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Daily Harvest -- 12/11/2015
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Agri-Pulse: Huelskamp expects return to House Ag panel after win in steering race
Link - Three years after he was ousted from the House Agriculture Committee, Kansas Republican Tim Huelskamp landed a coveted spot on the panel that makes GOP committee assignments.

Agri-Pulse: USB details new strategic plan
Link - (Audio) United Soybean Board's new chairman, Jared Hagert, provides details of its new strategic plan.

Agri-Pulse: Seed licensing emerges as last-minute issue in spending talks
Link - (Subscriber only) The seed industry is scrambling to head off an effort by a small Mississippi company to use a year-end spending bill to renew its expired, patent-like protection for a variety of ryegrass.

Agri-Pulse: House votes to reauthorize Surface Transportation Board
Link - Key farm and industry stakeholders applauded the House's Thursday passage of a bill to reauthorize the federal railroad regulatory agency.

Agri-Pulse: United Soybean Board unveils new strategic plan, goals for checkoff
Link - The United Soybean Board will focus its efforts on nine new goals for the next several years, hoping to make improvements in supply, demand and marketplace value.

L.A. Times: How the state GOP's drought relief bill undermined serious work aimed at a solution
Link - (Opinion) It might have been a sneaky, underhanded maneuver, or it might have been a simple miscommunication. Either way, California's GOP House delegation took a foolish step last week when members stuck an unfinished drought relief bill onto the omnibus spending bill for fiscal 2016, then suggested that Sen. Dianne Feinstein, with whom they had been negotiating for months, was on board. She wasn't.


YubaNet: Peaceful Valley Farm Supply Installs California Solar Electric Co. Solar System
Link - Peaceful Valley Farm & Garden Supply’s Grass Valley retail location is installing a commercial-scale solar system. The new system was designed by California Solar Electric Company, who will also handle the installation.

FastCompany: 9 Ways GE Executed Its Radical Green Reinvention
Link - In 2005, when GE's CEO Jeff Immelt announced that the industrial giant was putting significant resources into a program called Ecomagination, designed to emphasize energy efficiency and ecologically friendly products, you wouldn't have been wrong in scoffing. Ten years later, Ecomagination has proved the skeptics wrong. It has become the linchpin of a remarkably successful reinvention of GE, the foundation of the company’s future, and the vanguard of the global movement towards corporate environmentalism.

WRAL: NC farmers question Duke Energy's decision to go elsewhere for swine waste
Link - Now that farmers are starting to convert hog waste into energy, state regulators are looking at why Duke Energy is going out of state to buy the bio-gas.


Agri-Pulse: FDA report shows antibiotic sales on the rise
Link - An annual report from the Food and Drug Administration shows that sales and distribution of antibiotics for use in food animals are continuing to increase. The Natural Resources Defense Council and Animal Health Institute have different reactions to the data.

Associated Press: PepsiCo, Muller agree to close upstate NY yogurt plant
Link - PepsiCo Inc. and German dairy giant Theo Muller Group ended production Thursday at a western New York yogurt plant that opened with much fanfare and state money in 2013, saying it didn't meet expectations in a competitive and dynamic marketplace.

Agri-Pulse: GMO labeling fix to be top priority in January, Stabenow says
Link - With chances for a year-end deal on GMO labeling all but gone, the top Democrat on the Senate Agriculture Committee said it would be a top priority early next year.

Politico: Avian flu hasn't returned, but producers are ready if it does
Link - Despite the doomsday predictions earlier this year that highly pathogenic avian influenza would return as birds flew south for winter, that doesn't seem to have happened, but poultry producers are ready nonetheless. The last case detected by the Agriculture Department was in layer chickens at a farm in Wright County, Miss., on June 17. While the poultry industry is still looking out for new cases, poultry producers and processors say that the outbreak has changed the way the industry handles biosecurity.


L.A. Times: The post of ambassador to Mexico is vital to U.S. security and commerce. Two senators are holding it up.
Link - (Opinion) The U.S. ambassador and her team coordinate the entire national security and commercial apparatus of our government at post in Mexico. Each of our security agencies — from the Drug Enforcement Administration to the CIA — are represented at the embassy in Mexico City. So are the departments of Agriculture, Commerce and Transportation, among others.

L.A. Times: 'This isn't NAFTA,' U.S. trade representative says about Trans-Pacific Partnership
Link - U.S. Trade Representative Michael Froman defends TPP: "It's got real teeth. Not only the labor and environmental provisions but the intellectual property provisions, the state-owned enterprise provisions, the digital economy provisions. These are tighter provisions than we've had in previous trade agreements. It lays out specific timetables by which the dispute settlement has to take place."

N.Y. Times: Seeking to Reduce Debt, Glencore May Pursue I.P.O. of Agricultural Business
Link - The Swiss mining company would prefer to sell a minority stake in its agricultural business, but could potentially seek an initial public offering of the business.


Agri-Pulse: USDA allots $40 million to protect sage grouse habitat
Link - USDA's Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) said Thursday it will make $40 million in conservation funding available to farmers and ranchers operating within the greater sage-grouse's 11-state range in the western U.S.

N.Y. Times: Save the Planet. Eat Ugly.
Link - Of the various calls to action at the United Nations climate conference this week, that one by Nicolas Chabanne might be among the catchiest catchphrases. Mr. Chabanne, an entrepreneur with ties to French fruit and vegetable farmers, has been working the sidelines of the conference to promote an effort that he says can help the climate by reducing food waste.

L.A. Times: A deal to remove four Klamath River dams is in danger of collapse
Link - Five years after a high-profile deal was struck to remove four hydroelectric dams and improve conditions on one of the West Coast's prime salmon rivers, the agreement is on the verge of collapse for lack of action by Congress.

Associated Press: EPA approves water quality rules dividing Montana, Wyoming
Link - The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency waded into a long-running skirmish between two states by approving water quality rules meant to protect southeastern Montana cropland from wastewater produced during natural gas drilling in neighboring Wyoming.

Associated Press: Can trading pollution like stocks help fight climate change?
Link - The gas produced by hog manure at farms across the U.S. punches holes in the ozone layer, overheats the planet, and angers neighbors with its peculiar odor, a mix of rotten egg and ammonia.


Richmond County Daily Journal (N.C.): Farm worker accused of 'maliciously' killing 4 chickens
Link - According to arrest warrants, 22-year-old Danny Cajija Miranda killed two of the chickens by grinding his heel on their heads with his full weight, whipping one of them around by its neck first.

Agri-Pulse: EPA must respond to chlorpyrifos petition by end of 2016, court says
Link - EPA has been ordered by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals to respond by the end of 2016 to a petition seeking a total ban on uses of the insecticide chlorpyrifos.


L.A. Times: Repetitive 'Polyfaces,' movie about a sustainable family farm, gets too preachy
Link - A dynamic sequence in "Polyfaces," a portrait of a sustainable family farm in Virginia, zeros in on a robust flock of chickens. In a manure-enriched pasture, the birds feast on a smorgasbord of extravagantly diverse bugs. The footage stands in vibrant rebuke to the continued prevalence of industrialized agriculture. And at its best, the uneven documentary, subtitled "A World of Many Choices," is fueled by that hopeful sense of alternatives.

N.Y. Times: Dow, DuPont merger could create value
Link - The agricultural spinoff, for example, could focus on the biology needed to create new seeds. The specialty chemical offshoot would be more about chemistry. And the materials business would worry about securing the cheap gas it needs to make plastics and other products.

Wall Street Journal: Dow, DuPont deal could spur rivals in seeds-and-pesticides to look at combinations of their own
Link - The potential merger of DuPont Co. and Dow Chemical Co. could further shrink the handful of companies that dominate the global seed and pesticide business.

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