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Daily Harvest -- 6/19/2013
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Agri-Pulse: Committee approves rule for farm bill debate with 103 amendments
Link - The House is expected to consider a rule today that would allow 103 amendments to its five-year farm bill (H.R. 1947) and then begin debate on amendments.

Agri-Pulse: Farm bill faces attacks from every direction
Link - Advocates for passage of a 2013 farm bill are increasingly worried that the House floor debate will look more like a circular firing squad, with traditional supporters lining up to attack each other in ways that could lead to defeat of the overall bill.

Agri-Pulse: Op Ed: Don't Complain with Your Mouth Full
Link - Christy Seyfert, Vice President of Federal Affairs for the Crop Insurance and Reinsurance Bureau, writes an opinion piece defending the federal crop insurance program just as the House begin its floor debate on the farm bill.

Agri-Pulse: NFU adds support for new PLC commodity provisions
Link - The National Farmers Union (NFU) weighed into the debate over whether or note lawmakers should support Price Loss Coverage (PLC) provisions in the committee’s version of the 2013 Farm Bill, arguing that the provisions should not be amended as corn, soybean and canola organizations have requested.

Politico: Nancy Pelosi: 'Not likely' to back farm bill
Link - Pelosi’s qualified answer seems to reflect these old ties to agriculture. Nonetheless, the California Democrat is clearly frustrated by the GOP tactics, and her remarks — after Tuesday morning’s Democratic caucus — were her fullest to date.

Roll Call: Farm Bill Vote May Be Delayed
Link - Democratic and Republican aides signaled Tuesday evening that final passage of the farm bill could be delayed until next week, as the House Rules Committee sifts through more than 200 amendments and leadership on both sides of the aisle wonder whether there are even enough votes to pass it.

Wall Street Journal: Price Fixing Milk
Link - Under Rep. Collin Peterson’s, D-Minn., dairy program in the House farm bill, the goal is to keep dairy prices artificially high, which means higher costs for consumers and federal nutrition programs, says the Wall Street Journal. Americans will subsidize dairy farmers as taxpayers and again as consumers.

The Hill: Top Agriculture Committee Dem downplays nutrition cuts in farm bill
Link - Rep. Collin Peterson (D-Minn.), the ranking member of the House Agriculture Committee, downplayed cuts to the federal food stamp program in the farm bill by saying every federal program can stand to be trimmed.

Wall Street Journal: Hoyer Sees Some Democrats Backing House Farm Bill
Link - Rep. Steny Hoyer (D., Md.) said he thought some Democrats would vote to advance the legislation out of the House because they support the underlying programs aimed at farmers and are confident the Democratic-controlled Senate will hold firm in opposition to the deep cuts to nutrition programs during later negotiations.


Huffington Post: Chipotle Starts Labeling GMO Ingredients On Website Menu
Link - The chain recently became the first fast-food chain to label the ingredients it uses that contain GMOs; the list is deep in its website, not in stores. And 12 of the 24 ingredients listed on the site are affixed with a red "G" -- indicating the presence of GMOs.

LA Times: Another wrinkle in raisin growers' lawsuit
Link - Raisin farming may seem straightforward, but like so much of modern agriculture, it's a complex industry, beset by rules, regulations and obscure marketing requirements that spring from another time and place. The contested raisin "marketing rule" works essentially by confiscating a portion of each farmer's crop to keep prices up by regulating the supply.

Des Moines Register: Wake-up call: Starbucks to post calorie information
Link - While a few national chains already put calorie information on their menus, a “large majority” are waiting for the FDA to issue its final guidelines, according to Sue Hensley, a spokeswoman for the National Restaurant Association. The group expects the regulation to take effect next year.


Voice of America: US Agriculture Industry Opposes Changes to Food Aid Program
Link - The $1.5 billion Food for Peace program provides U.S.-grown food to countries in need. But President Barack Obama’s proposed replacing some commodity shipments with direct cash purchases – a move many farmers and millers oppose.


The Hill: Boehner: No immigration vote without support of GOP majority
Link - Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) on Tuesday reassured GOP lawmakers that he would adhere to the “Hastert Rule” on immigration reform and not hold a vote without the support of a majority of the caucus. Boehner's decision is likely to complicate efforts to pass immigration reform in the House, where it is opposed by many conservatives.

Wall Street Journal: CBO: Senate Immigration Bill to Save $175 Billion
Link - The legislation would save $175 billion over a decade by prompting a labor-force expansion that boosts U.S. income- and payroll-tax collections, said the CBO.

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