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Daily Harvest -- 9/24/2015
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Agri-Pulse: Dolcini aims for more efficient FSA programs, happier personnel
Link - One year into his job as Farm Service Agency (FSA) administrator, Val Dolcini has made great strides in addressing agency goals, but knows more work lies ahead - especially in areas like information technology (IT).

Agri-Pulse: Details in USDA avian flu readiness plan
Link - (Audio) USDA has released a preparedness and response plan to combat future outbreaks of avian flu.

Agri-Pulse: Obama regulation czar lauds Bush reforms
Link - President Obama's former regulatory czar is praising parts of Jeb Bush's regulatory reform plan, including his proposal to establish a formal review process for existing regulations that may be hurting the economy.

Agri-Pulse: Four Issues with John Block
Link - (Audio) I have four issues for the table today - The pope's visit to Cuba, COOL, the debates and honey.

Des Moines Register: Iowa farmland values down 11.3 percent in the past year
Link - Farmland values throughout Iowa have declined more than 11 percent during the past year as low commodity prices and other factors weigh on agriculture, according to a survey released Wednesday.

Reuters: Herbicide scrutiny mounts as resistant weeds spread in U.S.
Link - In the latest account of glyphosate-resistant weeds, U.S. weed scientist Dallas Peterson said this week that resistance is increasing rapidly in the key farming state of Kansas.

Washington Post: The pesky fly threatening Florida’s massive fruit industry
Link - The oriental fruit fly could put a massive dent on Miami-Dade County’s agriculture industry, and winter crops for the nation.

The Modesto Bee: Dairy farmers, processors debate milk pricing plan
Link - Dairy farmers, milk processors and agriculture officials gathered Tuesday to review a plan that could give California dairy operators a boost in milk prices and revenue.


ABC News: EPA Hears Widely Different Views on Methane Emission Threat
Link - Over-regulating methane emissions could discourage the use of environment-friendly natural gas, an energy industry representative told the Environmental Protection Agency on Wednesday.

Wall Street Journal: Feds to Lease Ocean Floor Off N.J. Coast for Windmills
Link - The federal government plans to lease nearly 344,000 acres of the ocean floor off the coast of New Jersey to companies interested in building offshore windmills to generate electricity.

Wall Street Journal: Fracking Firms That Drove Oil Boom Struggle to Survive
Link - A wave of bankruptcies and closures is sweeping across the oil patch, with dozens of hydraulic-fracturing companies at risk, industry experts say.

Wall Street Journal: Clinton’s Keystone Kill
Link - (Opinion) The Democratic candidate, and front-runner at least for now, had played coy for months on the years-old issue, but everyone knew she wasn’t going to buck the donor base of the Democratic left.


Fortune: Surprise! GMOs aren’t just in the foods you eat
Link - (Opinion) While critics vilify genetically modified foods, it’s worth taking a closer look at the ways GMOs are improving our lives.

TIME: Here’s What’s Wrong With the U.S. Dietary Guidelines, Report Says
Link - A new report criticizes the evidence provided for the upcoming 2015 U.S. Dietary Guidelines, arguing that the advice the guidelines use as a foundation is not based in the latest science, particularly around saturated fat.

Washington Post: It’s time to end the tyranny of olive oil
Link - Too many people, having heard about the benefits of olive oil, now quiver at the mere sight of butter. They shouldn't.


Agri-Pulse: Pope takes climate change message to White House
Link - In keeping with his encyclical letter released earlier this year, Pope Francis spoke to a crowd of thousands on the White House South Lawn Wednesday morning on the urgent need to protect "our common home" from pollution and the effects of climate change.

Washington Post: The UN’s new goals could trigger a burst of innovation in sustainable development
Link - (Opinion) The UN's sustainable development goals are the change we need.


LA Times: MWD's water recycling plan is a good one, but don't call it 'toilet to tap'
Link - (Opinion) Among the many popular myths about water use in California is the belief that our taps currently release crystal clear snowmelt that flowed untreated from Sierra mountainsides.

Wall Street Journal: Mountain Biking Invades Colorado’s Highest Peaks
Link - Mountain bikers are unwelcome on most of Colorado’s highest peaks. Critics say they can hurt wildlife, damage trails or present a danger to those on foot.

Detroit Free Press: Bill seeks to ban shipping crude oil on Great Lakes
Link - With a safety drill of a controversial pipeline in the Straits of Mackinac under way this week, Michigan's U.S. senators announced legislation requiring a comprehensive review of hazardous materials pipelines in the region and banning shipments of crude oil by vessels plying the Great Lakes.

Washington Post: Scientists say Maryland’s gigantic new oyster reef is a pearl that could save the Chesapeake Bay
Link - Maryland and the Army Corps just finished building the world's biggest man-made oyster reef. They hope it will help clean the bay.


The Reedley Exponent: Judge throws out Gerawan workers vote
Link - An administrative law judge ruled that Reedley-based Gerawan Farming – a fruit grower – and the California Fresh Fruit Association violated the Agricultural Labor Relations Act by providing what he termed “unlawful support and assistance” in influencing employees before the election.

San Diego Union-Tribune: State shreds ballots to ‘protect’ voters
Link - (Opinion) Votes are always imperfect things, of course. But administrative law judge Mark Soble’s decision was the equivalent of a judge negating the last presidential election because of some questionable advertising or organizing efforts that took place in the heat of the campaign.

Wisconsin State Farmer: Immigrants a large portion of farm employees
Link - (Opinion) The demographic mix of the approximate 76,400 persons who make a living as employees on farms in Wisconsin creates a number of management challenges.

Sierra Sun Times: California Farmers Report Shortage of Help to Harvest Crops
Link - With fewer acres planted as a result of the drought, many observers assumed more farm employees would be looking to do other farm-related work, but farmers throughout the state continue to report problems filling their harvest crews.


Agri-Pulse: Timothy Glenn named president, DuPont Crop Protection
Link - Timothy Glenn has been named president of DuPont's Crop Protection business effective Oct. 1, succeeding Rik Miller, who's retiring after 31 years of service to the company.

NPR: Don't Toss That Sour Milk! And Other Tips To Cut Kitchen Food Waste
Link - All this wasted food is the largest component of solid waste in our landfills, and when it rots, it emits methane — a potent greenhouse gas linked to climate change.

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