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Daily Harvest -- 9/14/2016
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Agri-Pulse Daybreak for Sept. 14, 2016
Link - Congress could yet act this year to ease financing restrictions on exports to Cuba. Also: Obama pushes for TPP; Trump adviser pushes for tighter control on agencies; House Ag looks to update auction rules; SNAP; Bayer and Monsanto.

Agri-Pulse: Opinion: Agriculture should dig deep into social purpose
Link - Some businesses are gaining competitive edge by defining what they stand for with values that transcend gender, demographics, politics or other factors that tend to divide rather than unite. We call them “purpose-driven” organizations. Their focus is on the end benefit they provide to people or society at large.

ThomsonReuters: Hidden data: the new weapon that could beat hunger
Link - Global Open Data for Agriculture and Nutrition (GODAN), a consortium of 340 organisations from international farming research groups to universities and agribusiness giants, will meet in New York on Thursday and Friday to discuss progress on their "open data revolution to zero hunger."


Agri-Pulse: Energy bill: Can lawmakers prove the skeptics wrong?
Link - The first joint conference to reconcile sharp differences between competing House and Senate energy bills divided sharply along party lines. The division was glaring despite optimistic forecasts from Senate Energy Committee Chair Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska, and others among the 47 conferees asked to list their priorities in last week's initial conference session.

Wall Street Journal: Why Venture Capitalists Abandoned Clean Energy
Link - High hopes that the clean-energy sector would replicate the big returns of biomedical and software startups quickly faded. Instead, monumental losses piled up.

San Diego Union-Tribune: Utilities meet tight energy storage deadline
Link - For supporters of the nascent energy storage market, the quick responses from SDG&E and SCE indicate the industry is about to live up to the high expectations often attached to it.


Agri-Pulse: House Ag digs into getting SNAP recipients back to work
Link - Finding a way to get welfare program recipients back in the workforce has been a tricky proposition, but on Tuesday, a House subcommittee dove into the issue.

Huffington Post: The Presidential Candidates Still Aren’t Talking About Our Food Supply
Link - If the two major party candidates for president care about our nation’s food supply, they certainly aren’t doing much to indicate that.

MLive: Michigan agricultural leader calls GMO federal labeling legislation "a good solution" for consumers and corn growers
Link - Jim Zook of Michigan Corn Growers sits down with Kirk Heinze.


Agri-Pulse: US initiates WTO trade complaint on China's corn, wheat, rice subsidies
Link - U.S. Trade Representative Michael Froman informed China today that the U.S. has launched a formal complaint at the World Trade Organization over China's price supports for corn, wheat and rice, saying they distort world markets and are costing U.S. farmers hundreds of millions of dollars.

Agri-Pulse: US announces WTO trade dispute with China
Link - (Audio) U.S. trade and agriculture officials announced a new trade dispute on Tuesday over Chinese commodity price support programs.

Food Quality News: CETA puts food safety at risk – report
Link - The proposed Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) between Europe and Canada will put food safety at risk, according to the Council of Canadians. Intensive agriculture blamed as more than 50% of UK species 'suffer declines'
Link - More than half of UK species have suffered declines in recent years and 15% are at risk of vanishing from our shores, a report has warned.


Des Moines Register: Getting Iowa farmers to see conservation as more than just a dirty word
Link - Iowa Public Television host Mike Pearson asked farmer Kevin Jesse a question that could be critical to the state's efforts to improve its ailing water quality: What do you say to a farmer who tried cover crops but decided they didn't live up to the hype?

The Progress News: Majority of conservation districts in Bay Watershed agree to work with DEP to reduce runoff
Link - Conservation districts in 29 Pennsylvania counties in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed have applied successfully to conduct farm inspections aimed at reducing agricultural runoff into local streams and rivers and ultimately, the Bay. As a result, these districts will receive funding to support bay technician staff from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection.

Times-Call: Boulder County commissioners OK plan for $2.1 million sale of farmland to Longmont
Link - Boulder County commissioners OK plan for $2.1 million sale of farmland to Longmont


Yuma Sun: Cesar Chavez: Library features a look at his life
Link - The life of late farm labor leader Cesar Chavez, from childhood to adulthood, will be on display in a monthlong exhibition at the San Luis Library that will be unveiled on Thursday.

Magic Trump's immigration plan raises questions for farmers
Link - Donald Trump’s hard-liner stance on immigration helped him cinch the GOP nomination, but it’s causing concern for farmers in southern Idaho who largely vote Republican but rely on immigrant labor to milk cows, plant crops and harvest food.

PBS: ​Is this a farm helping migrants or just a field of schemes?
Link - It seemed like a rare positive story about the migrant crisis: African refugees, relocated to Sardinia from their war-torn countries, providing for themselves by farming. But when the NewsHour arrived at the farm, no workers were there. Special correspondent Malcolm Brabant’s ensuing investigation was winding and, at times, hostile. Were there ever any farmers, or was something else going on?

KGMI: Sakuma Brother farm-workers join a union
Link - The workers voted to join “Families Together for Justice.”


Detroit Free Press: Contest aims to highlight agriculture start-ups in Michigan's Thumb
Link - Craft food and beverage makers in Michigan's Thumb area will soon compete for a $2,000 prize to help fund their new business.

Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Texas Agriculture chief boycotts NFL over players kneeling for anthem
Link - Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller posted on Facebook last Friday that he would boycott the NFL and not watch any games until the league requires players stand for the national anthem.

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