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Daily Harvest -- 7/29/2013
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Agri-Pulse: Washington Week Ahead: Farm bill action remains up in the air
Link - House Republican leadership is expected to continue trying to find a way forward on a nutrition title stand-alone bill to take to conference with the Senate. Reports have differed on how much progress the nutrition working group has made, as the discussions have been behind closed doors.

Agri-Pulse: Audio Open Mic with Congressman Dave Loebsack
Link - Congressman Dave Loebsack, who recently hosted Rep. Collin Peterson, the ranking Democrat on the House Agriculture Committee, in his southeastern Iowa district, explains why he and other Democrats could not support the split farm bill that passed the House a few weeks ago with only GOP votes.

Des Moines Register: Iowa leaders call on Congress to reach farm bill compromise
Link - In a letter sent Thursday to the Republican and Democratic leaders in the U.S. House and Senate, Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad, Lt. Gov. Kim Reynolds, Secretary of Agriculture Bill Northey and Director of Natural Resources Chuck Gipp encouraged “swift conference committee resolution of the differing farm bill measures that have passed both chambers of Congress.”

USA Today: Armchair farmers don't feed the USA: Opposing view
Link - President Dwight Eisenhower once said that farming looks easy when your plow is a pencil and you're 1,000 miles from the corn field. Half a decade later and today's generation of armchair farmers are just as shortsighted, and a lot more cynical.


New York Times: A Race to Save the Orange by Altering Its DNA
Link - An emerging scientific consensus held that genetic engineering would be required to defeat citrus greening. “People are either going to drink transgenic orange juice or they’re going to drink apple juice,” one University of Florida scientist told Mr. Kress.

New York Times: Seeking Support, Biotech Food Companies Pledge Transparency
Link - With pressure growing to label genetically modified foods, the developers of biotechnology crops are starting a campaign to gain support for their products by promising new openness.

Associated Press: Ga. blueberry knocks peach off top of fruit pile
Link - In a little-noticed development, the value of blueberry production in Georgia beat the peach crop in 2005 — and the gap has grown even bigger since then, according to U.S. Department of Agriculture surveys.


Agri-Pulse: U.S. Cattlemen's Association to lead intervention in COOL lawsuit
Link - United States Cattlemen's Association (USCA) will lead Country of Origin Labeling (COOL) supporters in intervening in the lawsuit filed on July 8 by groups wanting to halt the implementation of new COOL regulations.

Roll Call: GMO Soybeans Are Speed Bump in EU Trade Deal
Link - DuPont has been unable to get the European Union’s approval for the new product, one of an array of genetically engineered crops that are stalled in an EU approval process, even though the company first applied for EU approval in 2007.


Agri-Pulse: Acting Chief Weller named permanent head of NRCS
Link - Natural Resources Conservation Service Acting Chief Jason Weller was named permanent head of that agency, seven months after succeeding former Chief Dave White.

Agri-Pulse: Opinion: Making every drop count
Link - Bruce Knight, Principal of Strategic Conservation Solutions, says planning for the future also means strategically directing research funds today to develop those techniques and technologies that will enable farmers to produce the bumper harvests required tomorrow.

LA Times: Frogs ingest pesticides from agriculture fields 100 miles away
Link - Frogs living in remote mountain ponds in the Sierra Nevada are ingesting pesticides used to grow crops 50 to 100 miles away in California’s Central Valley, according to a study by government scientists.

Wall Street Journal: China's Bad Earth
Link - Industrialization has turned much of the Chinese countryside into an environmental disaster zone, threatening not only the food supply but the legitimacy of the regime itself.


LA Times: Two California congressmen represent divide on immigration reform
Link - Central Valley Rep. Jeff Denham says an immigration overhaul is important to California and the Republican Party. Fellow GOP Rep. Dana Rohrabacher of Orange County flatly rejects the idea.

Politico: Immigration bill 2013: Immigration vote may wait until October, Paul Ryan says
Link - House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) told attendees at a town hall in Racine, Wis., that his chamber could start voting on immigration bills that month – pushing the timeline for action in the House even further back.


Sacramento Bee: Views on Food: Farm-to-fork efforts deserve wide support
Link - About 600 people in September will enjoy a meal together on the Tower Bridge over the Sacramento River - a span symbolizing the links that help tie together our urban core and rich, rural farmlands.

Washington Post: Activists launch campaign depicting pigs, chickens, cows as smarter than commonly believed
Link - Animal-welfare advocates are launching a campaign called The Someone Project. The hope is that more people might view these animals with the same empathy that they view dogs, cats, elephants, great apes and dolphins.

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