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Daily Harvest -- 10/21/2015
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Agri-Pulse: Survey finds voters support subsidizing sustainable ag
Link - Three-fourths of American voters want the federal government to incentivize sustainable farming practices, according to a food policy survey released Tuesday. And now, groups that advocate for transparency in food systems want 2016 presidential candidates to listen to the public and take a stand on food policy.

Dairy Today: Animal Abuse Videos: Between a Rock and a Hard Place with No Room to Maneuver
Link - Though there is often little empathy given to dairy co-ops and processors, they too are left with impossible choices when an animal abuse video surfaces on one of their member/patron farms.

Stockton Record: San Joaquin County has record year in agriculture
Link - Despite California’s ongoing drought, a surge in crop and commodity prices and increased plantings of key nut crops pushed San Joaquin County’s agricultural production to a record $3.23 billion in 2014, officials announced Tuesday. Harvest Fires Blaze On
Link - With strong winds, high temperatures, and a lack of rainfall, farmers across the Corn Belt are finding themselves in flammable harvest conditions.

The Hill: 3 issues that could haunt Hillary Clinton across rural America
Link - (Opinion) This past August, when she released her policy plan for rural America in Ankeny, Iowa, Clinton said "Today, our health care system has changed dramatically, but it's still too difficult for families in rural America to find quality, affordable health care.”


Agri-Pulse: EPA's RFS proposal risks ending America's rural renaissance
Link - (Subscriber only) When President George W. Bush signed the law creating the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) in 2005 to support biofuels production, he explained that "Using ethanol and biodiesel will leave our air cleaner."

Des Moines Register: Harkin: It's time for a transition to clean energy
Link - (Opinion) In my 40 years in Congress I saw too many farm fields, highways, and communities ravaged by flooding or drought. In recent years we Iowans have seen flooding grow more severe and more frequent.

Cleantechnica: $300 Million Fund From ReNewAll Targets Clean Energy Projects
Link - ReNewAll, a California financing solutions company, is now tackling head-on the call for clean energy projects, with $300 million in financing opportunities.

OSU Lantern: Ohio State takes one step closer to energy privatization
Link - Ohio State is inching toward the privatization of energy services at its Columbus campus with the commencement of a new phase in the university’s energy management plan.

Washington Post: Google’s newest renewable energy investment: Africa’s biggest wind farm
Link - Google has made a reputation for itself in recent years as a major investor in renewable energy. And this morning, the company announced its newest investment: a wind power project in Kenya that, when completed, will be the continent’s biggest wind farm.


Agri-Pulse: Senate action on biotech
Link - (Audio) Today, the Senate Agriculture Committee will convene for a hearing on federal biotechnology regulations as the chamber looks for its own answer to the GMO labeling debate.

Nature: CRISPR tweak may help gene-edited crops bypass biosafety regulation
Link - Plant scientists have been quick to experiment with the popular CRISPR/Cas9 technique, which uses an enzyme called Cas9, guided by two RNA strands, to precisely cut segments of DNA in a genome. By disabling specific genes in wheat and rice, for example, researchers hope to make disease-resistant strains of the crops.

TIME: Subway Moves to Eliminate Antibiotics in Its Meat
Link - Subway announced Tuesday it was planning to eliminate antibiotics in all its American meat supplies, the company announced.

Market Watch: Chipotle profit misses as sales growth slows
Link - Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc.'s sales growth continued to slow in the third quarter, as the company also reported weaker-than-expected profit.

Nasdaq: McDonald's Tests Sales of Monster's Energy Drinks
Link - McDonald's Corp. said Tuesday it is testing sales of Monster Beverage Corp. energy drinks in about 20 U.S. restaurants.

Wall Street Journal: Where’s the Beet? Veggie Burgers Even Carnivores Will Crave
Link - It hasn’t always been easy to love veggie burgers. A dreary disc of some soy product or other, complete with counterfeit grill marks, has long served as the vegetarian’s repast of last resort. But now, at last, top chefs are making over the much-maligned menu item.

Washington Post: Food that is good for the planet actually tastes good too, research suggests
Link - A study in Switzerland found that, surprisingly, people did not think climate-friendly meals were less delicious.


Agri-Pulse: ITC rules against Mexican sugar industry in dumping case
Link - The U.S. International Trade Commission today affirmed that Mexico's sugar industry had harmed American producers by selling subsidized sugar onto the U.S. at below market prices - a practice known as dumping.

Financial Post: Dairy’s TPP upsides
Link - (Opinion) What emerged from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) negotiations was a remarkable success for the Canadian dairy industry. Canada conceded only 3.25 per cent dairy market access to its TPP partners through increased quotas on tariff-free imports, the compositional standards for cheese were maintained, and new programs valued at over $4 billion were announced in compensation for losses in dairy and poultry industries.

Wall Street Journal: Salty Issue in U.S.-European Trade Talks: Feta Cheese
Link - Negotiators meeting this week to forge a sweeping trade agreement between the U.S. and the European Union are nearing a deal to eliminate tariffs on at least 97% of goods traded across the Atlantic, officials close to the talks say, building momentum for what would be the most ambitious trade pact in more than 20 years.

CONSERVATION, ENVIRONMENT & WILDLIFE Intercropping for ecological and economic efficiency in agriculture
Link - In recent years, ecologists have focused more intensively on agricultural production methods that may use land more efficiently and more sustainably: namely the development of economically and ecologically efficient intercropping systems.

KVNO News: Environmental markets could sell farmers on conservation
Link - Under plans in development, farmers could generate environmental credits by farming in ways that store carbon, filter out water pollution, or preserve wildlife habitat. Those credits could be bought, sold, and traded by companies that need to balance out their own emissions or pollution.

Appeal-Democrat: Coping with water conservation
Link - California's four-year drought won't be remedied with a few overnight showers. Even the hoped-for El Niño is likely to have limited effects in helping the region recuperate from the dry years.

Richmond Times Dispatch: Virginia receiving $3.2m in bay conservation grants
Link - More than $3 million in Chesapeake Bay conservation grants will support brook trout habitat restoration in Rockingham County and efforts to reduce sediment in the James River.


California Healthline: Sonoma County Releases First-of-its-Kind Survey of Farmworker Health
Link - It found that most workers in the county weren't really migrants, that most of the workers live in the area and many have established families here. And according to survey results, about 23% of farmworker children who are eligible for health care coverage still remain uninsured.

Yakima Herald: Cherry pickers sue Outlook farm over pay drop dispute
Link - Cherry pickers from an Outlook farm have filed a lawsuit claiming they were fired after complaining that their pay was lowered partway through the job.

Santa Fe Reporter: No Safety Net: Farmworkers can’t access retirement benefits because of underreported wages
Link - After decades of working on farms, planting and weeding in addition to harvesting, many workers learn when they reach retirement age that they are eligible for few, and sometimes no, benefits from the federal Social Security Administration.


Wall Street Journal: New Food and Agriculture Fund S2G Ventures Launches With $125 Million
Link - Investors are placing increasing bets on two traditional industries confronted by changing consumer tastes: food and beverage businesses and agriculture.

Des Moines Register: Iowa's farmer-'Bachelor': Farmers lead the way on renewable energy
Link - (Opinion) I am very passionate about sustainable farming. Recently, we installed our second solar energy system at our second hog site. These solar installations have enabled us to reduce our carbon footprint and have helped provide a more energy-efficient way to keep our livestock comfortable year-round.

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