What Others Say About Agri-Pulse

"Sara I just wanted to say thanks for all the great information that you and your team put together. I look forward to every issue that arrives, as a thorough read of what you send really keeps us to date on what is going on. I can't even begin to think how much time it would take for me to find all of the information that is so well put together in your reports. Keep up the excellent work."

John Hessling, Latin American Capital Management--Jersey City, NJ

"Agri-Pulse is the easiest and most informative newsletter I've ever read. Clearly, the best money I've spent on an Ag Subscription."

Mike Torrey, President, Mike Torrey Associates, and former Deputy Chief of Staff at USDA

“I faithfully read Agri-Pulse weekly. It keeps me on the cutting edge.”

Barry Flinchbaugh, Professor of Ag Economics, Kansas State University

“Agri-Pulse has been a great resource for me to instantly put my hands on information out of Washington, D.C. Sara's ability to get insider information is critical to our success.”

Don Villwock, President, Indiana Farm Bureau

“Sara, thanks for doing a great job. I really enjoy and appreciate your weekly report.”

Russell Redding, Deputy Secretary, Pennsylvania Dept. of Agriculture

"Agri-Pulse provides an outstanding review of the critical events shaping Ag policy. It is succint, well informed, and timely...providing us with the information necessary to keep our customers a step ahead."

Joe Monaghan, Ag Practice Group Leader, Aon Re Inc.--Chicago, IL.

"Agri-Pulse is timely, thorough and trustworthy.  The coverage of both people and policies which affect agriculture is unsurpassed."

Mary Waters, North American Millers Association--Washington, D.C.

“This is huge. Thank you! And may I say you are the first and only, for the most part, person /entity that got a story out on this right away. Thank you. You just reaffirmed why TATT is a subscriber to Agri-Pulse! I've been trolling the news for several days waiting for this announcement. Kudos! You and your team are the best!”

Mary Boote, Truth About Trade

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