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Daily Harvest -- 10/15/2015
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Agri-Pulse: GAP Report: More sustainable ag productivity needed
Link - Significant growth in the agricultural sector is needed to feed a projected world population of 9.7 billion people by mid-century, but it must be done sustainably in order to ensure food and nutrition security, according to a new report.

Agri-Pulse: Agricultural innovation - Planting the seeds for a sustainable future
Link - (Opinion) Agri-Pulse and The Chicago Council on Global Affairs are teaming up to host a monthly column to explore how the U.S. agriculture and food sector can maintain its competitive edge and advance food security in an increasingly integrated and dynamic world.

Agri-Pulse: Pork pulled from prisons
Link - (Audio) The federal prison system has taken pork off the menu, and the National Pork Producers Council isn’t taking the news kindly.

Agri-Pulse: Opinion: Former Ag Secretary endorses Jeb Bush: Governor Mike Johanns
Link - Because of my experiences growing up on a dairy farm, working as a lawyer and businessman, and serving as a local government official, a governor, a U.S. Senator and a member of a U.S. president's cabinet, I can tell you that the stakes in this presidential election are about as high as they come.


Agri-Pulse: House votes to unleash oil exports, as White House backs renewables
Link - The House voted 261-159 Friday to end the 1975 ban on U.S. crude oil exports, leaving the measure 29 votes short of the two-thirds majority needed to overturn a threatened presidential veto.

New York Times: New Concern Over Quakes in Oklahoma Near a Hub of U.S. Oil
Link - A sharp earthquake in central Oklahoma last weekend has raised fresh concern about the security of a vast crude oil storage complex, close to the quake’s center, that sits at the crossroads of the nation’s oil pipeline network.


Washington Post: Why educators are asking McDonald’s to stop holding McTeacher’s Nights
Link - If you’ve never heard of McTeacher’s Night by McDonald’s, here’s a little background.

NPR: Why Wal-Mart And Other Retail Chains May Not Fix The Food Deserts
Link - New research suggests that plugging food access holes with big box stores may not lead to healthier habits, as Americans' junk food calories increasingly come from big box stores rather than traditional grocers.

The Conversation: Building a case, over time, for adding sustainability to nutritional guidelines
Link - (Opinion) Of the 29,000 public comments received on the dietary guidelines during this year’s comment period, 19,000 focused on sustainability, and of those, 97% were positive on its inclusion. Notably, the US Conference of Mayors passed a resolution supporting sustainability. Clearly, consensus is building.

LA Times: Mexican cactus, Chinese ginger top list of pesticide-laced produce
Link - High levels of an illegal and toxic pesticide continue to be found in purchased samples of Mexican prickly pear cactus pads, despite fines, border advisories and health notices, according to a statewide inspection report released Wednesday.

Union of Concerned Scientists: Wanna fix the food system? Science can help: Mark Bittman
Link - I am excited to announce my new partnership with the Union of Concerned Scientists, where I will spend the next year as a Fellow working alongside Ricardo Salvador and his team.


Reuters: Rice Off the Menu: Asia's Hunger for Bread and Pastries Boosts Wheat Demand
Link - Asia is losing some of its appetite for rice in favour of wheat, a trend that is nowhere more pronounced than South Korea where bread and pastries have become a new staple.

Reuters: Bayer Expects Charges in 2016 as Wine Growers Link Fungicide to Crop Damage
Link - Bayer expects to pay wine growers compensation starting early next year after vineyards in Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg and Switzerland reported 2015 crop damage possibly linked to one of the company's fungicides.

Wall Street Journal: Ukraine Is Still a Breadbasket, but Weak Currency Hammers Farmers
Link - The country’s farmers are increasingly squeezed by a weakened currency and bank interest rates near 30%, making it tough to afford essential imports, such as fertilizer, seeds and new machinery.

Wall Street Journal: See India Climb Up the Global Hunger Index
Link - India has significantly moved the dial on hunger in the past decade but still has serious rates of people suffering from a lack of food, according to a global ranking published this week.

New York Times: Ethiopia: Food Assistance Needed
Link - The government is calling for international assistance to help feed 8.2 million people after erratic rains devastated crop harvests. The government has allocated $192 million for food and other aid and is appealing for $596 million in aid from international donors for the rest of 2015.


Agri-Pulse: Mississippi basin gets D+ on first report card
Link - The Mississippi River basin - America's Watershed - gets a D+ rating on a report card that included grades on water quality, infrastructure, the economy and recreation.

Agri-Pulse: Panel refuses to consolidate WOTUS lawsuits
Link - In a blow to the Obama administration, a judicial panel has refused to consolidate a series of legal challenges against the new rule re-defining the jurisdiction of the Clean Water Act.

Wall Street Journal: An Airbnb Where Vulnerable Wildlife Checks In
Link - (Opinion) For too long, the Endangered Species Act has served as an emergency room for at-risk wildlife.

ABC News: Federal Agency Issues Plan for Coastal Coho Salmon Recovery
Link - The plan also calls on the state to strengthen regulations on activities such as agriculture and logging to protect water quality and habitat for the Oregon Coast coho.

Pacific Business News: Hawaii's $100 million fishery reopens
Link - The more than two-month long closure of Hawaii's fisheries ended Friday, the Western Pacific Regional Fishery Management Council has announced.

Washington Post: Los Angeles council approves backyard beekeeping law
Link - The City Council on Wednesday voted to legalize urban beekeeping, overturning a ban dating to 1879 and overriding concerns that it might bring aggressive Africanized hives to backyards.


Agri-Pulse: Producer worries prompt Labor to soften wage rules for sheep herders
Link - (Subscriber only) Many sheep herders are going to get a raise, potentially doubling their wages in some states, under new federal standards for foreign workers

KBIA: Migrant Farmworkers Find Healthcare in Western Missouri
Link - Every Monday evening in Lexington, Missouri, during apple picking season — from August to late October -- the Migrant Farmworkers Assistance Fund (MFAF) holds a health clinic in the parking lot of a Head Start building.

Central Valley Business Times: $1.7 million state grant will retrain 267 Central Valley farmworkers
Link - A $1,734,699 grant by the California Employment Development Department has been given to La Cooperativa Campesina de California to retrain 267 farmworkers whose jobs have been adversely affected by the state’s ongoing drought.


Wall Street Journal: Syngenta Hurt by Dollar Strength
Link - Swiss seed and pesticide maker Syngenta AG aims to move on from Monsanto Co.’s failed takeover attempt by concentrating its efforts on improving its business in Latin America, Chief Executive Mike Mack said.

Wall Street Journal: Whole Foods to Build New ERP System for ‘Single View’ of Product Data
Link - Whole Foods will partner with enterprise software firm Infor Inc. to create a new retail management system, part of a broader effort by the grocery chain to centralize disparate IT systems, get a better view of its supply chain and improve its data analytics capabilities.

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