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Daily Harvest -- 10/12/2016
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Agri-Pulse Daybreak for Oct. 12, 2016
Link - (Audio) Wikileaks email dump and Clinton's TPP position; GMO labeling advocate tried to influence Clinton; Podesta’s headache advice: Quit the GMOs; Vilsack keynotes Food Prize conference; Grassley: No vote on Garland; Cruz reaching out to Texas farmers.

Agri-Pulse: Grassley: Clinton SCOTUS nominees could be a challenge for ag
Link - (Audio) Anyone following the comments of the presidential nominees has surely heard that this election could shape the future of the United States Supreme Court.

KRCR News: Department of Agriculture offers $20 million to cut the cheese surplus
Link - Department of Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack announced that the USDA is offering $20 million in order to reduce a private sector cheddar cheese surplus that has reach record levels.

AM New York: Bartlett Dairy will get new milk facility in Queens
Link - The dairy industry won’t be gone from Queens for long.


The Business Journal: Fed approval paves way for low-cost cellulosic ethanol production
Link - In a first-of-its-kind ruling, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has approved Pacific Ethanol’s registration of its Stockton ethanol plant to generate valuable credits by producing cellulosic ethanol with the same equipment the company uses to produce corn-based ethanol.

See News: Gevo ready for 1st commercial flight with cellulosic renewable jet fuel
Link - US biofuels maker Gevo Inc (NASDAQ:GEVO) has produced over 1,000 gallons of renewable jet fuel using sugars derived from cellulosic materials such as wood waste.

WCF Courier: Waterloo City Council turns down biodiesel facility
Link - Heavy neighborhood opposition erased Kwik Trip’s plans for a biodiesel blending operation.

Business Green: ETI: Energy crops offering farmers income and productivity boost
Link - According to new research from the Energy Technologies Institute (ETI), some second-generation energy crops can help farmers diversify their income while helping to boost the productivity of their land.


Agri-Pulse: Opinion: Biofortified food: One step closer to a world free of hunger and malnutrition
Link - This week hundreds of stakeholders with an interest in food security will convene in Iowa for an annual commemoration of the legacy of agricultural innovator Norman Borlaug.

Food Business News: New program launched to improve food access, promote nutrition
Link - The Healthy Food Alliance for Early Education is part of Healthy Way to Grow, an initiative started in 2013 to improve nutrition by addressing childhood obesity.

The New York Times: Tyson Foods, a Meat Leader, Invests in Protein Alternatives
Link - Tyson Foods appears to be the first big meat company to invest in a business that, among other things, aims to reduce consumption of chicken, beef and pork by replacing it with plant proteins.


The Des Moines Register: Borlaug’s dream is within reach in Africa
Link - The pace is quickening and a food-secure Africa is within reach.

Union of Concerned Scientists: Making Agriculture “Climate-Smart” in Latin America and the Caribbean
Link - One approach CIAT has taken to help farmers is to encourage “climate-smart agriculture” in partnership with the Colombian Ministry of Agriculture.

Scientific American: Cash Crops: How the Islamic State Profits from Agriculture
Link - Sometimes overshadowed by oil and other sources of revenue, new research indicates ISIS receives a significant profit from agricultural production. As prices plunge, Africa surges into clean, cheap solar energy
Link - Africa can now provide electricity for many households for as little as $56 a year - a cost lower than getting energy from diesel or kerosene.

Deutsche Welle: Farm machines for Ukraine's "black earth"
Link - From small family farms to large agribusiness, farm equipment from German firm Horsch is in demand.


Agri-Pulse: Despite critics, White House climate agenda on fast-forward
Link - (Subscription only) "Acting on climate change is actually in our best economic interest. It is the best economic strategy for the country."

News 4 Jax: SJC farmers lose crops in Matthew
Link - More than 1,000 acres of crops damaged by high winds, rainfall from Matthew.

The Washington Post: Flooded North Carolina farms are likely littered with drowned livestock
Link - Tens of thousands of farm animals have likely drowned in North Carolina, and the state is racing to dispose of the carcasses to avoid a public health emergency.

The Atlantic: A Mega-Drought Is Coming to America’s Southwest
Link - Unless carbon emissions plummet soon, the risk of a region-altering disaster in Arizona and New Mexico will exceed 99 percent.

Star Tribune: Tentative clean water conservation deal for Minnesota aids birds
Link - More pheasant habitat to be protected in agreement with feds.


The Atlantic: The Problem With Only Letting In the 'Good' Immigrants
Link - It’s difficult to determine who is “good” without making some troubling assumptions.

AP: DIVIDED AMERICA: The evolving face of US immigration
Link - Immigrants to the U.S. are now more likely to come from Asia than from Mexico or Latin America.


The Washington Post: Chefs’ latest darling: An endangered species of pig that feeds from the forest
Link - This wild-looking breed’s independence makes it ideal for the 90 acres of overrun wooded land about 130 miles southwest of downtown Washington that is Autumn Olive Farms.

Lincoln Journal Star: Farmers eager to get in fields
Link - Corn harvest typically ramps up during the first couple weeks of October, but off and on rains have led to it getting underway in fits and starts.

The Green Sheet Farm Forum: How do the presidential candidates stack up on farm and rural policy issues?
Link - With farmers comprising less than two percent of the U.S. population, candidates generally don’t consider the “farm vote” as an important constituency. But the broader “rural vote” can make a difference, especially in swing states.

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