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Politics | 10/5/2016 5:27:53 PM
WASHINGTON, Oct. 5, 2016 - An emotional dispute over an oil pipeline whose construction has allegedly harmed sacred Indian burial grounds was the subject of arguments in the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals Wednesday.
Politics | 10/5/2016 5:22:37 PM
WASHINGTON, Oct. 4, 2016 - Whether the courts decide to throw out or approve the administration's Clean Power Plan to limit power plant carbon emissions for the first time, count on energy storage thriving and continuing to improve the nation's electric grid.

Politics | 10/5/2016 2:20:07 PM
WASHINGTON, Oct. 5, 2016 - Congress has left Washington until after the election with a long list of unfinished business important to agriculture, including spending bills, expiring biofuel tax breaks...
Politics | 10/5/2016 1:59:03 PM
WASHINGTON, Oct. 5, 2016 - Some of the first proposals for the next farm bill aren't aimed at traditional agriculture but instead support those who are...
Politics | 10/5/2016 1:33:19 PM
WASHINGTON, Oct. 5, 2016 - Ahead of World Food Day, an environmental group that has long challenged U.S. food policy claims American farmers aren't as crucial to feeding the world's poor as often portrayed in...
Politics | 10/5/2016 11:54:45 AM
WASHINGTON, Oct. 5, 2016 - An Environmental Protection Agency risk assessment that found atrazine widely distributed in waters throughout the Midwest could lead to a...
Politics | 10/5/2016 11:43:31 AM
WASHINGTON, Oct. 5, 2016 - A catastrophic hit on the U.S. livestock industry has been a cautionary talking point as ag groups push for expanded foot-and-mouth disease preparedness, but what would a U.S. outbreak of the disease...
Politics | 10/5/2016 11:31:42 AM
WASHINGTON, Oct. 5, 2016 - Optimism is quickly fading that the U.S. and EU will be able to complete work on the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (T-TIP) this year, even as...
Politics | 10/5/2016 11:03:51 AM
WASHINGTON, Oct. 5, 2016 - One of the biggest reservations about increasing agricultural trade with Cuba has been that U.S. food won't benefit the common citizen on...
Politics | 10/5/2016 10:22:58 AM
WASHINGTON, Oct. 5, 2016 - Recent regulatory changes to the Endangered Species Act provide needed reforms that will help curb (rampant abuse) of...
Politics | 10/5/2016 10:06:20 AM
WASHINGTON, Oct. 5, 2016 - On Monday, the Environmental Protection Agency issued a proposed rule that would make some changes to the Renewable Fuel Standard and add...
Politics | 10/5/2016 8:23:49 AM
WASHINGTON, Oct. 5, 2016 - Russia, Syria and foreign policy dominated much of last night's debate between the vice presidential candidates.
Politics | 10/4/2016 5:30:11 PM
WASHINGTON, Oct. 4, 2016 - In rural America, poverty, hunger and unemployment rates are down and population declines have stopped, USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack said today, attributing much of the improvement to the efforts of the White House Rural Council.
Politics | 10/4/2016 5:17:53 PM
WASHINGTON, Oct. 4, 2016 - EPA has finalized the membership of the panel that will examine the carcinogenic potential of glyphosate.
Politics | 10/4/2016 3:49:18 PM
WASHINGTON, Oct. 4, 2016 - CHS Inc., a fuel, grain and food cooperative based in Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota, remains the largest cooperative in the United States, according to...
Politics | 10/4/2016 2:10:53 PM
WASHINGTON, Oct. 4, 2016 - The Agriculture Department on Tuesday distributed more than $7 billion in payments to farmers under the Agriculture Risk Coverage and Price Loss Coverage programs for the 2015 crop year.
Politics | 10/4/2016 8:38:36 AM
WASHINGTON, Oct. 4, 2016 - The 15th round of Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (T-TIP) negotiations is underway in New York and two pro-trade leaders in Congress are pushing hard for results.
Politics | 10/3/2016 5:12:15 PM
WASHINGTON, Oct. 3, 2016 - Net farm income is likely to be flat next year despite an increase in government payments but should improve somewhat in the following two years, according to a new analysis.
Politics | 10/3/2016 4:10:46 PM
WASHINGTON, Sept. 30, 2016 - USDA's Food Safety Inspection Service has issued guidance to make sure that the "Grass Fed" label on beef means exactly what it says.
Politics | 10/3/2016 8:03:10 AM
WASHINGTON, Oct. 3, 2016 - About 100 EU negotiators are in New York this week for the 15th round of Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership negotiations (T-TIP). U.S. and EU trade officials are under a lot of pressure to wrap up the massive trade pact this year out of concern that...
Politics | 10/3/2016
WASHINGTON, Oct. 3, 2016 - Production of biofuels and biobased products such as plant-derived plastics already support 4.2 million jobs, but the industry's future growth rate depends in part on oil prices and the availability of new government incentives, according to a study commissioned by the Agriculture Department.
Politics | 10/2/2016 3:34:13 PM
Technology has reached new heights across the globe, but on a more local level, the tools and resources now available to agriculture communities and production cannot be overlooked.
Politics | 9/30/2016 7:55:17 AM
WASHINGTON, Sept. 30, 2016 - Republican congressional leaders are providing little reason for optimism that the Trans-Pacific Partnership will get a vote before the end of the year.
Politics | 9/29/2016 4:51:08 PM
WASHINGTON, Sept. 28, 2016 - New research indicates that glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup weedkiller and the most widely used herbicide in the world, is unlikely to pose a carcinogenic risk to humans.
Politics | 9/29/2016 3:46:43 PM
WASHINGTON, Sept. 29, 2016 - A major biodiesel retailer has agreed to pay a $27 million fine and retire renewable fuel credits worth $71 million to resolve alleged violations of the Renewable Fuel Standard program. The penalty is the largest in the history of EPA's fuels programs.
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