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Senator Cory Gardner - Colorado - 5/15/2016

This week’s guest on Open Mic is Colorado US Senator Cory Gardner. With a family farm machinery business in operation for over a century, Senator Gardner shares his experience with the cyclical nature of the agriculture industry and the need for farmers to have access to new advances in technology to remain productive and profitable. In this week’s discussion Gardner shares thoughts on the EPA’s new water rules and his view that water issues should be resolved at the state level. The Colorado Republican shares his view of the Endangered Species Act, the need for continued investment in the nation’s highways and rail lines and why he supports free trade agreements.

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Ed Hamberger, Pres. American Association of Railroads

Ed Hamberger, Pres. American Association of Railroads

This week's guest on Open Mic is Ed Hamberger, President and CEO of the American Association of Railroads. In this week's interview Hamberger discusses the longstanding relationships between agriculture, railroads and feeding the world. But the industry is facing economic and regulatory challenges that could negatively affect the rail industry and its customers. The AAR supports expanded global trade through the Trans-Pacific Partnership and is hopeful a new Congress can bring needed change to corporate tax laws.

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