural gas pipeline. Our state budget is already incompatible with current oil prices, and adding the Paris agreement to the mix would put the pipeline well on its way to antiquity before gas even began to flow.

Washburn Review: Earthquakes shake Oklahoma
Link - It’s not the initial drilling in the fracking process that causes these earthquakes, but the storage and disposal wells. When these leak or rupture, the waste mixture of water and oil flows back into the earth and can cause the structure plates of the earth to slip.

Bloomberg: Apache CEO Crashes Permian Party With ‘Giant Onion’ Oil Find
Link - Apache Corp. spent the past year quietly buying 350,000 acres of drilling rights in an overlooked corner of the Permian Basin, North America’s most coveted oilfield. The result? The Houston-based crude explorer has “pretty well locked up" what could be a major new oil play at rock-bottom prices, said Chief Executive Officer John Christmann.


Agri-Pulse: Vilsack: GMO rulemaking will take time
Link - Rulemaking to implement the GMO labeling bill passed in July will have to wait to be completed by the next secretary of agriculture.

Terry Daynard's Blog: USDA Data Show Organics Average 67% of Yield of Non-organics
Link - Worded otherwise, 1.5 acres of land in organic production is needed, on average, to produce as much food as 1 acre of non-organic land, according to the USDA survey.

Politifact: Rudy Giuliani says food stamps rose two and a half times under Barack Obama
Link - Yes, more people are getting food stamps, but not nearly that many. It’s also worth noting that, while the number of recipients is higher now than it was when Obama took office, it has fallen, slowly but consistently, over the past three years.


ReadWrite: Motorleaf is Nest meets Lego for next-gen agriculture
Link - Agtech company motorleaf have released the world’s first wireless monitoring, motion detection and automated growing system for hobby and industrial growers. I spoke to CEO and co-founder Ally Monk to learn more.

The Guardian: UK and US dwarf China as top foreign investors in Australian agricultural land
Link - Report reveals 13.6% of Australia’s 385m hectares of agricultural land is foreign-owned, with two-thirds of the 52.1m hectares in UK or US hands.

KATC: Cuban Connection: The journey of one rice farmer
Link - "There's just something about the brotherhood of rice farmers." Louisiana signs MOU with Cuban government.

AP: Foreign fishermen confined to boats catch Hawaiian seafood
Link - About 700 men from impoverished Southeast Asian and Pacific Island nations make up the bulk of the workforce in this unique U.S. fishing fleet. A federal loophole allows them to take the dangerous jobs without proper work permits, just as long as they don’t set foot on shore. An Associated Press investigation found instances of human trafficking, active tuberculosis and low food supplies.


Iowa Public Radio: The Biggest Danger to Migratory Birds in 2016? Cats
Link - Stan Temple, renowned ornithologist, Beers-Bascom Emeritus Professor in Conservation at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, says cats kill over 2 billion birds a year.

Missoulian: Bears on the move as delisting plan gets new public comment review
Link - The Fish and Wildlife Service’s Tuesday announcement follows its release of a peer-review report generally approving its management plan for allowing state management of grizzlies in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.

Casper Journal: Progress made to protect sage grouse
Link - Wyoming Sage Grouse Implementation Team Leader Bob Budd said the new instructions would advance integration of the state plan and federal guidelines.

Des Moines Register: Iowa Farm Bureau moves closer to backing water quality funding
Link - A powerful farm group took a step Wednesday toward supporting a long-term funding source for water quality, with some members arguing the state needs to aggressively ramp up conservation spending to avoid unwanted regulations. Iowa FB's 100 delegates, meeting at its West Des Moines headquarters, will vote on the water quality and soil conservation resolution, among several others, on Thursday.

Washington Post: Another group that loses if Trump wins? Animals.
Link - (Opinion) Kathleen Parker says Trump's recently announced agriculture advisory committee includes several active opponents of animal protection policies.


SonomaWest: Farm worker fighting for rent control for migrant families
Link - When the president of the Graton Day Labor Center, Gervacio Pena Lopez first came to the U.S., the last thing on his mind was activism. He’d been in school in Mexico and had his future there planned, but a career ending injury to his single mother meant he had to re-prioritize and come to work for an uncle in the U.S. to support his family.

The Hill: McCain's immigration web pages differ in Spanish and English
Link - While the English-language site emphasizes border security and McCain's history of working to "reform our broken immigration system," the Spanish-language site focuses on the senator's bipartisan efforts to "work on a humane migratory reform that is sensitive to the needs of the immigrant community."

Fox News: Nevada race for Senate seat heats up as immigration becomes central issue
Link - A Democratic super-PAC is set to launch a new Spanish-language ad in Nevada aimed at comparing Republican Rep. Joe Heck to his party’s presidential nominee, Donald Trump. Heck is fighting former state Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto, a Democrat, to replace longtime Democratic Nevada Sen. Harry Reid, who is set to retire at the end of the year.


AP: Food and feed: North Dakota unveils new agriculture magazine
Link - The state publication, North Dakota Agriculture, plans to cover topics about industry cooperation, technologies and the numerous commodities grown in the state, among other things.

The State News: MSU alumni celebrate school's agriculture roots, future
Link - Enrollment in the college's programs has increased substantially in recent years and there’s no sign of slowing. The latest data from 2015 shows that the college’s enrollment is up for the fifth year in a row, according to the statistics from the CANR.

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