WASHINGTON, Oct. 28, 2015 - The Export-Import Bank appears to be coming back to life. The House voted 313-118 Tuesday to reauthorize the bank, handing a victory to agricultural equipment makers and other companies whose export financing has been in limbo since Ex-Im’s authority lapsed July 1. Notably, a majority of Republicans, 127, supported the measure.

Senate GOP leaders won’t take up the standalone Ex-Im reauthorization bill but they have a similar measure attached to a highway funding bill. Supporters were counting on the House vote to make the case for including Ex-Im in the final version of the highway bill that will be negotiated between the House and Senate in coming days.

“This is about us being competitive all around the world,” said Tennessee Republican Stephen Fincher, who led the effort to force a House debate on the authorization bill through the rarely used method of a discharge petition. Fischer was joined in the effort by former Agriculture Chairman Frank Lucas, R-Okla.

The House action comes before Ex-Im critic Paul Ryan is elected speaker. "I think there are plenty other ways to expand opportunity in this country, and corporate welfare is not one of them,” said Ryan.


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