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Daily Harvest -- 10/13/2014
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Agri-Pulse: Corn, soybean crop estimates raised to even higher record levels
Link - USDA is once again raising its forecast for the corn and soybean crops to even higher record levels.

Agri-Pulse: No reason to panic about lower farm equipment sales
Link - (Audio) Farm equipment sales are down this year, but there’s no reason to panic, according to the Association of Equipment Manufacturers.

Sacramento Bee: Ballot Watch: Proposition 1’s water bonds followed long legislative odyssey
Link - Amid a multiyear dry stretch that is among the worst droughts on record, California lawmakers this year made crafting a new water bond a priority.

Wichita Eagle: Farmland prices stay up as crop prices fall
Link - Farmland prices in Kansas rose an average of 17.1 percent per acre in 2014, compared to a year ago – nearly the highest increase of any state in the country, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Columbus Telegram: Updating base acres a critical part of Farm Bill
Link - Cropland owners will have an opportunity to reallocate base acres and update yields by Feb. 27, 2015, under the 2014 Farm Bill.

Associated Press: Farm bill delay could affect 2015 cotton planting; USDA says calculations won't meet mandate
Link - Cotton growers in Texas and other southwestern states plagued by years of drought may plant fewer acres next season because of a bureaucratic delay in implementing a provision of the farm bill.

DTN: Governors, Attorneys General say CWA Rule a Legal Threat to Farmers
Link - Since the release of the proposed waters of the U.S. rule, the EPA has maintained it is simply codifying those waters that already are jurisdictional, and that it narrows down the scope of those waters covered with new definitions, and farmers have nothing to fear if they don't already need permits.


Agri-Pulse: Ag producers seeing lower gas, diesel prices this fall
Link - Agricultural producers in wide parts of the country are experiencing an easing in gas and diesel prices not seen in years. Gas prices for this time of year are the lowest since 2010 when they ran well under $3 per gallon. Diesel fuel is at its lowest price since 2012.

San Francisco Chronicle: ND agriculture commissioner contest more about oil
Link - North Dakota's contest for agriculture commissioner once focused largely on which candidate was more of a farmer. But as the state's energy-driven prosperity grows, the job increasingly has become more about harvesting oil.


Associated Press: Pig Farms Rebound From Virus; Meat Prices May Drop
Link - A virus that killed millions of baby pigs in the last year and led to higher pork prices has waned thanks to warmer weather and farmers' efforts to sterilize their operations. And as pigs' numbers increase, sticker shock on things like bacon should ease.

Agri-Pulse: Jimmy Kimmel asks 'What's a GMO?'
Link - Talk show host Jimmy Kimmel recently sent a crew to a farmer's market to ask customers what GMO stands for.

Wall Street Journal: Inventing a GMO Apple That Won’t Brown
Link - Two sliced apples sit on either side of a clock as a time-lapse video compresses 24 hours into 30 seconds. By the end, the apple on the left has turned brown but the one on the right has stayed fresh and white.


New York Times: Once a Symbol of Power, Farming Now an Economic Drag in China
Link - From a bedrock of traditional culture, and an engine of the post-Mao economic boom in the 1980s, agriculture has become a burden for China.

Des Moines Register: Feeding China: An ag revolution is underway
Link - Chinese agriculture, long dominated by lawn-sized plots of land harvested by hand, is rapidly growing larger. Farmers and entrepreneurs are acquiring more land and buying modern equipment.

Des Moines Register: Feeding China: High-tech hog farms
Link - The push to expand has sparked a massive wave of consolidation that is swallowing up smaller farmers in China. Some compare it to Iowa's farm crisis of the 1980s: Before then, most Iowa farms had pigs, but producers quickly had to go big or get out.

Des Moines Register: Feeding China: More open China market 'only a matter of time'
Link - China produces most of the pork it needs now, but Dermot Hayes calls that unsustainable. He sees "unbelievable potential" for U.S. pork producers if China opens its doors.

New York Times: Canadian Pacific Makes Deal Overture to CSX
Link - The Canadian Pacific Railway recently approached CSX, the big Florida-based rail line, about a merger that would create a company worth more than $60 billion, people briefed on the matter said on Sunday.

Financial Times: US accuses Japan of jeopardising trade pact
Link - The top US trade official has accused Japan of not living up to its promises and putting both its own promised structural reforms and a 12-country Pacific Rim trade pact in jeopardy.

Wall Street Journal: Moth unseen in United States found in shipment
Link - A moth not known to exist in the Western Hemisphere has been found in a shipment of hardware being trucked into the United States from Canada.

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