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Agri-Pulse Newsmakers: April 19, 2024: Rep. Salud Carbajal, D-Calif., on farm bill, specialty crops

California Democrat Salud Carbajal sits on the House Ag Committee and is working on his first farm bill. He joins us to discuss the latest politics surrounding a farm bill timeline and whether or not the House Ag Committee can meet a Memorial Day deadline proposed by House Ag Chairman Glenn “GT” Thompson, R-Pa. He also discusses the challenges facing the specialty crop industry and how mechanization can be used to help workforce shortages.

Then, Dennis Nuxoll with the Western Growers Association and Tom Sell with Combest, Sell & Associates join to chat about the political environment facing a farm bill and challenges facing specialty crop producers.

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Ag by the numbers

Earmarked FY 2024 Agricultural Appropriations Funding by State


Lawmakers are reserving more than $750 million in USDA funds for projects in their states.

That funding will come directly from fiscal year 2024’s $22 billion ag appropriations bill.

This map shows which states requested the most funding.

Topping the list was Maine, with nearly $53 million in reserved funding.

Second was Texas with $42 million. Pennsylvania was third with $41 million, and California was allocated nearly $33 million.

The funding will be spent on a variety of projects including research facilities and laboratories, hospitals and building renovations.

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