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Daily Harvest -- 10/7/2016
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Agri-Pulse Daybreak for Oct. 7, 2016
Link - (Audio) Citrus growers brace for Hurricane Matthew; Animal Lib philosopher headlines HSUS conference; NRCS management of CSP faulted; Judge sides with wheat growers; FSIS rejecting catfish.

Agri-Pulse: NCBA sounds off on tax proposal
Link - (Audio) The National Cattlemen's Beef Association has joined more than 3,800 other organizations to express their displeasure with a new proposal from the Treasury Department.

Agri-Pulse: Meet the Farmhands: Joel Leftwich, Senate Agriculture Committee
Link - (Video) Agri-Pulse's Meet the Farmhands series returns for a conversation with Senate Agriculture Committee Chief of Staff Joel Leftwich. He talks with Agri-Pulse's Spencer Chase about his time on Capitol Hill and his boss' unique vocabulary.

Agri-Pulse: White House initiative aims to diversify ag workforce
Link - A new White House initiative will seek to create programs and partnerships to entice different segments of the population into ag and science careers.

Agri-Pulse: Chinese man gets three years in prison for stealing corn seeds
Link - A Chinese national who snatched inbred corn seeds from DuPont Pioneer and Monsanto production fields has received a three-year prison sentence for conspiracy to steal trade secrets.

Washington Post: California tightens rule on popular pesticide, citing health
Link - California will tighten rules on how much farmers can use a common pesticide listed by the nation’s most productive agricultural state as a chemical known to cause cancer, regulators said Thursday.


Agri-Pulse: Propane exports surge, surpassing gasoline
Link - U.S. propane exports increased by more than 230,000 barrels per day (b/d) in the first half of 2016, over the same period a year earlier, totaling 730,000 b/d, according to a report from DOE's Energy Information Administration.

Agri-Pulse: EPA, Justice Dept. announce new complaint and settlement over RFS
Link - EPA and the Department of Justice filed a complaint Tuesday against NGL Crude Logistics LLC and Western Dubuque Biodiesel LLC as well as announcing a settlement with Western Dubuque to address alleged violations of the Renewable Fuel Standard.

Customs Today: US ethanol exports up 12% in August
Link - Fuel ethanol exports by the United States totaled 77.9 million gallons in August, up 12% from July, according to trade data released Wednesday by the Census Bureau and analyzed by the Renewable Fuels Association.

Bloomberg: Wind Is the New Corn for Struggling Farmers
Link - Seventy percent of U.S. turbines are in low-income rural areas.

Renew Economy: World-first solar tower powered tomato farm opens in Port Augusta
Link - Construction of a world-leading, concentrated solar power (CSP) tower plant that will supply electricity, heat and desalinated seawater to grow tomatoes in the Australian desert has been completed in South Australia.


The Wall Street Journal: Food Executives Say Consumers Want Labels on GMO Products
Link - New Law will require food companies to identify GMO ingredients within two to three years.

CBS News: As food prices plummet, consumers rejoice, farmers lament
Link - While farmers aren’t too happy about it, consumers are eagerly reaping the benefits, though the bonanza is limited because commodity costs don’t account for a large percentage of most packaged food.

Futurity: There’s a better way to detect food fraud
Link - Food scientists argue that near-infrared spectroscopy would work better than other methods to detect food fraud.

Lancaster Online: US farmers make foray into quinoa as demand for grain grows
Link - Americans consume more than half the global production of quinoa, which totaled 37,000 tons in 2012.

The Huffington Post: Here’s How Scraps Can Help Grow The Food Of The Future
Link - This mobile aquaponic farm could be a game changer.

Star-Tribune: Cargill will start getting non-GMO ingredients verified by third-party group
Link - In a bow to market pressure, Cargill has had three major products verified by the Non-GMO Project, a nonprofit organization that tests products and ingredients to ensure their genetic origin.


Daily Nation: Environment agency delays GM field trials
Link - The National Environment Management Authority has retracted its earlier announcement that it had approved large-scale field trials, arguing that the application for the release of GMO material is still being reviewed and no approval had been issued for the pilot.

Deutsche Welle: FAO expects bumper harvest in 2016
Link - The UN's Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) has said the world's wheat and rice producers are heading for a record harvest this year. But not everyone stands to profit from the resulting drop in prices.

Rural News Group: Trade rules for agriculture are fair for all
Link - For New Zealand as a small and remote nation, international engagement and trade are major priorities.

Iowa Farmer Today: Cuba offers small but attractive trade market
Link - The embargo that has kept many U.S. goods out of Cuba for more than 50 years could be loosened soon, but it remains an open question just what that would mean to American farmers.

The Globe and Mail: Canada’s dairy producers are waking up to the realities of global trade
Link - Canada’s dairy sector is already in the crosshairs of U.S., European, Mexican, Australian and New Zealand farmers, who recently complained to the World Trade Organization about this country’s “increasingly protectionist policies.”


USA Today: With land already soaked, farmers wary as Matthew nears
Link - Mere threat of hurricane sends waves of concern through the agricultural community.

High Plains Journal: Soil microbes flourish with reduced tillage
Link - No-till and, to a lesser degree, conservation tillage maintains or improves soil quality by preserving soil structure and moisture, increasing soil organic matter, and providing habitat for soil microbes.

Scientific American: Trouble in the Bamboo after Pandas Dropped from Endangered List
Link - The iconic animal’s status change by an influential conservation organization triggers controversy in China.

Washington Post: US wants to strengthen agreement to ban Arctic Ocean fishing
Link - The United States is trying to broker an agreement between a host of nations to prohibit unregulated fishing in the international waters of the Arctic Ocean.


The Washington Post: Working in tobacco fields can make kids sick. But they still need the money
Link - What some see as tradition is now a lightning rod for controversy that has pit anti-child-labor advocates against farmers who feel their heritage is under attack.

Washington Post: Even if Trump loses, this poll shows why hard-line immigration positions are here to stay
Link - Concerns about immigration, refugees and globalization predate Trump in the GOP - and thus appear unlikely to dissipate whether he wins or loses.


VICE: Turning Derelict Buildings into an Urban Farm in Detroit
Link - The latest American city to get swept up in a fast-moving tidal wave of gentrification, today’s Detroit manifests a split personality.

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