U.S. agricultural equipment exports up 15 percent at midyear 2011

By Agri-Pulse staff

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WASHINGTON, Aug. 29- U.S. exports of agricultural machinery continued to grow in 2011 and ended the first half of the year with a gain of 15 percent, according to the Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM). Midyear 2011 exports totaled $5.6 billion compared to January-June 2010. The off-road equipment manufacturing trade group consolidates U.S. Commerce Dept. data with other sources into member global trend reports.


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"Exports continue to provide a substantial boost to manufacturers' overall business as producers around the world seek enhanced productivity to meet global food needs. Export-friendly policies such as free trade agreements help American manufacturers and farmers stay in business, which translates into more jobs for U.S. workers. That's a major tenet of our I Make America campaign and its spotlight on the importance of manufacturing to U.S. prosperity," said Charlie O'Brien, AEM vice president and agriculture sector leader.


•           South America took delivery of $579 million worth of U.S.-made agricultural equipment, an increase of 56 percent, and Central America increased its purchases 9 percent to total $506 million.

•           Asia's export purchases gained 13 percent to $483 million, and exports to Australia/Oceania grew 20 percent, representing $452 million worth of farm-related equipment.

•           Exports to Europe gained 19 percent to $1.6 billion, and exports to Canada increased 4 percent and totaled $1.8 billion.

•           U.S. exports to Africa grew 13 percent for a total $131 million.


The top 10 export destinations for American-made agricultural equipment during the first half of 2011 were: (1) Canada - $1.8 billion, up 4 percent; (2) Australia - $423 million, up 21 percent; (3) Mexico - $395 million, up 1 percent; (4) Germany - $260 million, up 20 percent; (5) Brazil - $242 million, up 82 percent; (6) France - $185 million, up 7 percent; (7) China - $179 million, down 3 percent; (8) Ukraine - $159 million, up 111 percent; (9) United Kingdom - $145 million, down 4 percent; (10) Russia - $124 million, up 13 percent.   




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