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Daily Harvest -- 10/23/2015
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Agri-Pulse: Washington Week in Review: October 23, 2015: Biotech, highway bill, and Paul Ryan
Link - In the first week back from a week-long recess, things appear to be sorting themselves out in the speaker race, and a Senate agricultural leader appears ready to work on a biotech labeling bill before the end of the year. More on that from Agri-Pulse's Phil Brasher and Spencer Chase.

Agri-Pulse: Ryan makes it official: 'Eager' to be House speaker
Link - After winning over hard-line conservatives, Paul Ryan made it official that he's running for House speaker.

Agri-Pulse: What does Ryan mean for ag?
Link - (Audio) It appears that Wisconsin Republican Paul Ryan has decided to run for speaker of the house, which could be the beginning of the end of the drama surrounding the position for the last several weeks.

Agri-Pulse: Trump apologizes for repost of dig at Iowans, GMOs
Link - Donald Trump's Twitter feed reposted a tweet that blamed his sliding Iowa poll numbers on biotech corn, a dig that risked getting under the skin of the state's farmers as well as voters at large.

Washington Post: Ducks shot in Minnesota test negative for deadly bird flu
Link - Tests on more than 750 ducks shot by Minnesota hunters this fall have turned up no signs of the kind of bird flu that devastated the Midwest poultry industry earlier this year, according to data released by the Department of Natural Resources on Thursday.

KMUW: New Dairy Processing Plant To Be Built In Western Kansas
Link - Mary Soukup, assistant to the Kansas Secretary of Agriculture, says the new facility in Garden City, Meadowlark Dairy Nutrition, will cut costs and make it more efficient for milk farmers to get raw milk product to the processing plant.

KSL: Vesicular stomatitis spreads among livestock in 9 Utah counties
Link - After vesicular stomatitis virus was found in one mule and potentially several horses in southern Utah in May, the disease has since spread to livestock in several other Utah counties, according to the Utah Department of Agriculture and Food.


Washington Examiner: U.S., Pakistan aim to provide clean energy to 30 million people
Link - The United States will work with the Pakistani government to invest in clean energy to expand that country's electricity system to 30 million more people.

The Daily Californian: Research finds that solar energy development can harm biodiversity, agriculture
Link - A study published Monday found that the development of solar energy in California could be harming the biodiversity and agriculture of the areas in which these solar energy plants are located.

Newsweek: Wishful Thinking Meets Hard Realities in Energy Production
Link - (Opinion) Former Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley’s call to “move America forward to a 100 percent clean energy grid by 2050” using tax credits is like a politician’s health care plan that promises to boost life expectancy to 150 years—it might not be impossible, but it certainly isn’t realistic in the near term.

Cleantechnica: COP21 Climate Pledges Could Slow Growth In Energy-Related Emissions
Link - New research has shown energy-related emissions could “slow to a relative crawl” by 2030 if countries adhere to their own climate pledges.

The Courier-Journal: How can Kentucky transform its energy system?
Link - If Kentucky's next governor won't submit a plan to curb climate pollution, and that's not clear, a Kentucky social justice and environmental group will, the group's members are pledging.


LA Times: Pediatricians are urged to ask all patients: Do you have enough food?
Link - For the first time ever, the American Academy of Pediatrics is recommending that its members begin screening their patients -- all their patients -- for food insecurity.

Smithsonian: Where Will Our Future Food Come From? Ask a Farmer
Link - Two farmers with different viewpoints talk about organic farming, GMOs and farm technology.

Newsweek: To Feed Humankind, We Need the Farms of the Future Today
Link - Humanity can’t keep coasting on Borlaug’s green revolution—land is now at a premium in a way it wasn’t during Borlaug’s era.

NPR: Vegetables Take On Office Doughnuts When Farms Connect With Workers
Link - Employers are plying employees not just with doughnuts, but with fresh vegetables, too — an effort to make sure those hearts are healthy. It's a new twist on community supported agriculture; call it workplace supported agriculture.

Washington Post: The world needs 70 percent more food by 2050. Here’s how we can do it.
Link - (Opinion) As standards of living rise and people worldwide are diversifying their diets, the world’s population will require about 30 to 70 percent more food, depending whom you ask. An urgent solution is needed for how we will feed 9.5 billion people by 2050 in a changing climate that is altering how we grow our food.


Agri-Pulse: House panel clears six-year highway bill
Link - The House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee approved a multiyear bill to fund the federal highway system, but enacting the long-term legislation before next week's deadline is unlikely.

Washington Post: Off the grid: A shepherd’s life in the hills of the Pyrenees
Link - One of the main objectives of the school is to provide a generational renewal in the Catalan livestock sector.

LA Times: Fires in Southeast Asia may be emitting more greenhouse gases than the entire U.S.
Link - A toxic haze has repeatedly wafted over huge swaths of Southeast Asia in the last month, causing school closures, grounded flights, canceled events and widespread concern about public health risks across the region.


Washington Post: Wasp that kills stink bugs found; could help fruit orchards
Link - Scientists from Washington State University have discovered a parasitic wasp in the state that kills its host like a scene from the movie “Alien.” But the discovery is good news because the wasp kills a type of stink bug that harms fruit orchards.

Des Moines Register: Monarch butterfly habitat coming to Iowa
Link - Iowa received a $227,400 federal grant to help develop monarch habitat on 3,322 acres of privately owned land in the state.

Lohud: Long Island Sound gets updated conservation goals
Link - Reducing pollution, restoring wetlands, and cutting down on plastic debris are among the new environmental goals in the latest 20-year plan announced by a state and federal partnership tasked with restoring Long Island Sound.


Farm Futures: Commentary: Why agriculture needs immigration reform
Link - (Opinion) Most people think of Arizona as a big dusty desert. In fact, where I farm in Yuma County, agriculture is the No. 1 industry, and Yuma is the winter vegetable capital of the world.

The Sacramento Bee: Health care fix helps farmworkers and state budget
Link - (Opinion) Legislators were skeptical, and some reporters thought it was a trick. We were proposing progressive social policy to help farmworkers get health care that would actually subsidize the state’s general fund, not the other way around.

Capitol Press: App provides training for farmworkers in proper hand-washing
Link - The California Leafy Greens Marketing Agreement has unveiled a mobile device application that takes farmworkers through a five-minute training in how to wash their hands thoroughly and frequently enough to avoid foodborne illness outbreaks.

Benefits Pro: Half of food employees go to work sick
Link - A new poll finds that 51 percent of American workers in food service report coming into work sick occasionally – for more than what employers believe.

GPB News: Inside The Life Of An Apple Picker
Link - It's fall. Time to pick apples. For some of us, that's casual recreation, a leisurely stroll through picturesque orchards. For tens of thousands of people, though, it's a paycheck.


Bloomberg: Dow Chemical Weighs Options Amid Agriculture Consolidation
Link - Dow Chemical Co. is weighing options for its business that supplies farmers with pesticides and genetically modified crop seeds, the latest sign of consolidation in the global agriculture industry.

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