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Daily Harvest -- 11/6/2014
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Agri-Pulse: Republicans wave sweeps into governors' mansions
Link - (Subscriber only) Republican governors held control of important swing states such as Florida, Michigan and Ohio in Tuesday's voting, while posting upset victories in Democratic strongholds including Maryland, Massachusetts and Illinois.

Agri-Pulse: Maui voters approve GMO moratorium
Link - Voters in Maui County, Hawaii, on Tuesday narrowly approved a moratorium on the testing or cultivation of genetically modified or engineered crops in the county until further health and environmental tests are conducted.

Agri-Pulse: Task force formed to advise government on animal antibiotic resistance
Link - The Association of Public and Land-grant Universities (APLU) and the Association of American Veterinary Medical Colleges (AAVMC) today announced the creation of the Task Force on Antibiotic Resistance in Production Agriculture.

Agri-Pulse: Senate majority change could impact proposed EPA regulation
Link - (Audio) Republican control of the Senate could mean tighter controls on the EPA. Newly elected Senator Joni Ernst in Iowa replaces retiring Democrat Tom Harkin and she made it clear early in her campaign that she feels EPA is overly burdensome.

Wall Street Journal: Food Industry Wins Round in GMO-Labeling Fight
Link - Big food producers and agribusiness companies defeated measures in Oregon and Colorado that would have required labeling of foods with genetically modified ingredients, after costly campaigns that energized critics and backers of the technology in two more states.

Washington Post: Pat Roberts pulls off a resounding win in Kansas
Link - Republican Sen. Pat Roberts entered to a battle anthem and took to the stage, a survivor. “No, we weren’t dragged across the finish line -- we took the hill,” Roberts told the roaring crowd Tuesday night at the Capitol Plaza Hotel.

Des Moines Register: Joni Ernst: I'm ready to get to work
Link - A buoyant Joni Ernst said Wednesday that she's eager to get to the U.S. Senate, where she'd like to focus on military and agricultural matters.


Bloomberg: Abengoa Wins Order for $393 Million Belgian Biomass Plant
Link - Abengoa SA (ABG/P), a Spanish energy and environment company, won a contract to build one of Europe’s largest biomass projects for the utility Belgian Eco Energy NV.

Reuters: North Dakota re-elects agriculture commissioner in oil-focused race
Link - North Dakota, the second-largest U.S. oil producer, re-elected Agriculture Commissioner Doug Goehring on Tuesday, as voters opted to retain the status quo for a position that helps regulate the state's burgeoning energy industry.


New York Times: Bad News for Pasta Lovers in Durum Wheat Harvest
Link - This year’s wheat harvest was the biggest ever, but the durum crop — the type of wheat used for pasta — was the smallest in 13 years. As a result, pasta makers face the highest costs in four years, which will probably be passed on to consumers in the form of higher prices.

Gallup: Fewer Americans Struggling to Afford Food
Link - On average, 17.2% of U.S. adults so far in 2014 report that in the last 12 months they have struggled to afford food for themselves or their families. This percentage is on track to be the lowest measured since the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index started in 2008.

Forbes: Faster Food: Inside Cargill's Plan To Make The World's Biggest Food Business Even Bigger
Link - All in all, Cargill has poured more than $3 billion into upgraded facilities, acquisitions and new projects around the world over the last year.


Agri-Pulse: U.S. agricultural exports reach new highs
Link - The U.S. Department of Agriculture released its final total for U.S. agricultural exports in Fiscal Year 2014, which soared to a record $152.5 billion. That's an 8 percent increase from last year's record of $141.1 billion.

Agri-Pulse: COOL opponents say U.S. appeal would 'delay the inevitable'
Link - A lawyer specializing in international trade law says any further U.S. action seeking to bring country-of-origin labeling (COOL) rules for meat into compliance with the World Trade Organization (WTO) would simply postpone an already likely outcome.

Des Moines Register: U.S. farmers exported record $152.5 billion in fiscal 2014
Link - U.S. farmers and ranchers exported a record $152.5 billion in products during the 2014 fiscal year ended Sept. 30, the federal government said Wednesday.

The Japan Times: Republican control of Congress does not mean TPP is a done deal
Link - While Japanese and U.S. officials expect little change in the U.S.-Japan relationship following Tuesday’s midterm elections, experts are divided on what a Republican-controlled Congress means for Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations and, ultimately, for reaching a deal before the 2016 presidential election.

Reuters: 'Eat French' say gloomy farmers in country-wide protests
Link - Farmers dumped mounds of potatoes in central Paris and manure at government buildings in other towns as they urged their countrymen to "Eat French" in a day of national protests.

Reuters: Danish farmers, hit by Russian ban, are a thorn in banks' side
Link - Danish banks' rebounding profits could prove short-lived as tumbling agricultural prices and Russia's ban on European food imports threaten to spark more defaults among farmers who have borrowed billions of crowns.

Reuters: Italian floods hit agriculture, draw accusations of neglect
Link - Floods coursed through Italy on Wednesday, damaging agriculture and reviving a controversy over environmental neglect.


Los Angeles Times: Asian citrus psyllid proposal worries organic farmers
Link - To combat pests like the Asian citrus psyllid, exotic fruit fly and glassy-winged sharpshooter that threaten the state's food supply, the California Department of Food and Agriculture is weighing a new plan that some organic farmers say doesn't do enough to prevent their crops from being ruined by pesticides.

Washington Post: Coastal California residents using far less water
Link - Residents in coastal communities use far less water than their inland counterparts, but still find ways to cut back even more, residential per-capita water use figures released for the first time Tuesday show.

New York Times: Fostering Pheasants to Keep a Tradition Alive
Link - The Clarks, of West Jordan, were among dozens of Utah families, conservation groups, scout troops and others who participated in the Day-Old Pheasant Chick program, raising about 3,000 birds, which the state bought from commercial growers for $1.20 each.


Newsweek: Was Immigration Delay Obama’s Biggest Mistake?
Link - After the Republican wave swept away Democratic senators, House members and governors last night, one mistake looms large for President Obama: His decision this summer to delay the executive action he promised the Latino community to ease deportations of illegal immigrants.


Yahoo: Harvesting hope: How a farm community came together to help one of its own
Link - With the Schaumburgs still by their son's side at Loyola Medical Center, their farm back home sat waiting to be harvested. And so last Saturday, before dawn on the first day of November, more than 100 people arrived at the Schaumburg farm.

Daily Record: For the love of lavender: NJ farm cultivates field of flowers
Link - Based on the demand for the lavender products that Voorhees makes from her farm-fresh yield and offers in her well-stocked lavender shop, Jerseyans are increasingly finding this pastel flowering plant a thing of beauty and giving new life to a farm once in transition.

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