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Daily Harvest -- 10/12/2015
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Agri-Pulse: Open Mic with Rep. Reid Ribble, R-Wis.
Link - (Audio) In this week’s interview, Ribble outlines the challenges Congress faces in approving a spending plan, details his efforts to bring about a two-year budget cycle, and explains why he supports a new voluntary program to reduce nutrient runoff in his home state.

Agri-Pulse: Ryan pressed to take speakership, Conaway mulls race
Link - House Ways and Means Chairman Paul Ryan was under heavy pressure from colleagues to run for speaker as Republicans prepared to break for a weeklong recess with no other obvious option.

Bloomberg: Florida Orange Crop Crushed With Output Estimated at 52-Year Low
Link - Florida’s orange crop will shrink to the lowest in 52 years, the U.S. Department of Agriculture has forecast, as damage from citrus-greening disease persists.

WNCT News: Rural hospital shutting down
Link - Another rural hospital is shutting its doors, affecting health care in Franklin County, North Carolina.

Wall Street Journal: California Adopts Strict Limits on Livestock Antibiotics
Link - California has adopted the toughest limits in the nation on the use of antibiotics in healthy livestock, barring their routine use to prevent illness or promote growth.

Des Moines Register: Corn, soybean crops among the largest even as USDA cuts output
Link - Farmers in Iowa and much of the western Corn Belt will flood the market with near-record amounts of corn and soybeans despite the government lowering production estimates for this fall.

Des Moines Register: Ag slowdown imperils state revenue
Link - Money coming into Iowa's government coffers was flat the first quarter of this fiscal year, raising concern about how big an effect the slowing farm economy could have on the state budget.

AgWeb: Farmers Look at Devastating Losses as Flood Rolls Downstream
Link - Across South Carolina, the misery continues: Preliminary estimates show crop losses could total more than $300 million in the state's $3 billion-a-year agriculture industry. And even more rain could be on the way.


LA Times: New ways to put energy in the bank
Link - Big batteries cost a lot of money. But concerns about climate change and consumer demand for clean energy are creating more demand for energy storage solutions — especially to fully capture the possibilities of alternative energy.

New York Times: Oil Exports Should Be Paired With Clean Energy Tax Breaks
Link - (Opinion) The oil industry and its friends in Congress want to get rid of restrictions on exports of crude oil that were established 40 years ago during the energy crisis. President Obama and most Democratic lawmakers are rightly opposed to such measures.

Detroit Free Press: Michigan's Energy Evolution: A Special Report
Link - With 25 coal-fired power plants to be retired, and utilities required to produce more energy from renewable sources, the state's energy profile is evolving.


Agri-Pulse: Opinion: Feeding the world one farmer at a time
Link - With the annual World Food Prize Borlaug Dialogue this week, I'm not only reminded only of Dr. Borlaug's commitment to ending hunger, but also of his ability to deliver a profound message with simple words.

Des Moines Register: The people, issues of the 2015 World Food Prize
Link - At this year's World Food Prize symposium, Iowa's graduate-level immersion in global efforts to alleviate hunger, expect to learn about life-saving sweet potatoes and innovative micro-financing efforts.

Associated Press: Over a Ton of Rejected Fruit, Vegetables Feed Athenians
Link - Thousands of Athenians have turned up to consume more than a ton of fruit and vegetables rejected by stores in an event that highlights the waste of food in advanced societies.


Wall Street Journal: Starbucks and Nespresso in Scramble for African Beans
Link - From Starbucks to Keurig, major coffee retailers are investing in African coffee farms. They are partnering with smallholder farmers across Ethiopia, Uganda and Kenya to secure their supply of the highest-quality coffee from the region where it is believed to have originated.

Yahoo News: With Hindu party leading India, beef grows more political
Link - Cows have long been sacred to Hindus, worshipped as a mother figure and associated since ancient times with the god Krishna. But increasingly, cows are also political. They have become a tool of political parties – both Hindu nationalists and their opponents.


Agri-Pulse: Farm groups applaud nationwide stay on WOTUS rule
Link - Farm groups and agricultural stakeholders are celebrating a federal appeals panel decision to issue a nationwide stay on the Environmental Protection Agency's Waters of the U.S. (WOTUS) rule, suspending the rule's implementation in the 37 states that were outside of an earlier ruling.

Agri-Pulse: Livestock producers pleased with WOTUS ruling
Link - (Audio) The agriculture industry as a whole was pleased to see a nationwide hold placed on EPA’s Clean Water Rule, better known as WOTUS, but livestock producers are especially happy.

Idaho Statesman: Signs of imminent algae bloom found in Florida Bay
Link - Levels of chlorophyll are starting to rise in shallow water where miles of sea grass meadows died over the summer. The last time so much grass died in 1987, it took five years for algae blooms to erupt that would devastate the bay for two decades.

Reuters: Laws Help Enforce Some Environmental Treaties-But Not on Climate
Link - If and when a global deal to curb climate change is done in Paris this December, the matter of enforcement is likely to be left not to sanctions but to peer pressure.

New York Times: Florida’s Bears Go From Near Extinction to Cross Hairs
Link - Amid the alligators, oversize iguanas, pythons and giant snails that habitually seize the spotlight in Florida, there stands a more mundane but no less iconic creature that roams the state: the Florida black bear.

New York Times: Deforestation and Drought
Link - (Opinion) Drought is usually thought of as a natural disaster beyond human control. But as researchers peer deeper into the Earth’s changing bioclimate — the vastly complex global interplay between living organisms and climatic forces — they are better appreciating the crucial role that deforestation plays.


LA Times: Farmworkers union gets taxpayer subsidy for healthcare plan
Link - Taxpayers will continue subsidizing healthcare for the United Farm Workers union under legislation signed by Gov. Jerry Brown on Friday.

Washington Post: What Americans think should be done on illegal immigration
Link - Recent polls reflect the passions and divisions animating the debate over fencing the southwestern border and birthright citizenship, among other issues. But on the fundamental question – should illegal immigrants stay or go? – sizeable majorities say they should be permitted to stay.

Columbia Daily Tribune: Farmworkers, agriculture and the immigration debate
Link - (Opinion) Hired farmworkers harvest vegetables, milk cows and do much more to put food on our tables. Because many of those farmworkers are unauthorized immigrants, they also play a prominent role in policy debates.


Delaware Online: 'Uncle Dupie is dead': Kullman's exit is seismic shift
Link - DuPont CEO Ellen Kullman's abrupt exit a seismic shift signaling trouble for company and Delaware.

Wall Street Journal: Cargill Shopping for Investments, Despite Commodities Dip
Link - Agricultural conglomerate Cargill Inc., the largest privately held company in the U.S., is undeterred by a sluggish global commodities market and is shopping around for further investments in the fish-feed, poultry and palm-oil businesses, its chief executive said.

MarketWatch: Walmart U.S. appoints Steve Bratspies as chief merchandising officer
Link - Walmart has named Steve Bratspies chief merchandising officer for U.S. stores, effective Oct. 19. He will oversee all merchandise categories for more than 4,500 Walmart stores across the country.

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