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Daily Harvest -- 9/17/2015
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GOP candidates challenge Trump in second debate
Link - Former Gov. Jeb Bush, Carly Fiorina and other Republican presidential candidates forcefully challenged frontrunner Donald Trump on immigration, foreign policy and a range of other issues in the second of the GOP debates.

Agri-Pulse: COOL, RFS, trade: Top issues for NFU fly-in
Link - Hundreds of farmers and ranchers from across the country - all members of the National Farmers Union -- are planning to collectively visit all 535 congressional offices this week to push their policy priorities.

Agri-Pulse: WTO hears COOL tariff arguments
Link - The week in Geneva, the World Trade Organizations is hearing from Canada, Mexico and the US on the authorization of retaliatory tariffs stemming from the country-of-origin labeling dispute.

BBC News: How automation could benefit agriculture
Link - The Arla super dairy uses wi-fi controlled robots in their plant, working alongside people.


Agri-Pulse: Advance biofuels execs blast Obama on RFS policy
Link - Top executives from 23 companies that produce cellulosic and advanced biofuels are calling on President Obama and the EPA to remove a waiver provision in the latest Renewable Fuel Standard proposal. 100-megawatt wind farm coming to Huron County, Consumers Energy to buy power
Link - A new, 100-megawatt wind farm is coming to Michigan's Thumb, and Consumers Energy has entered into an agreement to purchase renewable energy from it.

Forbes: Exxon has known about climate change since the 1970s
Link - Exxon has known about climate change for almost 40 years, despite its efforts to continue to promote fossil fuels and deny its existence throughout the 1990s according to an internal investigation by InsideClimate News.

The Huffington Post: The U.S. And China Are Trying To Tackle Climate Change From The Bottom Up
Link - Nearly a year after announcing a breakthrough joint effort to cut carbon emissions, climate negotiators from the United States and China have convened in Los Angeles to highlight local government efforts to implement the countries' ambitious climate change agenda.


Agri-Pulse: US plans to cut food waste in half by 2030
Link - The Obama administration on Wednesday announced the first-ever national food-waste reduction goal, calling for a 50 percent reduction by 2030.

Agri-Pulse: Food safety funding at stake in budget negotiations
Link - Increased funding that Food and Drug Administration officials say is critical to implementing sweeping new food-safety regulations will be at stake in this fall's budget negotiations.

Forbes: Supreme Court Free-Speech Decision Clobbers GMO Food-Labeling Activists
Link - A seemingly unrelated recent Supreme Court decision gives the agriculture and biotechnology communities increased confidence that process-specific food-labeling initiatives are likely to be deemed unconstitutional by the federal courts.

MetroWest Daily News: Debate on GMO foods goes to Statehouse
Link - The advocates said more than 400 businesses, farms and organizations have joined a coalition pushing for mandatory GMO labeling in Massachusetts.


Xinhua: Obama expects to complete Asia-Pacific trade deal this year
Link - U.S. President Barack Obama said on Wednesday he is confident that the United States can complete a trade deal with 11 other countries in the Asia Pacific this year.

Bloomberg: France Wheat Sees Hard Sell as Record Crop Grows Global Glut
Link - France is getting beaten in the global wheat market even as the nation produces its largest crop yet.

Farm Weekly: Beef export values soar
Link - driven by the strong international demand and assisted by the combination of a weakening Australian dollar and high beef production.

ABC: Low dairy prices weigh on New Zealand's economy, while tourism cushions the blow
Link - A slide in dairy prices throughout much of 2015 is taking a toll on New Zealand's economy with recent economic data suggesting GDP growth is slowing.


Washington Examiner: Interior chief sees no endangered species listing for sage grouse
Link - Discussing the pending decision on whether to declare the chicken-sized bird endangered or not, Jewell took care to point out the interests of those who don't want to see the bird listed under the Endangered Species Act.

Entomology Today: Africanized Honey Bees Continue to Spread in California
Link - an aggressive insect that is a hybrid of honey bees from Africa and from Europe — is continuing to expand its range northward since its introduction into Southern California in 1994.

St. Louis Public Radio: Ag industry looks at how to avoid dust-ups similar to GMO controversy
Link - At the Ag Innovation Showcase, the auditorium was packed for a panel discussion called "Transparency Without Prejudice--Bridging the GMO Divide."

Tri-Valley Dispatch: As fires rage in West, ranchers lose cattle, land
Link - A rancher’s entire federal forest grazing allotment of about 32,000 acres — 50 square miles — burned last month as a wildfire ravaged the area. The land is now a smoke-filled expanse of blackened tree sticks and ash a foot and half deep.


Latino Fox News: In no-holds-barred debate, GOP candidates spar over immigration, foreign policy
Link - While the 11 candidates on stage at the Reagan Library in California debated a number of topics, ranging from border walls to candidates speaking Spanish to birth-right citizenship, they all agreed that the main issue in regards to immigration is securing the US borders.

San Jose Mercury News: Opinion: Ruben Navarrette: Wanted, serious leadership on immigration
Link - I'm often asked which of the two major political parties is better on immigration. It's a trick question. They're both dreadful.

The Daily Caller: Online Immigration Application Is Billions Over Budget
Link - An online tool to “create, manage and track” immigration applications has been delayed for nearly a decade and is estimated to cost $3.1 billion – more than six times the original prediction.


Denver Post: Colorado AG's office investigates marijuana companies using word "organic"
Link - Colorado's attorney general is investigating several marijuana businesses over concerns the word "organic" in their names or advertising might be misleading to consumers. Miss America Betty Cantrell is a farm girl at heart
Link - Only the second Georgian to ever win the title, Cantrell’s singing talents set her apart from her pageant peers, but her interest in farming, ranching and hunting drew attention, too.

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