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Articles by Jodi Delapaz

Energy sector sees increase in cyber-attacks

The energy sector has seen a major increase in the number of successful cyber-attacks over the past year, the World Energy Council says in a new report. With its increasing interconnection and digitization, such as the emergence of smart grids and smart devices, the sector make
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Propane exports surge, surpassing gasoline

- U.S. propane exports increased by more than 230,000 barrels per day (b/d) in the first half of 2016, over the same period a year earlier, totaling 730,000 b/d, according to a report from DOE s Energy Information Administration (EIA).
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Ethanol wins the 'phase separation' throwdown

People who own boats, lawnmowers and other seasonal equipment have debated for years, sometimes heatedly, about the engine-impacts of ethanol-blended gasoline. the dispute has centered on the issue of water uptake and  phase separation  in small and off-road e
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