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Daily Harvest -- 9/25/2015
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Agri-Pulse: Meet the Lawmaker: Sen. Jerry Moran, Kansas
Link - (Video) For the first time in the history of the U.S. Senate, the chair of the Agriculture Committee and the Agricultural Appropriations Subcommittee are both from the same state. In this interview, Agri-Pulse talks to Sen. Jerry Moran of Kansas about his role on the appropriations committee.

Agri-Pulse: Senate GOP moves to avert government shutdown
Link - Senate Republicans took a step toward averting a government shutdown after Democrats blocked an attempt to use a stopgap spending bill to defund Planned Parenthood.

Agri-Pulse: Pope to Congress: Welcome immigrants, fight poverty, climate change, for 'common good'
Link - In a history-making address to Congress, Pope Francis called on lawmakers to put their focus on the "common good" in welcoming immigrants, fighting hunger and poverty and addressing climate change.


Agri-Pulse: Cause of ethanol train derailment probed
Link - (Audio) Federal investigators are looking into why seven ethanol tanker cars derailed in South Dakota over the weekend.

Associated Press: North Dakota Regulators Extend, Toughen Gas Flaring Mandate
Link - North Dakota regulators have given the oil industry an additional 10 months next year to cut down on the reduction of wasteful flaring of natural gas but also implemented a stiffer long-term benchmark.

LA Times: Diesel fans fear Volkswagen emissions scandal may tarnish technology
Link - The Volkswagen emissions cheating scandal has tanked the company's stock price, ousted its top executive and could ultimately cost the world's top automaker tens of billions of dollars. Plus, it may also destroy the credibility of diesel technology from all automakers.


Agri-Pulse: Tour shows breadth, depth of local foods around DC
Link - (Video) A group of people recently toured around the Washington, D.C. area for a look at local food production and distribution. Agri-Pulse's Spencer Chase has more.

Wall Street Journal: Sanderson Farms Recalling a Half-Million Pounds of Chicken
Link - Sanderson Farms Inc. is voluntarily recalling 551,090 pounds of chicken products after a sample contained foreign material.

Wall Street Journal: Opinion Journal: Government-Rigged Dietary Guidelines?
Link - (Video) Investigative Journalist Nina Teicholz on new evidence that the Food and Drug Administration’s nutrition guidance isn’t based on sound science.

Washington Post: Why do we waste so much food, and how can we do better?
Link - America wastes epic amounts of food: 133 billion pounds worth $162 billion annually, according to USDA. And consumers shoulder the most blame.


Agri-Pulse: TPP talks set to resume in Atlanta
Link - Chief negotiators for the U.S. and 11 other countries involved in the Trans-Pacific Partnership are scheduled to continue their talks in Atlanta next week followed by a meeting of the nations' trade ministers.

Agri-Pulse: Chinese buyers agree to buy $5.3 billion worth of U.S. soy
Link - Buyers from China agreed to buy $5.3 billion worth of U.S. soy, totaling more than 484 million bushels of U.S. soybeans.

Wall Street Journal: Ohio River Traffic Jam Delaying Grain Shipments
Link - A traffic jam of over 800 boats and barges has formed along a stretch of the Ohio River, as maintenance work ties up one of the busiest domestic shipping routes for grain, coal and other natural resources.

Sustainable Pulse: Austria and Italy Celebrate Bans on GM Crops with EU Opt-Out
Link - Austrian Health Minister Sabine Oberhauser and a number of Italian Ministries have confirmed that both countries are officially requesting an opt-out from growing the eight varieties of GM maize permitted or set to be permitted at the EU level.

Wall Street Journal: Severe Droughts Leave Africans Hungry and Desperate
Link - From Angola to Zimbabwe, officials say more than 30 million Africans will need help to survive the looming tropical dry season after the worst droughts since 1992 slashed this year’s harvest of such staples as corn, rice and beans by half.

New York Times: China to Announce Cap-and-Trade Program to Limit Emissions
Link - President Xi Jinping of China will make a landmark commitment on Friday to start a national program in 2017 that will limit and put a price on greenhouse gas emissions, Obama administration officials said Thursday.

Washington Post: AP Interview: India says reducing poverty is climate justice
Link - India will confirm plans next week for a fivefold increase in renewable energy by 2020, the environment minister said. And will continue to champion poor countries in their demand that industrialized nations assume the brunt of responsibility for decades of climate-warming emissions.

LA Times: Asian Development Bank doubles climate financing
Link - The Asian Development Bank says it will double its funding to fight climate change to $6 billion by 2020.


Sacramento Bee: Salmon to swim above Shasta Dam for first time in nearly 80 years
Link - In just two years, Chinook salmon could be swimming above Shasta Dam for the first time in nearly eight decades under a proposal that would truck endangered hatchery-raised fish into a cold-water tributary that feeds the state’s largest reservoir.

Washington Post: Fox removal effort closer to completion on Alaska islands
Link - A decades-old campaign to wipe dozens of Alaska islands clean of invasive arctic foxes is a step closer to wrapping up with an eradication effort this summer on a large, uninhabited island that’s also home to hundreds of feral non-native cattle.


New York Times: Opinion: ‘A Watchful Eye on Farm Families’ Health’
Link - (Video) Measuring organophosphates – found in farm pesticides – in the body is tricky, but researchers have documented their harmful effects on gestational duration, attention spans, I.Q. and executive functioning; more recently, findings have pointed to respiratory problems in children exposed in utero.

Sacramento Bee: A half century on, union still fighting for farmworkers
Link - (Opinion) Nearly 50 years ago, my father, Robert F. Kennedy, flew to Delano for his first visit with Cesar Chavez, six months into a five-year strike by Filipino and Latino grape workers.


Reuters: Exclusive: Pivoting After Failed Syngenta Bid, Monsanto to Build Big Data Business
Link - Monsanto executives are seeking to reposition the company as a business built on data science and services, as well as its traditional chemicals, seeds and genetic traits operations, Chief Technology Officer Robert T. Fraley told Reuters in an interview.

Reuters: Caterpillar Slashes Revenue Forecast, Cutting Up to 10,000 Jobs
Link - Caterpillar Inc slashed its 2015 revenue forecast on Thursday and said it will cut as many as 10,000 jobs through 2018, joining a list of big U.S. industrial companies grappling with the mining and energy downturn.

Washington Post: When it comes to pumpkins, we are a nation divided
Link - Since they're both cheap and heavy, it doesn't make sense to haul giant gourds long distances. So a lot of pumpkin production happens close to home.

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