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Daily Harvest -- 12/7/2015
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Agri-Pulse: Washington Week Ahead: COOL, other issues await action; industry pushes for GMO bill
Link - The week ahead is shaping up to be the most important period for agriculture and food policy since at least the passage of the 2014 farm bill, with critical action coming on country-of-origin labeling, school nutrition standards, tax policy and a range of other issues.

Agri-Pulse: APHIS OK's Monsanto corn with increased ear biomass
Link - USDA's Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service has given Monsanto the go-ahead to market corn genetically engineered for increased ear biomass.

Agri-Pulse: Washington Week in Review: Dec. 4, 2015: Crop insurance, GMO labeling, omnibus, and RFS
Link - (Video) In the first of what looks to be many busy weeks in December, Congress cleared a five-year highway bill that also saved the crop insurance program from a $3 billion cut. Next week looks to be even busier with looming debates on a spending package and news on country-of-origin labeling.

Associated Press: Koster, GOP Missouri gubernatorial hopefuls talk agriculture
Link - Democratic Attorney General Chris Koster sought to distinguish himself from the four Republican candidates for Missouri governor during a Sunday question-and-answer session, but on some agriculture issues he shared similar views with the GOP hopefuls.

Des Moines Register: Clinton to campaign in Iowa on Wednesday
Link - Former Secretary of State and New York senator Hillary Clinton will host town hall events on Wednesday. The 2016 Democratic presidential nomination has planned stops in eastern and central Iowa.


Los Angeles Times: EPA's mandate for corn-based ethanol biofuel is a bad idea
Link - (Opinion) Recent research suggests ethanol-blended fuel could be worse for the environment than gasoline alone once you tally up the effects of producing and using it.

Reuters: Uruguay is now generating 95% of its electricity from renewable energy
Link - The country, which approved a sweeping 25-year energy policy in 2008, relies on a mixture of energy resources including wind turbines, solar power, hydropower, and biomass.


Sacramento Bee: Refrigeration system would help urban farms, promote local economy
Link - West Sacramento Urban Farm is seeking funding for a refrigerated aggregation facility that would reduce food spoilage, expanding the organization’s reach throughout surrounding food desert communities, such as Knights Landing.

Wall Street Journal: Race is on to breed better birds as chicken emerges as the protein of the masses
Link - The U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization projects that chicken will overtake pork as the world’s most-consumed meat by 2020, and meat companies are ramping up production.

Des Moines Register: Food stamp 'reform' isn't about health
Link - (Opinion) Maine Gov. Paul LePage has joined the band of elected officials who want to micromanage what low-income people eat and drink. But banning a few items would likely mean simply shifting how one pays for groceries.

Washington Post: The revolutionary technology helping to fight food waste
Link - An American University sophomore has founded a website that connects thousands of food pantries in 24 states.


Wall Street Journal: New Shipping Container Rule Riles Exporters
Link - Retailers, manufacturers and farmers world-wide are protesting a new marine shipping safety rule they say will raise transport costs and cause delays at ports worldwide.

WSJ: Strong dollar shreds U.S. wheat exports
Link - The strong dollar is stifling U.S. agricultural exports, worsening the strain on farmers already dealing with a collapse in prices and weaker demand.


Los Angeles Times: Brown, Schwarzenegger team up at Paris climate talks
Link - They sat for a joint interview to put a bipartisan spin on fighting climate change, a key issue for both of them.

Washington Post: A secret weapon to fight climate change: dirt
Link - (Opinion) We think of climate change as a consequence of burning fossil fuels. But a third of the carbon in the atmosphere today used to be in the soil, and modern farming is largely to blame. Keeping dirt in the ground is one of the best methods for sequestering carbon.


Politico: Congressional Dems Back Obama's SCOTUS Immigration Appeal
Link - More than 200 congressional Democrats are throwing their weight behind the Obama administration's appeal to the Supreme Court to take up a legal case that has stalled President Obama's executive actions on immigration.

Springfield (Mo.) News-Leader: Study provides insight to revitalize Missouri dairy industry
Link - The study also identified what dairy producers in Missouri consider their biggest challenges and concerns. Producers identified their greatest needs as being higher milk prices and profit margins, more dairy infrastructure, and more competitive milk markets. The greatest challenges identified as facing dairy farms were labor, animal health, forage issues, and weather.


N.Y. Times: Obama Says of Terrorist Threat: ‘We Will Overcome It’
Link - President Obama sought on Sunday to calm a jittery American public after the terrorist attack last week in California, delivering a prime-time address designed to highlight the government’s campaign against an evolving threat.

Los Angeles Times: I'm pretty sure my wife is trying to murder me with pie
Link - (Opinion) I'm at the age where nothing hurts or everything hurts. Before a recent 5K race, one of those pre-feast turkey trots that have become all the rage, I took aspirin before I ran, not after.

Agri-Pulse: Do you really own it?
Link - (Opinion) I've been thinking a lot lately about owning stuff. It should be pretty clear what that means, owning something. If I own it, I can sell it, I can use it, surely I can rent it out, and I guess I can throw it away. As long as I recycle.

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