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International Sweetener Symposium / Vail, CO


7/31/20 to 8/5/20


Location: Grand Hyatt Vail
1300 Washington Dr
Vail, CO
United States

Event Description

International Sweetener Symposium, sponsored by the American Sugar Alliance, will focus on the 2020 elections, which will be just around the corner. Experts will assess the races and the potential fallout for U.S. sugar policy and markets. Two years into the 2018 farm bill, and three years into the modified suspension agreements with Mexico, discussions will evaluate their effects on the market and any changes that may be on the horizon. Post-Brexit (possibly?), experts will assess the progress on free trade agreements with the UK and the EU, and other FTA negotiations, pondered or already underway. Market analysts will update us on sugar consumption challenges and the supply-demand outlook for U.S., North American, and world markets.