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Daily Harvest -- 11/4/2014
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Agri-Pulse: National Pork Board releases ‘consumer-centered’ strategic plan
Link - The National Pork Board (NPB) has released a new strategic plan for the next five years with the goals of building consumer trust, driving sustainable production and growing consumer demand.

Government Executive: Colorado, Oregon Voters Set to Decide GMO Labeling Rules
Link - The complex issue of GMO labeling for food products is being considered by voters in Colorado and Oregon, and both supporters and opponents seem to agree that the topic of genetically modified organisms is so complicated that a better approach would be comprehensive federal legislation.

Portland Business Journal: Regardless of election results, Oregon's GMO debate not going away
Link - No matter what happens in Oregon's election, one thing is sure — the call to tell consumers about engineered ingredients won't to turn on the outcome of a single election.

DTN: Proposed Clean Water Act Rule Could Affect Entire Farm
Link - A quarter-section of the 1,200-acre farm owned by Kristin Vandersnick and her husband Matt is likely out of crop production for the foreseeable future... but the fishing there is good.

Indy Star: Agriculture jobs are jobs of the future
Link - According to FFA (formerly Future Farmers of America), we need to produce as much food in the next 40 years as we produced in the previous 8,000 years due to the projected growth in population.

Bloomberg: Corn, Soybeans Drop as U.S. Weather Seen Boosting Harvest
Link - Corn and soybeans fell in Chicago on speculation that dry weather will accelerate harvests that are forecast to be the biggest ever in the U.S., the world’s top producer of the crops.

KOMO News: Farming the Oregon coast: Not so wild an idea
Link - Farmers, ranchers and those interested in making a living in agriculture made it clear they reject the idea that the coast is the wrong place to put down roots.

Wall Street Journal: Big Issues for New Senate: Border, Health-Care Repeal, Energy
Link - Republican candidates and a few Democrats toughened their stands on illegal immigration. The GOP hardened its vows to repeal the Affordable Care Act. Minimum-wage increases championed by Democrats drew some GOP support.

Des Moines Register: Iowa farmers harvest about a quarter of corn crop
Link - Iowa farmers harvested a quarter of the state's corn acres last week, a U.S. Department of Agriculture report shows. And the state's soybean harvest was nearly completed.


Reuters: Factbox: Energy, environment issues dominate some Senate races
Link - Energy and climate are central issues on some of the tightest U.S. Senate races of 2014 and have created a surge in spending by outside groups.

The Hill: Energy wins
Link - With zero precincts reporting, we can confidently project American energy is a landslide winner in the 2014 midterm elections.


Wall Street Journal: Meat Companies Go Antibiotics-Free as More Consumers Demand It
Link - Perdue is among a growing array of food producers moving to limit the routine use of antibiotics in livestock production—less in response to regulatory action than to consumer pressure.

Washington Post: Chipotle, Cheesecake Factory and others feel pinch of record dairy prices
Link - From the sour cream at Chipotle to the dinner rolls at Panera Bread, many favorite restaurant menu items have become more costly to produce as dairy prices have soared to record highs.


Agri-Pulse: What no tariffs under TPP would mean for ag exports
Link - (Audio) A new USDA study shows that agricultural trade in the region of the Trans Pacific Partnership could increase by $8.5 billion per year and U.S. exports would increase the most.

Reuters: Cargill sees food scares boosting China's grains appetite
Link - A slew of food safety scandals has stoked China's hunger for higher quality products that would sustain consumption of protein-rich farm commodities even as its economy slows, a top executive of leading commodities trader Cargill Inc said.

Reuters: U.S. swaps watchdog seeks rule tweaks to ease burden for small users
Link - The U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission on Monday proposed minor rule changes to ease the regulatory burden for smaller derivative market users, who have broad support in Congress.

The Guardian: Gates foundation spends bulk of agriculture grants in rich countries
Link - Most of the $3bn (£1.8bn) that the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has given to benefit hungry people in the world’s poorest countries has been spent in the US, Britain and other rich countries, with only around 10% spent in Africa, new research suggests.


Argus Leader: S.D. conservation fund no match for N.D. potential
Link - Voters Tuesday will decide the fate of Initiated Constitutional Measure 5. If it passes, for the next 25 years, it would devote 5 percent of the state’s share of oil extraction taxes to a Clean Water, Wildlife and Parks Trust and Fund.


Washington Times: Sarah Palin smacks Mitt Romney on immigration: He’s in ‘never never land’
Link - Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin issued a sharp rebuke to former presidential contender Mitt Romney for his comments suggesting the Republican Party would take amnesty-like action on immigration if they took over the Senate.

Politico: Obama, interrupted
Link - President Barack Obama can’t seem to get through a big public speech without being heckled by immigration reform advocates.


Agri-Pulse: Strategic vision needed for top challenges
Link - Mark Edelman and Barry Flinchbaugh: The threats we face today are diverse and different. There is no singular external national security challenge. We lack strategic vision for our new role in global affairs.

KSBY: Cal Poly alumni gift $20 million to College of Agriculture, Food & Environmental Sciences
Link - Peter and Mary Beth Oppenheimer gave the College of Agriculture, Food, and Environmental Sciences $20 million dollars. The Oppenheimer's are both Cal Poly alumni. Their younger son is following in their footsteps.

Washington Post: New emails show White House role in Sherrod ouster
Link - A 2010 email from Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack says his department was “waiting for the go-ahead” from the White House before accepting the resignation of employee Shirley Sherrod, according to newly released documents, despite Obama administration assertions that her ouster was Vilsack’s decision alone.

Washington Post: State ballot measures: 5 things to watch
Link - A total of 147 ballot measures will go before voters on Election Day, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures. The topics range from marijuana legalization and abortion to food labels and gun sales.

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