Connecticut Gov. Dannel P. Malloy signed Senate Bill 1501, which provides economic relief to Dominion Energy’s Millstone nuclear plant, which provides half of the state’s power. The law permits, but does not require, the state to change its energy rules to allow Dominion to sell up to 75 percent of Millstone’s output in a competitive solicitation with other generation resources that do not emit carbon dioxide. “The importance of this asset to both the state and the region cannot be overstated,” Malloy said. Members of the Connecticut American Petroleum Institute had opposed the bill, saying it would “give special treatment to the Millstone nuclear plant by forcing consumers in the state to pay more for electricity.” However, the Commissioners of the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection and the Public Utilities Regulatory Authority said they do not anticipate “that Dominion requires electric ratepayers to provide financial support outside the regional market in order for Millstone to continue operating profitably.”