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Politics | 6/18/2015 5:15:48 PM
WASHINGTON, June 18, 2015 - Lawmakers are taking steps to stop the spread of the bird flu that has ravaged Midwest farms and to ensure improvements in the care of livestock in federal research facilities.
Politics | 6/18/2015 4:47:42 PM
WASHINGTON, June 18, 2015 - Senate Republicans advanced a fiscal 2016 spending bill for the EPA and Interior Department including provisions that block some key environmental regulations and endangered species listings.

Politics | 6/18/2015 4:29:54 PM
WASHINGTON, June 18, 2015 - Dean Kleckner, an Iowa farmer who was president of the American Farm Bureau Federation from 1986 until 2000, died June 15 in Wayzata, Minnesota, from complications of Alzheimer's Disease. He was 82.
Politics | 6/18/2015 3:07:37 PM

WASHINGTON, IOWA, June 17, 2015 - After formally announcing his candidacy for president of the United States on Monday in Florida and visiting New Hampshire on Tuesday, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush traveled to Iowa on Wednesday to explain why he wants to win voters' hearts and minds.
Politics | 6/18/2015 1:37:11 PM
WASHINGTON, June 18, 2015 - Poor performance and uncertainty about future plans were the key factors that led to USDA's decision to halt a long-delayed and overbudgeted information technology program known as MIDAS, the General Accountability Office said today in a report.
Politics | 6/18/2015 11:32:29 AM
WASHINGTON, June 18, 2015 - The House has approved a fast-track trade bill, 218-208, breaking a week-long impasse.
Politics | 6/18/2015 11:31:10 AM
WASHINGTON, June 18, 2015 - The House approved a fast-track trade bill, 218-208, breaking a week-long impasse.
Politics | 6/18/2015 11:19:00 AM
WASHINGTON, June 18, 2015 - Pope Francis, in an encyclical letter that appeals to the world's leaders to take steps to heal the environmental damage caused by human activity and alleviate the likely impacts of climate change, says (it is right to rejoice) in scientific advances such as robotics and biotechnology but asserts that they must be applied for the common good.
Politics | 6/18/2015 10:17:17 AM
WASHINGTON, June 18, 2014 - A bipartisan group of 30 lawmakers from the House Agriculture Committee have written the leaders of the House Energy and Commerce Committee to express their support for the latest version of legislation that would preempt state efforts to require labeling of food products that contain genetically modified organisms.
Politics | 6/18/2015 12:03:14 AM
WASHINGTON, June 17, 2015 - More than 50 beekeeper, environmental and consumer groups are marking National Pollinator Week by sending letters to top garden retailers including True Value and Ace Hardware, urging them to stop selling neonicotinoid pesticides, which the groups link to bee deaths.
Politics | 6/17/2015 6:12:48 PM
WASHINGTON, June 17, 2015 - The U.S. will seek World Trade Organization arbitration over Canada's request for retaliation stemming from a country-of-origin labeling (COOL) dispute, the Canadian government confirmed today in a release.
Politics | 6/17/2015 5:51:31 PM
WASHINGTON, June 17, 2015 - Industry officials on both sides of the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) argument held dueling calls Wednesday afternoon to tell reporters why the EPA's management of the statute has them crying foul.
Politics | 6/17/2015 5:41:57 PM
WASHINGTON, June 17, 2015 - The House Agriculture Committee advanced bills that would allow new futures contracts for foreign-produced cotton and accelerate approvals for thinning trees on federal lands.
Politics | 6/17/2015 3:51:08 PM
WASHINGTON, June 17, 2015 - The House is set to break an impasse over the fast-track trade bill after GOP congressional leaders reached agreement to separately enact an extension of Trade Adjustment Assistance programs.
Politics | 6/17/2015 3:20:34 PM
WASHINGTON, June 16, 2015 -- Addressing the U.S. Energy Association/Johnson Controls Energy Efficiency Forum last week, Sen. Cory Gardner of Colorado said his role as a Republican, as a conservative is to get people to understand that we shouldn't be afraid of energy efficiency.
Politics | 6/17/2015 2:09:29 PM
WASHINGTON, June 17, 2015 - The House Ways and Means Committee held a hearing today on how to keep the Highway Trust Fund solvent, in both the long and short term.
Politics | 6/17/2015 1:38:37 PM
WASHINGTON, June 17, 2015 - An economic impact analysis released Wednesday by the USDA's BioPreferred Program found that U.S. biobased products, such as biofuels and renewable chemicals, contribute $369 billion and 4 million jobs to the country's economy.
Politics | 6/17/2015 11:55:26 AM
WASHINGTON, June 17, 2015 - Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) is stalled in the House after the dramatic events of last week, when Democrats spurned President Obama and voted en masse against the section of the TPA bill extending Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA).
Politics | 6/17/2015 11:48:28 AM
WASHINGTON, June 17, 2015 - House appropriators are seeking to ensure the Obama administration doesn't use environmental factors in writing the federal dietary guidelines for meat consumption.
Politics | 6/17/2015 11:47:51 AM
WASHINGTON, June 17, 2015 - The new revenue protection program created by the 2014 farm bill is proving hugely popular with corn and soybean farmers and even with wheat growers.
Politics | 6/17/2015 11:43:40 AM
WASHINGTON, June 17, 2015 - The most recent version of the Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act -- a bill that would create a national standard for the voluntary labeling of food containing genetically modified organisms (GMOs) - was circulated late last week and includes new language clarifying USDA's role in the proposal.
Politics | 6/17/2015 11:38:44 AM
WASHINGTON, June 17, 2015 - Republicans in both the House and Senate have mounted a coordinated and broad attack on President Obama's environmental policy, including the new Clean Water Act rule.
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