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WASHINGTON, Nov. 3, 2014 - Whether you get up early to vote first thing in the morning, head to the polls at lunchtime or cast your choices with the setting sun, don't forget to vote on Tuesday, Nov. 4 - and remember to turn to Agri-Pulse for important election coverage.

Together we can feed the Bees"

Our team of journalists is all geared up to follow and report on election happenings across the nation. This year, in addition to reporting on our Agri-Pulse website and in our Wednesday morning newsletter, we'll use Twitter and Facebook to watch and spread the news about important races and issues.

We can use your help. As you go to the polls, tell us what you see: Is turnout heavy or light in your area? What demographics do you see at the polls? Use Twitter and Facebook to let us know or send email to


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